Jun 07, 2016 | HANSON

The State Of The Band

If you were not able to travel to HANSON Day 2016, or missed the stream of the State Of The Band we wanted to share some of the big things that were talked about. 2016 is going to be a great year for making music. 

More Loud

Over the month of June we will continue to share videos and photos from the making of Loud.  If you are a Hanson.net member make sure to check back each week for your fix of HANSON behind the scenes. 

Play EP

Starting in September and leading up to the release of Play we will be streaming behind the scenes footage from the making on Play every Friday to Hanson.net members. 

Wintery Mix

This fall HANSON will record a brand new Christmas album for release as part of the celebration of their 25th year as a band in 2017. Hanson.net members will get the first look at the making of when recording begins later this year. 


In May of 2017 HANSON will celebrate 25 years as a band, and will begin a tour that will take them all over the world to celebrate. Traveling to share music with fans the world over might be enough for some, but for us it is about what comes next so HANSON 25/7 will culminate in the release of HANSON’s 7th studio album.


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I'm so excited!


Natalie Vasta
Ocala, Florida, US

I cant wait until the tour and the new albumĀ 


Natalie Vasta
Ocala, Florida, US

Yes awesome a new Christmas albumĀ 


Elsa Rosario
Ponce, PR, PR

super happy about the christmas album and geez i wish u'd come to PR but im sure that wont happen.



Katie Laban
Warren, MI, US

I can't wait for the new studio album, but a new Christmas album!?!?!?! Yay!!!!!!! I have loved Snowed In since release day and maybeokayyesIdo play it all year round haha. I can't wait!!!


krysta king
North Sydney , Nova Scotia, CA




Awesome!! :) it looks that after 20 years of listening I might be able for the first time ever see them live! - IF they really really come to Europe, of course. Fingers crossed, can't wait for the tourdates to be announced! :)



Can't wait to hear the new Christmas album, I just love Christmas music. c:

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