HANSON: Summer Adventures

Jul 11, 2024 / Hanson

Summer Adventures ahead! Explorer Summer 2024 Week 1

Jul 09, 2024 / HANSON

Happy July everyone! This week we are starting our Explorer Summer 2024. This will be our fourth game of the year (if we count Hday Explorer) with one more game planned for the Fall. We will do our best to entertain, and also bring a little mental strain… but mostly we just hope this will give you an excuse to visit every week this month and connect with other members while you play. This week is a special one, if you finish the game you get a cold beer on us! 

We will be playing all month long with a new puzzle starting each Tuesday and running through the following Monday. July 9th, 16th, 23rd, and 30th. Happy hunting! 

HTP 51- Hanson In Space

Jul 05, 2024 / HANSON

On this episode of the Hanson Time Podcast Isaac, Taylor and Zac found themselves talking a lot about space. The Planets in out solar system and even a Hanson Movie plot inspired by space travel, thanks to a question from our HNet Reporter.

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Meet The Band

3:30 PM EEST

Member Exclusive: The weekly M&G winners will be invited to a Digital M&G with HANSON. Times TBD.


Turku, FI - Slot Festival Main Stage - Special Shows 2024

7:15 PM EEST

Visit the Slot Festival website.


Kristiansand, Norway - Bendiksbukta - Special Shows 2024

5:00 PM CEST

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Let us know in the comments which easter eggs you spotted right away! #hanson

Jul 11, 2024

We hope you are all enjoying today with family and friends. ??

Jul 4, 2024

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