You will find answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions in this section. If you cannot find an answer here, please contact Customer Service.

Please note, packages may require more time to be delivered due to limited transportation availability as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 impact. This will especially affect international deliveries.

Where can I find's Terms and Conditions?

Follow this link:

What is a Membership?

A Membership is a membership to HANSON’s Fan Club on  The membership includes exclusive access to blogs from HANSON, Pre-sales to concerts, an annual Members EP with new songs each year available only to members, Meet and Greet opportunities, Store discounts, Access to over 40 Fan Club songs, Member exclusive forums where you get to meet other HANSON Fans and become part of the community and much more. Purchase a 1 year membership in the Store

I forgot my Password, how do I reset it?

You can reset your password by clicking on the Forgot My Password? link next to the login section anywhere in the site.  The link to reset your password will be sent to the email address on file for your account. To help ensure the delivery of the email please add email addresses from to your approved list.

When creating a new password, your password must meet our new security guidelines. In most cases, this will mean your password will be 12 - 16 characters in length using both uppercase and lowercase letter and several numbers. Use only English characters - no accents of any kind. It may take several tries before you create an acceptable password.

I just purchased my membership but I am not able to access member exclusive areas of the site, what should I do?

You will need to log out of your account, clear you web browser cache and then go back to and log back in.  If you are still having the issue please contact Customer Service.

I forgot my password and the email associated with my account has been closed. What can I do?

Unfortunately, there is nothing that can be done. Passwords are sent only to the email on file with an account for security reasons. It is a member's responsibility to keep his/her email up to date. If you have any further questions, please contact Customer Service.

I can't remember my username and the email associated with my account has been closed. What can I do?

Unfortunately, there is nothing that can be done. We cannot give out a username for security reasons. It is a member's responsibility to keep his/her email up to date.

Can I change my account username?

No. Account names cannot be changed or deleted.

How do I purchase a membership for someone else as a gift?

First, LOG OUT of your account. This is very important!

To place an order for a fan club membership for someone other than yourself, follow these steps:

  1. Log out of if you are logged in.
Register as a new user for the person you are buying the membership for, or log in under their account. 

  3. Register the new username - Please spell carefully as names cannot be altered once created.
Once you are registered and logged in with a new username, proceed to the store to order a membership.
Click add to cart and proceed to checkout.
In the shipping information, put the information of the recipient.
In the billing information, put your information so you will be billed for the purchase. 

  8. Proceed through checkout.
Online access for the new membership is available immediately. Simply give the recipient the username and password for the account.

How do I know when to renew each year?

A renewal reminder is sent to the email on file for your account in advance of your renewal. Please be sure to have all emails on your approved list. Hanson/ is not responsible for lost or misdirected email. Our weekly newsletter also reminds members to check their renewal. Your expiration date is clearly posted on your account page and it is up to each member to renew in a timely manner. If your account lapses, all pins/points are lost.

How do I delete my membership/account?

Memberships/Accounts cannot be deleted from our system. This ensures that no one else can ever try to use your username in the future. We can turn off your account so that it is no longer usuable. Contact Customer Service and request your account be turned off.

I have to reset my password almost everytime I come to HNet. What can I do to fix this?

When updating your password, do not use a mobile device and be sure your cookies are turned on. When using a laptop/PC, we recommend using FireFox as a browser. Unfortunately, we cannot predict how every system and its respective settings will affect your stored password.

Do I get a dowload of the member music with my membership?

With most years, yes.

Do you have automatic renewal?

Yes, we now have automatic renewal for digital memberships.

Do I have to auto renew to keep my membership?

You do not have to auto renew to keep your membership. You can now opt in to automatically renew your membership during the checkout process.

Do I have to choose auto-renew?

No, you do not have to use auto renew. This feature can be turned on during checkout, or turned off and on from your Billing page under My Account. If you do not select auto renew you can purchase your annual membership by going through the store checkout process the day after your expiration date.

Will I lose my pins and points if I renew after my membership expires? What about my years as a member?

