HTP 46- Daydreaming In Technicolor

Feb 02, 2024 | HANSON

We are excited for all the things to come this year, like Hanson Day 2024 and shows in Norway and preporation for the 2024 Members EP Recording. So with that in mind the guys talk with a member from Norway about creativity, we also play games and members win points and we just have a good time.

Here are a few clips from the episode from you listening pleasure.

Thank you all & Enjoy!



Reporter: Liva Austvoll

Game Time Contestants: Raisa Rochael Kimberly Schiller

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Bronwyn Lee Huntbach / Melbourne, Victoria, AU

Love the title guys

Posted Feb 2, 2024   12:53:27 PM


Sinead Caslin Cregg / Elphin, Co. Roscommon, IE

2 2 1

Can't wait to listen 

Posted Feb 2, 2024   01:01:21 PM

maybe some us show to ilve uguys  smucneverletgo amazing

Posted Feb 2, 2024   01:04:18 PM

Shows later in the year - like a tour? Or one offs?

Posted Feb 2, 2024   01:14:37 PM

shows later  inyear yeah  love u   tayto

Posted Feb 2, 2024   01:33:54 PM

they said   shows   later  in    te year    yeahh    cannot wait  ihpe nyto

Posted Feb 2, 2024   01:52:31 PM


Yulia Bogomolova / Wadhurst, East Sussex, GB

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Thank you for asking them not to forget Bridges of Stone. Can't wait for the 25th anniversary of TTA now!

Posted Feb 2, 2024   02:04:28 PM


Yulia Bogomolova / Wadhurst, East Sussex, GB

4 2

I hope you'll take Mac for the month in Scandinavia for new food-related shenanigans!

Posted Feb 2, 2024   02:11:45 PM


Natalie Struck / Saskatoon, SK, CA

HOW can Zac’s songwriting approach be the SAME as mine?! I feel much better now, not being a constant music maker. I also don’t “practice” like I should either lol. Driving tip: leave your winter tires on year round. I know I accidentally did 🤣

Posted Feb 2, 2024   08:55:57 PM

Thank you for the Black Mesa question.

I have a select bunch of questions that Hanson has never been asked before, in case I get an HTP opportunity one day, and that was one of them, so it gives me a chance to refine my questions even more.

Posted Feb 2, 2024   09:24:19 PM


Lana Couto / Brasília, DF, BR

Never let go 🔈♥️

Posted Feb 2, 2024   10:01:05 PM


Minna Lindqvist / Turku, -, FI

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Such good reporter questions! We got a lot of answers, but the discussion alao raised a few further questions, of course! 

So many opportunities in the summer in Nordic countries, yes...Let's hope something comes of it, we're all ready! I just told my husband I don't want to book any trips or have any more plans from mid-July until late August yet 😁 All I've got so far are Bruce Springsteen and Coldplay concerts in Helsinki in July. 

Posted Feb 3, 2024   10:22:19 AM


Lisa Williams-Harris / Toronto, Ontario, CA


Please stop interrupting Isaac. It's really annoying to listen to when you're trying to hear what he's saying and it keeps getting disrupted. I'm sure hard to keep the train of thought when you're being interrupted Thank you! :) <3

Posted Feb 3, 2024   12:29:50 PM

Loved it all 🙂 and especially never let go,it's in my favourites play list,thank you x

Posted Feb 3, 2024   03:42:21 PM


Posted Feb 3, 2024   04:49:10 PM

GARY?! GARY!! Geez Zac, I can’t believe you’re still ragging on Gary. What did this guy do to you?

Posted Feb 3, 2024   04:53:42 PM


Zac, can we please get Gary on as HTP reporter to hear his side of the story?! 😝

Posted Feb 4, 2024   03:43:56 AM

1 1 1

So happy that the idea of touring Europe later this year Is in your mind🤞💪

Posted Feb 4, 2024   05:29:20 AM


Holly Frees / Nashville, TN, US

I'm really curious about this homage to other artists project 🤔

Posted Feb 4, 2024   09:53:42 AM

Loves the podcast this month!! 

Secretly hoping for some more Europe headline shows 🤞🏻🥰🤞🏻 

Posted Feb 4, 2024   10:18:44 AM

Never Let Go - such a beautiful song. How lucky it would be to be loved like that. 🥺

Posted Feb 4, 2024   10:20:02 AM

Loved this episode - such a good interview! Also, can’t wait to hear more about the shows they may or may not be planning…. 💕

Posted Feb 4, 2024   02:24:54 PM


Valerie Wing / Red Bluff, CA, US


I'm so happy Liva asked about Isaac's Science Fiction novel!  I have often wondered whether that was a true rumor.  It makes me so curious to read it now though, so maybe I'm not so happy since I may never be able to.

That was a beautiful performance of Never Let Go.  It surprises me that no one has ever asked about the inspiration for it.  It expresses powerful love, but also a lot of pain.  I can't help but wonder whose?

@Liva and those who pine for Bridges of Stone to be released.  Don't forget that Hanson have posted an official live recording here on Hnet.  It was a Summer Explorer 2020 "treasure".  Search Kansas with 2000 as the year in the Archive (or just follow this link: Bridges of Stone live, Kansas City ).

Posted Feb 4, 2024   03:34:48 PM


Rosa Torres / Norman, OK, US

Great questions Liva! 

Last weekend at the Science Museum planetarium spotlight show it was mentioned that the only place in Oklahoma to get a great view of the night sky would be at Black Mesa, which is in the panhandle. Obviously, this got me thinking about that project and made me wonder if they had planned to go there on location to write/film etc for that project. 

@Valerie, they talk about it a little during a reporter interview if you're interested in listening... 11/04/18 show at ~11:38. 

Posted Feb 4, 2024   11:25:34 PM

I'm having a very hard time planning a family summer trip when there might be more Hanson shows coming up in Scandinavia/Europe! 

Posted Feb 5, 2024   01:01:56 AM

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