HANSON TIME PODCAST: Episode 15 Fools Gold

Sep 25, 2020 / IsaacHanson

This week we're diving into the dicography of Members Ep's again to talk about one of the most unique EP's 2009's "Fools Gold".

Now In Media Player: Live From Albertane

Sep 25, 2020 / HANSON

Reflecting on this project 22 years after it was recorded (at 12,15, and 17), it feels like a pretty good place to start that live music journey.

Members Exclusive: All I Know Video!

Sep 24, 2020 / HANSON

We have a brand new music video for you today, this time for the new song "All I Know"!

HANSON: Streaming In 15 Days

Sep 23, 2020 / HANSON

It’s been 8 months since our last public concert, and the waiting has only made their absence more meaningful.

Hey Christina... Trivia Song

Sep 19, 2020 / ZacHanson

Hope your ready for some random musical madness!

HANSON TIME PODCAST: Episode 14 Love Songs

Sep 18, 2020 / HANSON

This week we're taking a cue from the song Everyday, and making our theme "Love Songs".

HANSON: HNet Explorer, Nightcaps, Videos & More...

Sep 17, 2020 / HANSON

What a week! More HTP, CBIB music videos, Nightcap streams officially announced and HNet Explorer is coming back in October!

Members Nightcap

Sep 17, 2020 / HANSON

As part of our upcoming "Streaming Concert Series" we will bringing back the "Members Only Nightcap Stream” every month!


Sep 15, 2020 / HANSON

If you are a 2020 ticket holder, and are not planning to attend in 2021, you can still request a refund for HANSON Day tickets up to September 25th 2020. 

HANSON: Live Again

Sep 11, 2020 / HANSON

The video is a love letter to great concerts past, and future.

HANSON TIME PODCAST: Episode 13 Live & Electric

Sep 11, 2020 / HANSON

New episode of HTP is here for your listening Enjoyment!

HANSON: October Livestream Shows On Sale Now!

Sep 08, 2020 / HANSON

Both streaming and in-person tickets for October’s shows are available now.

Members: Purchasing tickets for the Streaming Concert Series

Sep 08, 2020 / HANSON

How to purchase streaming tickets and get your member discount!

HANSON TIME PODCAST: Episode 12 Good Days

Sep 04, 2020 / HANSON

We are excited to be sharing new HTP episodes throughout September!

Members Exclusive: Good Days Video!

Sep 03, 2020 / HANSON

It's week two of seven and we are sharing a members exclusive music video for the new song Good Days!

HANSON: Spicing Things Up

Sep 03, 2020 / HANSON

There is a lot to enjoy between now and October, with new videos every week and the return of HTP. 

Table Talk: Good Days

Sep 03, 2020 / HANSON

Every week we are sharing conversations about the new Members Only EP Continental Breakfast In Bed EP

Streaming Announce

Sep 01, 2020 / HANSON

During this crazy year we are all wishing we could share the joy of live music ...

Members: Purchasing tickets for the Streaming Concert Series

Sep 01, 2020 / HANSON

How to get your member discount for the Streaming Concert Series

HANSON: Streaming Concert Series

Sep 01, 2020 / HANSON

Join us for a special series of livestreaming concerts, broadcasting from the historic Cain’s Ballroom in Tulsa OK.

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