HANSON: In May We Can Share

Apr 08, 2021 / HANSON

Our year starts in May, and we're looking forward to kicking it off right with all of you!

UPDATE - UK Shipping Available

Apr 08, 2021 / Admin

Digital and Shippable orders are now available for the UK.


Mar 30, 2021 / HANSON

Wow it's week 6! We have come so far, and we are now at the end.

Be My Own / Lulabelle

Mar 29, 2021 / ZacHanson

We are keeping things mellow this week with two ballads that we love to play

After Hours at The Meadow Event Park Concert Series

Mar 29, 2021 / HANSON

Come see us in Virginia!


Mar 23, 2021 / HANSON

Wow... we forgot to put anthing here. We blame Zac

Grace Unknown / Hey

Mar 23, 2021 / ZacHanson

A little late, but who can blame me. 

HANSON: So Much More, Very Soon!

Mar 18, 2021 / HANSON

After the past 12 months it seems like we have officially perfected the zoomiverse. 

Leprechaun Bonus PIN

Mar 17, 2021 / ZacHanson

Happy St Patrick's Day! Hope you're enjoying the day.

So Lovely / Ooh La La La

Mar 15, 2021 / HANSON

This week we are rolling into spring, and with that we are sharing two performences from Perennial Live!

HANSON: HDay Tickets Coming Monday!

Mar 12, 2021 / HANSON

We are happy to announce that the 20th video series will be returning.


Mar 09, 2021 / HANSON

It is time for more exploring! H.NET Explorer Week 3 Hint is here!

Gold Miner / You Never Know

Mar 08, 2021 / HANSON

You never know what songs we will pick... see how we did that!

UPDATE: Auto Renewal Available

Mar 04, 2021 / Admin

This week, you will see some small changes to your My Account page as we are launching a new quality of life feature for Hanson.net members, Auto Renewal.


Mar 02, 2021 / HANSON

Week 2 of H.net Explorer is here, lets play!

Love Me / Leave The Light On

Mar 01, 2021 / HANSON

More of our favorite selections and 10 more weeks to go!

HANSON: Exploring And More

Feb 25, 2021 / HANSON

The 2021 Members EP is under construction, as well as all the content that we will be streaming.

H.net Explorer III WEEK 1

Feb 23, 2021 / HANSON

Welcome to week one of H.net Explorer III! All you need to do to play is be a Hanson.net Member! Let the games begin!

Good Days / Look At You

Feb 22, 2021 / HANSON

Each week between now and HANSON Day 2021 we will be sharing some of our favorite performances from our 2020-21 streaming concerts... starting today!

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