HANSON: Nearly New Year

Dec 27, 2023 | HANSON

Well it is almost 2024… Crazy! New Year's is just a couple days away, and with that in mind it is time to start thinking about resolutions and how to be the best you, you can be. For our part we have already shared our plans to host more lives streams and games in 2024; that starts with the first HNet Explorer Scavenger Hunt on January 9th! That is just around the corner, and before that we have to host Back To The Island… wow a lot to do, but also a lot to look forward to. Thank you to all the fans who have supported us in 2023 through buying tickets, and memberships, and albums, and streams, we couldn’t do it without you. All The Best and early Happy New Year!
Isaac, Taylor and Zac


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Yulia Bogomolova / Wadhurst, East Sussex, GB

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Thank you for what you have done this year and what you always do for us. I ❤️💚💙 you and your music with all my heart. Happy new year! 

Posted Dec 28, 2023   12:35:42 AM


Barbara Timpani / Dover, New Jersey, US

THANK YOU GUYS for being you and sharing your talents and gifts with the world!  Looking forward to BTTI and hopefully some local shows.  (Last summer AMMM came to a venue just outside northern NJ and it was awesome! 😬)

Wishing EVERYONE a Happy New Year filled with hope, health, and happiness - with a generous sprinkle of fun and blessings from above!  

Love and Hugs from NJ ☺️❤️💚💙

Posted Dec 28, 2023   03:24:57 AM


Ashley Pesek / Tacoma, Washington, US

Wishing you guys a truly remarkable and blissful year ahead! Happy new year to you and your families.So dream bigger and keep on shining on love you guys so much ❤️ 💚💙

Posted Dec 28, 2023   03:45:53 AM


Bronwyn Lee Huntbach / Melbourne, Victoria, AU

Thank you guys for everything you have done this year 

I just can’t wait for the new stuff only a few days left for it 

Posted Dec 28, 2023   05:39:08 AM

Happy New year to all  xx

Posted Dec 28, 2023   05:43:06 AM

happy new year guys i really love being ur 1 fan i miss all te great moments i ha wit tay my heromom to  they took me away frommy guy freind tod rutty he lobe  usomuch tay i hope i win meet greet ten i can have todd  tak to u yiu toguys i not ding wel its hard time i wish i coud go  back tmy  freind its crulity  love u tay.

Posted Dec 28, 2023   05:48:37 AM


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Happy New Year Hanson. Thank you for a wonderful year. ❤️🎼

Posted Dec 28, 2023   07:27:53 AM


Maylynn Kish / Taylor, Pennsylvania, US


Happy New Year

Posted Dec 28, 2023   07:30:14 AM


Happy New Year! Thank you for all that you do wishing you the best 2024 can be!

Posted Dec 28, 2023   07:30:48 AM


Nichole Talarczyk / Plano, Texas, US


I cant wait for all the joy you will bring to us in 2024! Happy New Year!

Posted Dec 28, 2023   08:20:12 AM


Robin Nicholl / Bath, ON, CA

I'm so looking forward to all the new stuff coming next year! Thank you always for everything you do for us fans! It's always appreciated and I'll continue this journey along with you forever and a day. :) Have a fantastic New Years!!!

Posted Dec 28, 2023   08:30:48 AM


Chelsea Bowman / Georgetown, KY, US

Happy New Year to the Hanson family and to all of my fan friends! ❤️ You have all brought so much joy into my life in 2023 💙, and I cannot wait for the adventures 2024 had to offer. Isaac, Taylor, and Zac, thank you especially for going out of your way to make us feel so connected and a part of something bigger than ourselves. 💚 You continue to amaze me with your talent and your huge hearts for this community. 

Love you all! 🤍

Posted Dec 28, 2023   09:45:36 AM


Anna Jackson / Spencer, WI, US


Happy New Year! Safe travels to BTTI, I look forward to the new content that will be coming out. Thanks for all your great music that uplifts my life!

Posted Dec 28, 2023   11:04:21 AM

Thanks for another year of being my companions during road trips! Happy holidays ! :)

Posted Dec 28, 2023   12:17:07 PM

So thankful to you guys and the team for all you do every year! 2024 will be amazing and I’m so much looking forward to everything that is planned and whatever else may be planned later! I hope the new year brings you all the joy and blessings you deserve and more! ❤️💚💙 

Posted Dec 28, 2023   01:14:27 PM

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Happy new year guys, BTTI is just round the corner, see you there

Posted Dec 28, 2023   03:07:07 PM

Happy New Year to all of you guys, God bless you and a Happy New Year for this fantastic Hanson community ...I wish you all the best🙏🙌

Posted Dec 28, 2023   04:29:37 PM


Gemma Adams / Kent, Uk, GB


Happy New Year guys. Thanks for the memories we made in 2023 xx

Posted Dec 28, 2023   04:59:08 PM


Melissa Roach / Ogden, UT, US


Hope you guys have a Happy New Year! Thank you for all that you guys do for us fans! 

Posted Dec 28, 2023   08:37:32 PM


Megan Kyle / China Grove, NC, US

Thank you for all that you guys do for us fans. You and the music bring so much happiness to my life. I can't wait to be back on that island in 4 days to relax, hang with friends,  have fun and enjoy the amazing live music and food. 

I hope you guys have a Happy New Years. Stay safe ✌️🏝🇯🇲

Posted Dec 28, 2023   11:26:22 PM


Nevena Lamoureux / Abense de bas, 64130, FR

Happy New Year, my forever favorite guys, you are so sweet and nice with us! Thank you for all and wish you a new year full of wonderful show adventures, fun...all the best for you and your families and friends! 

Posted Dec 29, 2023   06:29:13 AM


Posted Dec 29, 2023   07:44:52 PM

Happy New Year! 🎉🎉🎉🎉 looking forward to what 2024 will bring! Xxxx 💕

Posted Dec 30, 2023   06:00:43 PM



Happy new year!

I don’t know how you do it, but every year gets better and better. Wish all three of you the best for the upcoming new year and I’m excited for what’s in store.🤩🤩🤩

Posted Dec 31, 2023   09:12:45 AM

Happy New Year to you all. 

2023 has been a great year, the highlight was definitely seeing you in Cardiff, the meet and greet, front row, then chatting with you after the show. 

I am so excited to see what 2024 has in store! 

Posted Dec 31, 2023   12:01:48 PM

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