If your membership expires, don’t worry, all your Pins and Store Points will be retained for 30 days awaiting your membership renewal as will your number of years as a member.
NOTE: If you do not renew your membership within 30 Days your PINS, Store Points and membership years will be deleted automatically.

Do I have to save a payment method for Auto Renewal?

To use Auto Renewal, you will need to have a saved Payment method. You can add and or manage all your saved payment options from the Billing page under My Account.

How do I turn auto-renew on/off?

To turn on auto-renew, go to your account page and click Billing. Make sure you have your credit card information stored and then click the button to turn auto-renewal on.

To turn off auto-renew, go to your account page and click Billing. Click the button to turn off auto-renew. You must turn auto-renew off at least 72 hours before your renewal date or your account will auto-renew.

If I have auto-renewal, will I receive an email in advance that my membership renewal will take place?

Yes, you will receive a reminder email that your account will renew and your credit card will be charged. After renewal, you will receive another email confirming your transaction took place.

How do the new weekly Digital M&Gs work?

Each week, two lucky members will be invited to participate in our MONTHLY Digital M&G with HANSON via Zoom. The winners will be announced in the weekly newsletter. The dates for those monthly M&Gs are posted in the Calendar section. Times for the M&Gs will change monthly and will be announce shortly before each M&G takes place. Watch the calendar for changes!

Where are the tour dates?

Tour dates can be found under Calendar.

I heard HANSON is playing in my city for the tour, but it's not listed. Why not? Does that mean they aren't coming?

Many times other websites will post ticketing information & concert dates before they are confirmed. It will not be posted on until it is 100% confirmed.

A local venue announced HANSON is playing soon and put tickets on sale, but still hasn't announced it. Is it safe to go ahead and buy tickets?

We STRONGLY recommend that you never purchase tickets until a show is confirmed on We won't add a show to our calendar until it is 100% confirmed.

What is a presale?

A presale is when a certain amount of tickets are released for Fan Club members. They can be purchased either through, or other ticket vendors (i.e.: Ticketmaster) using an exclusive password. The presale is an apportunity for Fan Club members to purchase tickets before the general public, but there is no guarantee you will get a ticket as we cannot predict demand for a particular venue.

How do I get presale tickets?

You must be a Fan Club member to participate in presales. When presale starts, go to the Calendar section. All information needed regarding the presale will be posted at the time the sale begins. You should also check the Tour Talk forum where questions are answered concerning presales.

Why doesn't my city have a presale?

HANSON & will try to have a presale for every show possible. However, sometimes due to circumstances beyond their control, a presale isn't available.

Is there a limit to how many tickets I can buy?

There is a specified ticket limit per show, usually either 2 or 4 tickets per show, but varies according to vendor and venue.

Why are the fees on tickets so much?

We do not control any of the ticket vendors and they have the right to add whatever fees they deem reasonable. We realize this makes the overall price higher, but we have no control over those fees.

Why did I get row H in the presale when my friend got row B in the general sale?

Each venue chooses which seats they will release to the band for presale. While some venues give fan club members the best seats, other venues reserve the first few rows for promoters, their own members or general sale. Unfortunately, we have no control over this. The presale simply gives you the opportunity to get in the door, not necessarily the best seat in the house.

I want to sell my tickets because I can no longer attend a show. Is it ok to make a post on HNet to try to sell them?

You may ask other Fan Club members to buy your tickets only after the general sale begins and then only for the face value of the ticket.

All threads to sell tickets should be placed in the Tour Talk forum only. Threads placed elsewhere will be deleted.

Are we allowed to have cameras at a concert?

The only people allowed to have pro cameras are one or more local photographers who have been granted special passes. We do allow small personal cameras, but request you not use flash. This is subject to venue policy, so in some cases cameras may not be allowed.

Can I videotape the show?

ABSOLUTELY NOT - We do not allow videotaping of shows, except for or 3CG staff.

What is the Reporter?

