Sinead Caslin Cregg / Castlerea, Co. Roscommon, IE

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Ive loved Hanson since 1997.Listened to MON on repeat as a 16 year old in Ireland! I took that line from mmmmbop as a personal challenge (when you get old n start losing your hair...\" so I\'d say I\'mll be a lifelong Fanson!) I\'ve seen the guys live in concert four times - in Dublin on the Walk tour and then London for the Walk (again!), MOE and String Theory.I dream of going to BTTI but with two kiddies and a mortgage,I doubt the budget will ever stretch to it! My fave Hanson songs are \"Been there before\",\"Runaway Run\",\"Madeline\",\"Bridges of Stone\", \"Reaching for the Sky\",\"The Great Divide\"....among others!

I got my \"Themba\" tattoo in 2007 after fiiinally getting to see Hanson live on the Walk tour

I\'m a Tay girl for life ❤❤❤ :-) 

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