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July 23rd 2018 - Following a sold out 25th Anniversary World Tour and Greatest Hits release, Grammy nominated multi-platinum pop-rock trio HANSON is beginning their next 25 years with a musical project unmatched in their history, String Theory symphonic tour and album set to launch this summer and continue through Spring 2019.

String Theory brings together an exciting collaboration of song craftsmanship and symphonic majesty, framing the established trio’s music through a special collaboration with Academy award winning arranger David Campbell, spawning both a world tour featuring the band playing live with Symphony Orchestras, and a studio album.

HANSON’s most ambitious musical project to date features songs spanning the band’s career, including some of their best known material (“MmmBop”, “Where’s The Love”, “This Time Around” and more) alongside brand new or never-released-to-the-public songs (“Reaching For The Sky”, “Battle Cry”, “Breaktown”, “No Rest For The Weary” and more) which tell a story of aspiration, despair, fortitude and ultimately a return to optimism.

Fans can discover String Theory both as an album and as a concert, with North American dates starting Summer 2018 and running through Summer 2019, and music released in Fall 2018.

The Tour brings String Theory to the stage with many leading symphonies at some of the most iconic venues, among them the National Symphony Orchestra at the Filene Center at Wolftrap and the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra at Heinz Hall, already announced earlier this year and on sale now. New dates include Los Angeles at The Greek Theatre, New York at the Beacon Theatre and Chicago at the Chicago Theatre, on sale July 27th. US and Canada dates continue throughout the Spring of 2019, with international dates to be announced later this month taking the tour to Europe, Australia, and more in Spring 2019.

The album features brand new and rearranged recordings with full symphonic orchestration, and will be available in digital and physical formats, with special content and packages available via the band’s official website www.Hanson.net. The band recordings were produced by HANSON and mixed by Grammy winning Producer and Engineer Jim Scott (Red Hot Chili Peppers, Tom Petty, Wilco, Sting). The symphonic composition was recorded in Prague, lead by arranger David Campbell. New HANSON recordings were engineered by Craig Alvin (Kacey Musgraves) with additional production and engineering credits including past collaborators of the band, Danny Kortchmar (Don Henley, Billy Joel, James Taylor), Joe Chicarelli (The Strokes, Frank Zappa, The White Stripes), Steve Churchyard (The Eagles, Train, Faith Hill, Taylor Swift), Greg Wells (Mika, Rufus Wainwright, Adele) and CJ Eiriksson (U2, Matchbox Twenty, Phish).

String Theory is the next frontier for HANSON, telling a story of aspiration and fortitude against the odds. The music resonates with authenticity, coming from a group whose signature is never to chase trends, but instead to stay focused on their melodic craftsmanship, establishing themselves as one of the few artists of their generation able to continually reinvent and reimagine their music, which has helped them to maintain an active global fanbase over 25 years after their founding.

Thu 2 Aug 18 Pittsburgh PA Heinz Hall Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra
Sat 4 Aug 18 Vienna VA Filene Center at Wolftrap National Symphony Orchestra
Sat 8 Sep 18 Denver CO Boettcher Concert Hall Colorado Symphony Orchestra
Sat 13 Oct 18 Los Angeles CA Greek Theatre Live with Orchestra
Sun 14 Oct 18 Phoenix AZ Comerica Theatre Live with Orchestra
Sat 20 Oct 18 Atlanta GA Atlanta Symphony Hall Atlanta Symphony Orchestra
Sun 21 Oct 18 Nashville TN Schermerhorn Center Nashville Symphony Orchestra
Tue 23 Oct 18 Houston TX Jones Hall Houston Symphony
Thu 25 Oct 18 Miami FL The Fillmore Live with Orchestra
Fri 26 Oct 18 Tampa FL Mahaffey Theater Live with Orchestra
Fri 2 Nov 18 Louisville KY The Louisville Palace Live with Orchestra
Sun 4 Nov 18 Minneapolis MN State Theatre Live with Orchestra
Mon 5 Nov 18 Chicago IL Chicago Theatre Live with Orchestra
Wed 7 Nov 18 St Louis MO Stifel Theatre Live with Orchestra
Thu 8 Nov 18 Cleveland OH Masonic Temple Live with Orchestra
Sat 10 Nov 18 Boston MA Orpheum Theatre Live with Orchestra
Sun 11 Nov 18 Philadelphia PA The Tower Theatre Live with Orchestra
Tue 13 Nov 18 New York NY Beacon Theatre Live with Orchestra
Tue 20 Nov 18 Toronto ON Queen Elizabeth Theatre Live with Orchestra
Wed 21 Nov 18 Toronto ON Queen Elizabeth Theatre Live with Orchestra
Sat 5 Jan 19 Fort Worth TX Bass Performance Hall Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra
Fri 17 May 19 Tulsa OK Tulsa PAC Tulsa Symphony Orchestra
Fri 7 Jun 19 Buffalo NY Kleinhans Music Hall Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra


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Forum Comments


Andrea Lomazzi / Buenos Aires, CABA, AR

So happy for those who can attend this tour.... but PLEASEEE, add South American dates! :( 

Posted Jul 23, 2018   02:10:15 PM


Minna Lindqvist / Turku, -, FI


Exciting news, see you in Atlanta! Looking forward to the album pre-order options and European dates! :) 

Posted Jul 23, 2018   09:12:07 AM


Katy Grzyb / Spring Lake, MI, US

Super sad I don’t think any of these dates will work for me! Glad I got to see Columbus and have tickets for Tulsa already! Please add a Michigan show!! The Grand Rapids Symphony is awesome!