The Reporter is a member of chosen to report every aspect of the show for The reporter gets to interview HANSON (3 - 7 questions) before the show. The interview is recorded for Fan Club members to hear at a later date.

How are Reporters chosen? will choose a random member (usually one who has never met HANSON) attending the concert who has entered the M&G drawing to receive this honor.

If I can't get reporter, I want a Meet & Greet, how do I get one?

Meet & Greets are chosen randomly, usually given to a fan that has never been able to meet the band. Go to the Calendar page, find a show you are attending and request a Meet & Greet. This will add your name to the list for the drawing. DO NOT ask staff or band members for a M&G! The winners are randomly chosen from this list.


I'm not very popular on the website, and don't post a lot, can I still get one?

Yes. The Meet & Greets are random and not based on popularity.

How will I know if I get one?

You will be notified by email 7 - 30 days before the show.

If I get a Meet & Greet email, is there anything I have to do other than show up?

Yes. If you receive a Meet & Greet email, you will be given very specific instructions that MUST be followed or your Meet & Greet will be forfeited.

How will I know if I get a Meet & Greet? and can I give another email to someone so I can get it sent to me at another addy?

Your Meet & Greet invitation will be sent to the email on file with your account. We suggest you clean out your mailbox and check it often during the tour. Remember to check your spam folder. We are not responsible for lost or misdirected emails.

I got a Meet & Greet for one city and my friend got one for another city. We want to go together. So who do we contact to get that changed to the way we want it?

We are not able to make a change to the city a meet and greet is assigned to once it has been confirmed. You can't choose what city your Meet & Greet is for.

Can I trade my Meet & Greet with someone from a Meet & Greet in another city?


Can I give my Meet & Greet to someone else that I think wants it more?

No. Meet & Greets are non-transferable.

When is the M&G entry deadline for each city?

The Meet & Greet varies from 7 - 10 days in advance of each show.

How many Meet & Greets are given at each show?

On the average, 5 - 15 per show including the reporter. However, remember there are other promotions that have Meet & Greet winners and the band's schedule is tight during tour, so that may impact the number given to members.

Note: Please do not email the band members, staff or 3CG Staff concerning Meet & Greets.

What do we have to present at the will call window to get our tickets? The credit card and an ID?

Each venue is different, but most will require a photo ID such as a driver's license and the credit card with which the tickets were purchased. Check with the venue if you aren’t sure what is required to pick up your tickets.

Do I need an ID to get into a show?

We recommend that all fans attending shows carry an ID. In some states, the law requires you to show an ID to enter certain types of venues. Others require ID if the show is in any way age restricted. It's also a matter of safety should anything happen to you while at a show, the staff will need a way to ID you. Quite simply - always carry an ID.

The venue I'm going to doesn't take state IDs for identification - only driver's licenses. I do not drive and therefore don't have a license, what do I do?

Most venues will accept a state issued ID, but if they have posted that they don't, call the venue and ask to speak to a manager. Explain that you do not drive and ask what form of ID would be acceptable. Make a note of who you talked to and when in case there are any issues on show day. Some venues require a driver's license or passport for identification while others will take alternate forms of ID. Each venue can set their own policies and we have no control over their policies.

Do I get a photo alone with the band or a group? Where can I find my M&G photo?

All M&G photos are in a group with the exception of the reporter or if you are attending BTTI. M&G photos are housed in the Archive. Login to your Fan Club account then go to Archive and search by city or date. Photos are posted when ready and may sometimes take several weeks to be posted.

What is Skip The Line?

Skip The Line is a Fan Club member benefit at some concerts. Fan Club members will have a separate line and be able to receive first/early entry into a venue. In the case of a general admission venue, this wiill give Fan Club members a better position/seat.

What do I bring to participate in Skip The Line?

For Skip the Line, bring a photo ID and print out your Fan Club Member ID.

Do I need a ticket to the show in order to attend the M&G?

Yes. In order to attend the M&G, you must have a ticket to that show. Tickets are normally collected upon entry.

