Emma Trofholz / Columbus, NE, US

I am 37.

Married for 12 years. (2008)

Have no children as of yet, but pray for them every day.

Love to Run, Be Outside.

Goal to Hike the Highest Peaks in the U.S. w/ my Husband (9 Done).

My first time seeing a Hanson concert was in Omaha at Sokol Auditorium (12/6/19), it was AMAZING! I wish I would have seen them sooner growing up, but what do you do! Life. ;) 

I try to be a Positive Person. Believe we all have good in us. 

I go to church every Sunday and teach Sunday School.

I teach at a Middle School, and it has taught me patience. I do believe working with young kids keeps me young! ;)


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