Vintage 3D Viewer

Sep 02, 2021 | ZacHanson

There is a good chance all of you played with these growing up, but incase you never did this is what people played with before everyone had a computer in their pocket masquerading as a phone. Each reel has 7 sets of images, when viewed together they create a 3D effect, using your vision to create an optical illusion of depth. They are simple and timeless and a lot of fun, so we had to make our own!

I hope you enjoy these as much as I do! See you tonight (or tomorrow depending on when you read this) for the ATW + Shout It Out Concert 


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Belinda Ray / Eaglehawk, Victoria, AU

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okay that's pretty nifty - mine was red and i had Disney films!!

Posted Sep 2, 2021   11:05:59 PM


Yelena Anger / Minnetonka, MN, US


Omg haven't seen one of those in at least 20 years! 🤣

Posted Sep 2, 2021   11:14:09 PM


Arielle Marcum / Enterprise, Oregon, US

That's what they call vr headsets now :-)

Posted Sep 2, 2021   11:14:19 PM


Amber Northweather / Belton, Missouri, US

You took WAAAAY back I love it! Good idea! ❤❤

Posted Sep 2, 2021   11:14:51 PM


Thanks for the trip down memory lane 😆 ❤

Posted Sep 2, 2021   11:15:21 PM


Lynne Cherry / Thompsons Station, TN, US

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This is so unexpected and so cool!

Posted Sep 2, 2021   11:15:36 PM


Adriane Adami / Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, BR


Yeah, I loved it and now I want one! 😅

Posted Sep 2, 2021   11:19:49 PM


Kelli Cloud / Tazewell , Tennessee, US


Loved it ❤️

Posted Sep 2, 2021   11:24:06 PM


Jodee Wheeler / Salem, OR, US


Fantastic!! Keeping timeless items alive!!!

Posted Sep 2, 2021   11:25:44 PM


bronwyn lee huntbach / Melbourne , Victoria, AU

I love this idea as I had one of these when I was a kid 

do they still make them 

Posted Sep 2, 2021   11:25:48 PM

OLD PEOPLE! Who you callin' "old people"?! Oh, it's me. LOL 😄 heck yeh, I remember Viewmaster 3D Viewers. Everything old is new again. I love it Zac. And, I kinda like you too.

Posted Sep 2, 2021   11:29:13 PM


Kaitlin Walbright / Reynoldsburg, OH, US

*sings in tiktok* god fcking dmnit dave….

Posted Sep 2, 2021   11:30:34 PM


Stephanie Hayes / Buffalo, NY, US

Stop it!!!!!!! Hanson viewfinders!!!! 💜

Posted Sep 2, 2021   11:33:31 PM


Bethany Marchese / Hilliard, Ohio, US

I bought it as soon as I seen it in the merch. 

That was one of my favorite things growing up. 

So awesome!!!!

Posted Sep 2, 2021   11:34:50 PM

Ahhh the memories! This is pretty cool!

Posted Sep 2, 2021   11:35:54 PM


Danielle Roseberry / Duson, LA, US

OMGGGG I LOVEDDD That toy!! My fave 3d slides were the muppets!!! #yallarethebest 

Posted Sep 2, 2021   11:38:04 PM


Jenine Tepsa / Penticton, BC, CA

I remember those I will defiantly be watching tomorrow Zac

Posted Sep 2, 2021   11:49:14 PM

Haven't seen that in forever... BUT if Hanson makes them and puts them in the store with different reels for songs or the new cartoon.. I'll be all over it. 

Posted Sep 3, 2021   12:02:03 AM


Jenine Tepsa / Penticton, BC, CA

There in the store just looked so cool

Posted Sep 3, 2021   12:05:34 AM


bronwyn lee huntbach / Melbourne , Victoria, AU

I looked in the store they look amazing 

Posted Sep 3, 2021   12:14:36 AM


Kaylei Smith / Murfreesboro, Tennessee, US

I used to love playing with these growing up! Had the Disney one. This is pretty cool! 💙

Posted Sep 3, 2021   12:20:44 AM


Julie Marion / Stilwell, Ok, US

No way!!!! Always loved these as a kid an an adult. Awesome idea 

Posted Sep 3, 2021   12:24:35 AM

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I'm definitely old enough to remember using and buying them for my kids when they were younger.

Posted Sep 3, 2021   12:35:41 AM

Ha!  You guys (Zac) think you are "old people"?  Try being old enough to remember when those were called Viewmasters, and worse being old enough to remember playing with your grandmother's forerunner version!  It was designed to take glass covered plates called "slides" that had the two images in them, and you would push a button to make a light bulb turn on and shine though the images to show you the picture.  I played with that thing every chance I got!!  And had my own Viewmaster which I adored.  Too bad I don't still have it - would be worth bank these days ;-)

Already put the whole bundle on order and can hardly wait until October!!

P.S.  Can we hope to see sets of Taylor's photos available someday?

Posted Sep 3, 2021   12:40:16 AM

I don't recall owning one of these, but I do remember playing with them at the houses of my childhood friends. I have to ask, what is the type of filter that you used for this video? It looks like it could have been either "Blockbuster" or "vintage" filters in iMovie, or you played with the hue/saturation. Can you clarify?

Posted Sep 3, 2021   01:09:19 AM

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