HANSON Day 2024 Refund Policy

Due to the nature of this event tickets are not able to be exchanged, refunded, transferred or exchanged for credit

Refund Policy Exceptions

HANSON will provide guest a full refund if any or all of the HANSON Day 2024 events are cancelled by HANSON.

HANSON will provide guest a full refund if any or all of the HANSON Day 2024 events are cancelled due to Government restrictions.

In the event that the Government prohibits transportation services from the country where your travel is scheduled to originate due to COVID-19, HANSON will provide guest a full refund of any or all of the HANSON Day 2024 event tickets.  Verification of travel itinerary will be required.

In the event that the Government of The United States of America prohibits arrivals from the country from which your travel originates, HANSON will provide guest a full refund of any or all of the HANSON Day 2024 event tickets. Verification of travel itinerary will be required.

HANSON will process refunds in the most expedient method possible. Please be aware this process may take up to 45 days to be completed.

I want an item that was previously available in the store, but it isn't in the store now. What do I do?

If an item has been removed from the store, it will not usually be restocked or have additional stock available.  You can email Customer Service to request the item be restocked and if that is an option the Customer Service team will work to restock the item.  There is no guarantee that an item can be restocked.

How do I download the EP I pre-ordered?

Your download is now located in My Account

How to Download Your EP
1) Log into your Account
2) Select your username in the header of the page to go to your account page.
3) Select Orders in the subheading of the page
4) Select the order containing your EP from the list of orders
5) Select the red Download button under your EP item in your order page
6) Your EP will download as a zip file containing the songs from the EP.

Once your zip file is downloaded to your computer, you will need to extract the files and place them in your music library. Each system is different and you will need to follow the directions for extraction on your device.

If you have not yet purchased your EP you will need to purchase the EP in the store and the EP will be available for download at check out.

Please remember that you must download to the device you placed your order from.

The item I want says out of stock. Who do I contact so I'll know when more come in?

If an item is out of stock, we will try to get more as soon as possible. There is no need to contact customer service. At this time, we cannot contact you when it is available. You will need to keep checking the store for updated stock.

I've got a problem with the order I received from the store. What do I do?

Please use the appropriate form in the customer service section to notify us of any problems. Be sure to include all requested info so we may assist you better.

I got a shirt on tour and it's too small. How do I exchange it with the store?

We cannot accept returns or exchanges for anything purchased on the tour. 

What is the return and exchange policy?

With the exception of Fan Club Memberships, we offer a same item exchange or full refund within 30 days of initial purchase.  Shipping and handling charges are non-refundable except in the case of a manufacturer's defect.  For wearable’s, the item MUST be unwashed, unworn, and in brand new condition.  This is left to the discretion of staff.  For media purchases, the item must be returned in its original packaging (except for manufacturer's defect).  Refund will not be given for items that include a digital download with purchase. is not responsible for items purchased at concerts, or items lost/stolen at venues.  Fan Club Memberships are non-refundable.

In addition, if has evidence from the shipping provider that an order was delivered, is not responsible for claims that the package was not delivered. does not take out insurance with USPS on packages that are shipped.

If you have any credit card errors, such as multiple charges, please contact using our Customer Service forms directly so that we can correct the error.

I've got a problem with the order I received from the store. What do I do?

Please use the appropriate form in the customer service section to notify us of any problems. Be sure to include all requested information so we may assist you better. Exchange

Contact Customer Service to receive confirmation that your item is eligible for exchange and that the item(s) you would like in exchange is available.  Please Do Not mail an exchange to until you have received confirmation that your exchange is approved from Customer Service. Return

A returned item must be received by within 30 days of initial purchase. Contact Customer Service to receive approval before sending in your exchange. You will receive shipping information when your return is approved. In your return include your order number, reason for return/exchange, size request (if applicable), and email address in the package.  Also, write the word return or exchange on the lower left hand side of the outer packaging.

Please visit our Customer Service area for additional inquiries or concerns.

I do not live in the United States. I live in another country. Why does it take so long for my order to get to me?

