Jodee Wheeler / Salem, OR, US

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I was born and raised in Boise, Idaho. Hanson came into my life on a whim in 1997. My mom, my sister and I were at the store and I wanted a new cassette tape. I usually went for The Beatles or some kind of oldies album but then my sister spoke up, \"Why don\'t you get this one?\" It was Middle of Nowhere. I was like, Oh yeah the young guys that I hear on the radio countdown show every night! My life changed! Hanson covered my walls. Thank god the internet was new (well new in the homes) because I would sit for hours (back when it was all dial-up internet... our phone line was ALWAYS busy!) and look up Hanson websites and Zac photos. What I love about Hanson is that they\'re music evolves; every album has its own personality and story. they go off what inspires them, They fought and worked their asses off for their music to make the Underneath album and after that created a whole world of their own. When I was young I would say \"I love Hanson!!!!\" as a crazy screamy \"OH MY GOD!!!\" Teeny bopper fan, but now I\'m in awe of their career spanning over decades. I respect them so much for having families and working their asses off for us fans that they do all of this work for. So if you ever happen to read this biography, Isaac, Taylor, and/or Zac, thank you! THank you so fucking much for being you and true and good to us fans, I love you! :)

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