Suzanne Larmark / Indianapolis, Indiana, US


I Was Born to....
Be a girl name Suzy
Raised in South Florida
Live in Indianapolis, IN,
love Disney, traveling, good ol' Rock N' Roll, Muppets,
& be married to one heck of a man named Pat.

::Indiana Street Team Leader::

This band and this community of friends that I now have because of the music  has helped me through some of the most challenging moments of my life. I am forever grateful for my relentless group of high school buddies that encouraged me to see Hanson live.
It was an experience like no other and continues to be.

Thank you for the fearless Awesome Ninjas for making me laugh at all those painful times, lol.

Shout Out to Indiana Street Team. I love you guys!

 Thank you not only to those 3 guys we all know so well but to the amazing team that surrounds them.
I have been inspired by the work that is put forth to make this fine tuned machine run so smooth.

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