Customs policies vary from one country to the next as do postal systems. Once the item has left our shipping center, we cannot control how long it will take for you to receive your international order. In addition, we cannot control whether or not the customs service in your country assesses an additional fee.

Why is the cost of international shipments more when I add a membership kit to my order?

Membership kits are shipped separately from other items within your order.  When a membership kit is added to an order the additional shipping cost for the membership kit being shipped separately will be added to your order.

I always worry a little when I shop online. Is there a privacy policy for the store?

At we are 100% committed to protecting your security and privacy.

We know that when you shop online, you want to know that your name, address, credit card details and any other information you give us is kept safe and secure, and we promise to do that.

Our complete commitment to customer service means we'll make sure you, and only you, can access your account or view your financial details.

And because we know how annoying junk mail is, we promise not to pass on your e-mail address, home address or any other details to any party.

If I think my order is lost, how long should I wait before asking to trace/replace my order?

For US orders, you will need to wait 30 days after your package is marked as shipped. For International orders, you will need to wait 60 days after your package is marked as shipped. Please remember to respond to any notifications received by your postal service/customs regarding your order. If they do not receive a response, your order may be returned to and you will be charged to reship the order.

Please note: If has evidence from the shipping provider that an order was delivered, is not responsible for claims that the package was not delivered. Additionally, if you contact us about a lost order, no action will be taken until the appropriate time period has passed.

How long does order processing take?

Order processing may take up to 10 business days.
 You will receive a shipment confirmation email at the email on your order when your order is shipped.

I looked this morning and you had the latest tour shirt. 3 hours later, the page disappeared. Why?

Sometimes, we have very limited quantities of certain items. Once they sell out, the item is removed from the store. If an item is marked "limited," it's best to order it as soon as you see it.

My kid spilled grape juice on my white tour shirt and even though I washed it, it won't come out completely. How do I get a replacement shirt?

Please refer to the store return policy. We cannot be responsible for accidents that happen with your merchandise. You will need to purchase a new shirt.

For international orders, are store totals in US dollars or in my local currency?

All prices in our store are in US dollars. Conversions to local currency are made by each person’s bank/credit card according to the local conversion rates at the time of purchase.

I didn't read the washing instructions and washed my shirt the wrong way. Now it shrank! How do I get a replacement?

Please refer to the store return policy. You will need to purchase a new shirt.

My confirmation number says the Post Office was notified of my order but doesn't indicate receipt. What do I do?

You don't need to do anything. If you have a tracking number, your package has been mailed. It is not unusual for the Postal Service to miss scanning some packages when shipping items out of their facility.

I haven't gotten a confirmation email or a reply from Customer Service. Why?

There could be many reasons, but the most common are the following:

  • Not including an email on your form
  • Misspelling your email on the form
  • Not adding to your white (approved) list

Note: If you use hotmail, yahoo, comcast, AOL or gmail, those services often reject or block email even when added to your white (approved) list. Be sure to check your spam folders for replies. Mail from will be the most common email used when regarding your order and we suggest you place it in your address book or on your approved list.

Why is shipping/handling added to my membership order?

The cost of the membership & kit has stayed the same for over 10 years while shipping/handling costs have increased 8 times in that period. Due to the additional costs and added features on the new, the shipping and handling is now added to each membership order. Please note that there is no shipping and handling added to a digital membership.

What is a pre-order item?

A pre-order item is a product that will most likely be offered in limited quantities. To guarantee you will receive the item, you will need to pre-order by a given date as extra stock may not be available.

What is a limited edition item?

A limited edition item is a product that will be available in the store for a very limited period of time.

What file type are the digital downloads?

We are transitioning to use M4A because it is a lossless file format that retains 100% audio quality. M4a is supported by iTunes, Windows Media Player, VLC,Quick Time and many others.