Posted Jul 23, 2018   09:15:55 AM


Keri Mase / Rogers, AR, US


Man, I was hoping for something closer to me than Tulsa because I don't want to wait until May lol. Oh well. I'm still excited!

Posted Jul 23, 2018   09:17:41 AM


Somehow our comments  got split into multiple posts but...

I think the album will be released on or just before Oct. 13.

Posted Jul 23, 2018   09:17:51 AM


1 1 1

Boston will be a phenomenal time!

Posted Jul 23, 2018   09:26:41 AM


Christina Buchanan / Richmond, Texas, US

I'm assuming it's a typo but I have to verify.....TWO HOUSTON dates??!! YES PLEASE!!!

Posted Jul 23, 2018   09:28:12 AM

I was so happy you're coming to Cleveland! I saw that you were in Columbus the day of the show and I was so sad I was missing it!

Posted Jul 23, 2018   09:29:42 AM


Amanda Anderson / Georgetown, KY, US

This gives me butterflies!  So excited to see you gusy in Louisville, KY and Tulsa next spring!!

Posted Jul 23, 2018   09:29:48 AM


Sarah Llewelyn / maitland, nsw, AU

yassss im so excited! these dates have worked out perfectly and it looks like ill be coming back to the US to go to a whirlwind of shows in october and november! My bank account won't be happy but my heart is! bring on another year of Hanson! 

Posted Jul 23, 2018   09:32:25 AM


Rocio Moran Gaxiola / Ciudad de México, CDMX, MX

5 3 1

Any plans for Latin America??? 

Posted Jul 23, 2018   09:36:15 AM


Rocio Moran Gaxiola / Ciudad de México, CDMX, MX

5 3 1

Any plans for Latin America??? 

Posted Jul 23, 2018   09:36:27 AM

So happy to see Minneapolis and Chicago on the list!! 

Posted Jul 23, 2018   09:48:16 AM

So excited for a Philly date! 

Posted Jul 23, 2018   09:58:04 AM

Thank you for adding Boston!!! Can’t wait to see this!!

Posted Jul 23, 2018   10:03:45 AM

WOO HOO!!! Finally a Chicago date!!! Will there be price ranges listed prior to presale? Just wanna have my ducks in a row.

Posted Jul 23, 2018   10:09:24 AM

Yes!!! A Boston show!!! When do the pre-sale codes go up tomorrow?

Posted Jul 23, 2018   10:13:05 AM

OH I think I know how we're finishing out my sister's bachelorette weekend; String Theory here we come!! :)

Posted Jul 23, 2018   10:17:10 AM

Yay!Tampa show! Makes me happy!! See ya there! 

Posted Jul 23, 2018   10:24:39 AM


Katie Stone / Hampden, ME, US

I am so excited!! I can't wait to see you guys next week in Vienna, and then in Boston! 

Do we happen to know when pre-orders for the album will begin? I know, I just want it all! :)

Posted Jul 23, 2018   10:29:03 AM

I'm assuming it's a typo but I have to verify.....TWO HOUSTON dates??!! YES PLEASE!!

Just one show on 10.23.18. =)

When do the pre-sale codes go up tomorrow?

Should be 10am local/venue time.  You can click the presales link under tour/events for more details. 

Posted Jul 23, 2018   10:30:57 AM


amber lee / Allentown, Pennsylvania, US

So excited!!!!! See you in Philly!

Posted Jul 23, 2018   10:37:18 AM

I predict Hanson.net will go down tomorrow when everyone all hops on at 9:59am lol

Posted Jul 23, 2018   11:01:35 AM


Stephanie Lacerda / Brasília, DF, BR


So exicited for Miami! Best vacay EVER: HANSON String Theory on Oct 25 and then Eat to the Beat!!! YAY

I was wondering what's the difference between the shows with the orchestra name (ie Nashville Symphony) and the ones that says Live with Orchestra. Before the first show in Columbus, Zac said in a blog "It should be said there are some cases where the we will play a shorter version of String Theory esspecially when we are playing with a named symphony as part of their POP sieres rather then a case where we are hireing the orchestra ourselves."...

From this blog, I'm assuming that the shows performed with the unnamed orchestra are the full version of String Theory because this is the orchestra hired by the guys. Am I right?

Posted Jul 23, 2018   11:35:07 AM


Jennifer McWilliams / Toronto, Ontario, CA

2 1 2

So excited for TWO Toronto shows!!! :D 

Posted Jul 23, 2018   11:45:08 AM

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