Barbara Timpani / Dover, New Jersey, US

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Prior to going to Disney World in 2017 I was curious about Hanson preforming at Epcot so I started listening.  I was pleasantly surprised this young band from the 90’s was better than before!  Who knew (apparently a lot of you who have been fans since 1997!)  I discovered their sense of humor and love for family both of which I admire.

I believe in God Winks, little blessings from above. I believe in the beautiful souls I have met because of Hanson.  I believe our paths will cross wherever that may be!

5 Years Later . . . Since joining this community I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and making so many friends, along with being part of the Finally It’s Christmas HTP and BTTI Family Feud.  My first trip to Tulsa was in Sept 2021 and BTTI 2022 (with my daughter Christina).  Both were awesome experiences.  I’m very thankful for all Hanson and Team Awesome do for us.  Glory to God for friends and music!

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