Fan Club Members receive points with their purchases.  Points are redeemable on your next purchase. Points cannot be used to purchase memberships or media items (CD, DVD & MP3) and are not received from the purchase of a membership or media item. Points have no cash value and will not be redeemable for cash from HANSON, or any of its subsidiaries. All points will be lost if a membership is allowed to lapse/expire. Points are given as 10 points for every dollar spent on applicable items with some items having more or less points value on an item by item basis.  Points that will be received with the purchase of an item are shown in your cart before purchase for each item in your cart.  Items that will not give points at purchase are listed as n/a under the points field in your cart.

Will my points expire?

Points do not expire unless your membership expires or lapses. Remember to keep your membership up to date or you will lose all points previously earned after a 30 day grace period.

What can I use my points for?

You can use your points on any item in the store excluding the membership, CDs, DVDs and MP3s and in some cases there may be a special item that is not eligible. You will be able to see how your points will be used for your order in the shopping cart before placing your order.

Can I use my points when I am not logged in?

No, you will need to be logged into your account to use your points.

Do I have to use all of my points at once?

If you select the apply points button at checkout all points will be used up to the amount needed to pay for the order. If you have points over the amount needed they will stay in your account for future use.

I placed an order and used my points but now I want to cancel that order, will the points be added back into my account?

Yes, you will be refunded in the manner that you paid for your order. For any amount of the order you paid on a credit card you will be refunded to your card, for any amount in points you will be given back the points to your account.

Can I transfer my points to another member?

No, points are only valid with the username that earned the points. Points are not transferable.

Can I earn points when I'm not logged in?

No. To earn points, you must be logged in to your account. If you place an order and you are not logged in, points will NOT be awarded.

Do I get points for my first order when I become a member and order additional products?

No. When you place an order for a new membership, you are not yet a member so no points are earned on the products in the first order.

Do I get points for in-person Hanson Day purchases?

No, in-person Hanson Day purchases are not eligible for points.

Do I get points for in-person concert purchases?

No, in-person concert purchases are not eligible for points.

Members can receive pins from actions taken on and through at special events and shows. Pins are not transferable or exchangeable. Pins are only available to members. Pins cannnot be awarded retroactively.

I just joined and wanted to get a few pins, but have not quite figured out how to do it, what’s a good way to start?

Pins are achievable throughout the entire site, a good starter pin to get is to fill out your profile information and to make a few friends. Both of these are good ways to get you acquainted with how the pins work. See more Pins and how to achieve them under MyAccount.

My friend has a cool pin and I want one too, how do I get it?

Click on your friends pin and it will link you to what the pin is and how to achieve it.

Could customer service just give me the pin I want?

Customer service is not able to award Pins. Pins must be received through the required achievement.

I have more Pins than will fit in my display case, can I select which Pins are shown?

Yes, go to your account and select Pins from the header menu. Under Pins you can drag and drop to arrange which of your Pins are shown.

If my membership lapses for any reason, will I lose my pins?

Yes. If your membership lapses, you will lose your pins and have to start over if it is over the 30 day grace period.

I forgot to check in for an event, can I still get my pin?

The pins can only obtained via clicking the check in link in the Calendar during/after the event (sometimes it is put up prior to the event but not always). Pins unfortunately can not be awarded retroactively.

I didn't know there was a check in for a pin, can I still get the pin?

The pins can only obtained via clicking the check in link in the Calendar during/after the event (sometimes it is put up prior to the event but not always). Pins unfortunately can not be awarded retroactively.

My membership lapsed for a little bit and I lost my pins. How do I get them back?

If your membership expires, don’t worry, all your Pins and Store Points will be retained for 30 days awaiting your membership renewal. If you do not renew your membership within 30 Days your PINS and Store Points will be deleted automatically. If your pins are lost, some pins can be re-earned, but specialty event pins, including but not limited to, MOEs, HDay, BTTI and tour pins cannot be replaced.

Can I use html in the forums?

You will need to use the tool box provided for you. It will create all available features for you.

What's a PM?

PM = Private Message

Where are the forum rules?

The rules are located here.

How do I know it's really HANSON posting in the forums?

