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If you love HANSON music you should be a Hanson.net member. Hanson.net members get access to more than 20 years of members only EP's. Exclusive live streams, podcasts, blogs, and behind the scenes videos and photo galleries.

As a Hanson.net member you get access to pre-sale concert tickets, special Hanson.net only events, members only lines at concerts, and the chance to win Meet & Greets with the band.

On Hanson.net members get more, including members only forums, store reward points, profile pins, online community events, and the Hanson.net Archive.  Find out what it means to be a member and join today!


Since its inception in 2000 Hanson.net has been at the heart of our band's desire to offer more to every fan. From exclusive music, to special events, Meet & Greets and Fan Club Reporters, Hanson.net is an important place where fans from all corners of the world can connect directly with us and with each other. Over the last twenty years Hanson.net has grown into an incredibly diverse community for music fans of all types, full of lifelong friends and more features than ever before. We are incredibly blessed to share this musical ride with you, and thank you for considering joining Hanson.net, we hope to see you soon, on the road or on the web. Thanks For Listening!

- Isaac, Taylor & Zac

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Being a member of Hanson.net means getting music every year, no matter what else is going on. Each spring HANSON go into the studio to work on the annual Members Digital EP, written and recorded exclusively for members.

“Part of what makes the Members EPs special is the freedom we feel to take risks and challenge ourselves. Whether it’s a theme or a place, we dive deep and invite members along for the ride.” - Isaac

The annual EPs often have themes like 2013’s No Sleep For Banditos recorded only at night, or The Sound Of Light written especially for crowd participation and recorded in part on stage at the 2014 HANSON Day celebration. Just like each theme, every EP seems to bring a new sound, but they also consistently create some of HANSON’s most inspired music.

  • Annual Members EP
    • The 2023 Members Digital EP is now available to download.
  • Complete Hanson.net Catalog
    • Over the past two decades HANSON has created new music annually, exclusively for Hanson.net members. As part of your membership, you get instant access to the complete catalog of 20 years of EPs through the Hanson.net Media Player.
  • The HANSON Time Podcast
    • In 2020 HANSON started HTP, a podcast diving into the making of EPs, Albums and whatever else might suit their twisted minds. When you join Hanson.net you get access to the full archive of HTP episodes in the Hanson.net Media Player, as well as new episodes as they are released.

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Being a Hanson.net member is more than content on a website, it gives you access to events created exclusively for members like HANSON Day Weekend. Every year in May, HANSON invites Hanson.net members to Tulsa OK for a weekend long celebration of the band’s anniversary. The 3-day weekend includes activities like concerts, art galleries, bowling tournaments, lectures, movies in the park, listening parties, karaoke, DJ dance parties, and every year it seems to grow and change with this amazing community

When you talk about Hanson.net events you also have to talk about Back To The Island. Started in 2013, this week-long destination event is only open to Hanson.net members. Travel to Jamaica and enjoy an all-inclusive resort, listening to HANSON concerts almost every night as well as musical guests, games and activities. Once you go, you won’t be able to resist going Back To The Island again ... and again …

  • Pre-sale Concert Tickets
    • Hanson.net Members get early access to tickets through Members Only Pre-Sales, so members always have the best seats (select shows and seats may not be eligible for Pre-sale).
  • Members Only Lines
    • Get in first at shows by using the Hanson.net Members Line (where available).
  • Meet & Greets
    • Special Meet & Greets are available only to Hanson.net Members. All you have to do is request a M&G in the calendar section to be eligible to win (members are selected at random from the pool of meet & greet requests).
  • Soundcheck Parties
    • In select cities on tour HANSON hosts soundcheck parties. These pre-show performances and Q&As, are free to all members with a ticket to the show.
  • Fan Club Reporters
    • At each tour stop, one Hanson.net member is selected to be the FCR and interview HANSON. Just request a Meet & Greet and you will be in the running.
  • Member Only Events
    • Throughout the year HANSON host special events exclusively for Hanson.net members. Come to Tulsa for HANSON Day Weekend, or travel to Jamaica For Back To The Island. It’s up to you how far your membership will take you!

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  • Mobile Check-ins
    • Use your smart phone or laptop to check-in at concerts or during online events, to acquire profile pins, or have a chance to win prizes.
  • Profile Pins
    • As a member you open your world to Profile Pins. Going to a concert? Check-in and get a pin! Reading blogs? You get a pin! Once you get them, you can share them by displaying all your adventures in your display case as part of your public profile.
  • Members Only Blogs
    • As a member you get access to scores of content posted just for you. Stories form the road, updates from the studio - if it’s happening, it’s here.
  • Store Reward Points
    • Hanson.net members receive reward points with every online merchandise purchase. For every dollar spent on eligible items, members receive 10% of their purchase value back in points which can be redeemed on their next online merchandise order.
  • Members Only Video Galleries
    • With hours of members exclusive videos from the making of albums and EPs, to life on the road, there’s always more to watch when you’re a member.
  • Members Only Photo Galleries
    • Members get to see more with hundreds of photos from backstage, on stage, and everywhere in between, exclusively available to members in the Hanson.net gallery.
  • Hanson.net Archive
    • Members have access to the Hanson.net Archive, where you can search to your heart's content, using keywords, categories and dates, in pursuit of photos, videos, setlists and more.
  • Hanson.net Forums
    • Comment and connect as you share your thoughts in the Hanson.net forums, and get engaged in this amazing community of people.
  • Members Only Items
    • Throughout each year HANSON release special items exclusively to Hanson.net members. T-shirts, Pop Sockets, Songs, Games and more - being a member means you have access to them all.



A new membership is valid for 1 year (365 days) from the date of purchase. Upon purchase, you will immediately gain access to all Hanson.net member exclusive content and members only features of the website. Your membership will include the Digital EP for the year in which it was purchased.

If you are renewing early for any reason, your current membership will be extended by 365 days, and when it becomes available you will receive the EP for the year in which your membership extension started.

Starting with the 2022 Membership renewal, all memberships will be digital memberships.

To place an order for a fan club membership for someone other than yourself, follow these steps:

  1. Log out of Hanson.net if you are logged in.
Register as a new user for the person you are buying the membership for, or log in under their account. 

  3. Register the new username - Please spell carefully as names cannot be altered once created.
Once you are registered and logged in with a new username, proceed to the Hanson.net store to order a membership.
Click add to cart and proceed to checkout.
In the shipping information, put the information of the recipient.
In the billing information, put your information so you will be billed for the purchase. 

  8. Proceed through checkout.
Online access for the new membership is available immediately. Simply give the recipient the username and password for the account. The membership kit will be shipped as soon as possible. Notification of the shipment will be sent to the email listed for the order.


Please contact Customer Service with any questions regarding your membership.

1 - I'm Ready
2 - The Weight Of Emotion
3 - A Life Without You
4 - For You
5 - Where You Come From

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