Release Day!

May 20, 2022 | HANSON

Just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone for helping us celebrate HANSON Day and get the hype going for RGB these past few weeks.

Today marks the release of the Red Green Blue album. We had the privilege of seeing so many faces while signing records at Rough Trade in NYC, and it was yet another reminder of how many of you have joined us on this musical journey these past three decades. In so many ways the story of RGB is just beginning to be written but today we pass the torch, handing this music over to all of you. Whether it makes you smile, or cry, or just helps you pass the time, it is not only ours anymore.

Thank you for helping support us all these years, for coming out to show after show, and tuning in to rockout from places across the globe. Over the next few months we will get to see many of your faces in person, and start to write a new chapter. We can't wait!

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Noelia Mattia / Caba , Buenos Aires Argentina, AR

Can't wait to see you un Argentina ! 

Posted May 20, 2022   11:27:37 PM


Noelia Mattia / Caba , Buenos Aires Argentina, AR

Meets and Moe please! 🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷😍😍😍

Posted May 20, 2022   11:32:38 PM

This musical ride with you is so fun. I am loving RGB. ❤️💚💙 See you in a couple months! 

Posted May 20, 2022   11:37:09 PM


Adriane Adami / Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, BR

RGB sounds even better than I imagined. Congratulations, guys! Can’t wait to see you live in October! 💙

Posted May 20, 2022   11:38:50 PM


Arielle Marcum / Enterprise, Oregon, US

See you in augt early sept :-)

Posted May 20, 2022   11:42:17 PM

Hanson, you are receiving the respect and admiration you have worked so long for. Please keep being our friends in the entertainment industry. 👍😃

Posted May 20, 2022   11:49:02 PM


Posted May 20, 2022   11:56:56 PM

Just downloaded and … I’m marinating. I like to sit with albums for a few listens and play them as background sound for a day or two before coming to a semi-final decision. 

So far I feel like there are high points but there’s also a missing element - whether it’s the lack of piano (I don’t care who’s playing it, I just like the piano) or something lost in the cohesion of *the band* and the ability to hear all three guys come together on a song and not just as backing vocals as well as hear the ideas and editing of everyone in the same tracks. 

I don’t know. It’s a change. Maybe for good, maybe for a little while.  Like I said. I’m marinating. 

Posted May 21, 2022   12:45:16 AM


Sarah Lowe / Cheney, Washington, US

I absolutely love it. Fantastic job, guys. Thank you! ❤💚💙

Posted May 21, 2022   01:21:56 AM

Love you guys! ❤️💚💙 Thank you for all YOU do! For sharing your gifts and talents with us, because you guys are on another level! The album is beautiful and I love how creative you all are, together and individually. Never stop being who you are! I can’t wait to begin this next chapter with you guys and continue to be amazed and inspired by your music. Excited to see you in September!

Posted May 21, 2022   02:00:03 AM


Natalie Martin / High Peak, Derbyshire, GB

See you soon 🇬🇧 

Posted May 21, 2022   03:38:32 AM


Samantha Lefler / INDIANAPOLIS, IN, US

Yayyy! Looking forward to the Indianapolis show! Loving all the new music and so thankful you’ve allowed us to be such a big part virtually. ❤️💚💙🎧

Posted May 21, 2022   05:38:30 AM

Happy RGB Release Day/Weekend Hanson! so many extraordinary songs -

Thank You for 30 years of poetry! And wow, NYC- lucky people! Hope a million showed up at Rough Trade yesterday! 

Posted May 21, 2022   06:10:23 AM

See you in October 💖💕🇨🇱🇦🇷🎉

Posted May 21, 2022   07:09:49 AM

Thank you 💖

Posted May 21, 2022   07:10:11 AM

yes thank u somuch hanson taysn my man illnever forget  you to il se eu in  ohio yhe yes i deserve to go home soon to yeh

Posted May 21, 2022   07:41:11 AM


Jaquaida Kinney / Tampa, Florida, US

Can’t wait to see you!!

Posted May 21, 2022   07:49:55 AM

See you on tour!

Posted May 21, 2022   07:58:59 AM


Missy Buckman / Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin, US

Saw you all in person and karoke buddy Isaac and now cant wait to see you at a few shows. We are talking about 3 shows possible. 

Posted May 21, 2022   07:59:20 AM


Maylynn Kish / Taylor , Pennsylvania , US

I love the album. Some of the songs surprised me. No Matter The Reason is my favorite so far. It made me cry. Team Green💚💚💚

Posted May 21, 2022   08:01:00 AM


Emma Trofholz / Columbus, NE, US

You guys are amazing! So many of these songs make me feel so much joy in my heart, some make me cry because of how beautiful your voices are, the words, the everything. Thank YOU for all YOU do because you truly bring so much joy into my life. Love you guys with all my heart! RGB…perfectly done. Thank you.

Posted May 21, 2022   08:06:59 AM


Mariana Antunes / São Paulo, SP, BR

Those photos! hahaha

Thank you guys for this adventurous musical journey! We've been through some hills, open roads, climbs and falls, mountains and valleys...
I've learned a lot with you on the way and I plan to stick around to learn and grow some more.

And here we go around again! ❤️💚💙🔥
RGB is unbelievable and I can't stop listening to it! Every time I play it something "new" gets my attention.
There are so many musical layers, sounds and words to contemplate.

See you all on the road!

Posted May 21, 2022   10:05:41 AM


Ashley Pesek / Tacoma, Washington, US

Looking forward to the shows  can’t wait to see you preform them all. Loving all the new music and so thankful for everything you have given us fans you are the best band of all time ❤️💚💙

Posted May 21, 2022   10:39:50 AM


Julia Krylova / Moscow, Moscow, RUSSIA, RU

Oh, how I’d like you to feel how much I put into two simple words: thank you! Thank you for the music, thank you for being with me for 25 years, thank you for making me happy. 

It's a pity that due to circumstances beyond my control, I can't visit Europe this year to attend your concert. But I really hope that as soon as peace comes, we’ll see each other again - on a new Hanson world tour! I love you so much, guys! Thank you for everything!

Posted May 21, 2022   11:41:28 AM

Thank you for sharing your music with us! We don’t know what we’d do with out you! Loving RGB so far! See you in August!

Posted May 21, 2022   11:47:11 AM

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