Directly beside their names, there is a badge that denotes "BAND MEMBER" that only the three band members will have.

How do I know it’s really a staff member posting in the forums?

Directly beside their names, there is a badge that denotes "Staff Member" that only members of the staff will have. Moderators will be denoted with "MODERATOR."

How do I make a link in the forums?

You'll need to use the toolbox provided. For more details, please refer to the forum coding FAQ.

Are private messages just for Fan Club members?

Yes, private messages are a member benefit.

Is adding friends for everyone or just for Fan Club members?

Adding friends is a member benefit.

What if I put a thread in the wrong forum?

Threads posted in the wrong forum will be deleted or moved to the correct forum.

Can we use emojis in the forums?

Yes. You can create emojis using the toolbox provided.

How do you make a link in the forums?

Links are now created within the posts. In order to make a link, you have to first write out the text for what you want the link to say. Then, highlight the entire thing. Next, click on the chain link. A box will pop up asking you to input the URL information. Now, place the URL in where it asks. Click ‘insert’ and your title should now be linked. Remember, you must use a full link beginning with http.

How can I make something bold, italic or underlined?

Highlight the text you would like to be bold then click on the B button located at the top of the reply box. The text should now be bolded. The same process applies to Italics (using the I) and Underlining (using the U).

Can I add pictures to my posts?

No. You may add a link to a photo/graphic, but not add them directly to the forum. is a site created for the band HANSON and their fan community.


You can email using the Customer Service section here.

Ship to’s Shipping address is:
209 N Main St.
Tulsa, OK 74103
United States of America

Please do not mail any store items to without first following the instructions in the Return Policy


We recommend all customers use the Customer Service forms for the best customer service options and the fastest response time. You can request that our customer service agents call you through the customer service form, but the fastest response time will ALWAYS be through email support.

Contact Technical Support

To contact Technical Support, please use the Technical Support form.

I want to send HANSON a letter/gift. Where can I send it?

c/o 3CG Records
209 N. Main St
Tulsa, OK 74103

Please note that Hanson's ONLY social media pages are the ones listed below. Any others claiming to be the band or a member of the band are NOT real.

What is a MOE?

A MOE is a Members Only Event.

Can anyone attend a MOE?

No, a MOE is for Fan Club Members only.

Are we allowed to bring a guest to a MOE?

No, each member must have his/her own Fan Club memmbership.

Is there an age limit to MOEs?

It depends on the specific event.

For Hanson Day, the age limit is 13+.
For Back To The Island, the age limit is 18+.
For MOEs that occur before tour shows, the age limit is generally the age limit for the concert.

Do children need a Fan Club membership to attend a MOE?

Yes, all those attending regardless of age must have his/her own membership.

Where can I find the times a MOE starts?

For pre-show events, the time will be posted on the Events (Calendar) page. For special MOEs, such as Hanson Day, the schedule will be posted on the appropriate event detail page. For Back To The Island, the schedule of events will be sent to participants by Island Gigs.

Are there photos taken at MOEs?

For Back To The Island, individual photos of each attendee will be taken with the band.

For Hanson Day and pre-show concert events, there will usually be group photos, but this is not guaranteed.

When an event is announced, the announcement will include photo information.

Do I need an ID for a MOE?

An ID is required for the MOE. A driver's license, passport, state ID or a student ID with photo will be acceptable.

Do I need my Fan Club Member ID?

You should always print out your Member ID before an event in case it is needed.

Do I need to RSVP for a MOE?

Yes, you will need to RSVP for MOEs. The RSVP button can be found on the Calendar page next to the appropriate event.

Please note: RSVPs will have a deadline. If you miss the deadline for the RSVP, please do not expect to be added. We add when we can, but it is not always possible. Once the list is finalized, there can be no more additions.

Where can I see the MOE photos?

Depending on the event, MOE photos are housed either in the Archive or in the Gallery. Login to your Fan Club account then go to Archive and search by city or date. Photos are posted when ready and may take several weeks to be posted.