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Mar 22, 2023 | Admin

We are pleased to announce HANSON will be performing 10 dates from Sept 9th - 24th, 2023 supporting Busted on their anniversary & greatest hits tour in the UK. For details, go to our Calendar page.

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Ok so I wake up to this and I’m smiling from ear to ear. You never cease to amaze and bring joy into my life. Whoop whoop from me and all us UK fans.. Who else will be going? 😀❤️🎼

Posted Mar 23, 2023   04:27:25 AM


Lynn Houston / Dumbarton, West Dunbartonshire, Scotland!!, GB



Posted Mar 23, 2023   04:34:58 AM


Natalie Valente / London, England, GB


Thank you, Hanson! Can’t concentrate at work anymore 😅🙌🙌🇬🇧🇬🇧

Posted Mar 23, 2023   04:35:48 AM


Jade Atkins / Bridlington , East Yorkshire, GB


Mea!! Can't wait!!

Busted AND Hanson? I'm dreaming!!

Posted Mar 23, 2023   04:40:19 AM


Minna Lindqvist / Turku, -, FI


Yay, there may be another UK trip for me on the horizon this year 😊 I have to say I would have thought Busted would support Hanson, but oh well...It will be weird attending these bigger arenas for Hanson. I hardly ever go to arena shows, but it should be exciting! 

Posted Mar 23, 2023   04:48:07 AM

Amazing!!! Thank you for coming back to the UK!!! Count me in 😁

Posted Mar 23, 2023   04:55:37 AM


lorena rodriguez / Buceo, Montevideo, UY

Wow this is so cool! 😍

A lot of things going on this year and we are just starting! 😃

Posted Mar 23, 2023   05:04:24 AM


Ditte Juul Jensen / Herning, Jylland, DK


I am sitting here and trying to plan my summer holidays with the bf, expecting Hanson not to tour Europe/UK this year, and then this pops up? :-O 

Posted Mar 23, 2023   05:09:26 AM


Jen Plant / Nottingham, Notts, GB

Argh, I’m torn…not a fan of Busted at all but the chance to see my favourite band at my local arena? Is it weird just leave after a support act?! 

Posted Mar 23, 2023   05:14:59 AM


lea geldard / Woodkirk, West Yorkshire, GB

I could actually cry right now. I’m in America when all these shows are on 😭. Every single time you’ve been to uk minus RGB I’ve been abroad 😭

Posted Mar 23, 2023   05:17:21 AM


6 5

I was laughing at the idea of leaving after Hanson too 😂. I think Busted will do a great upbeat Pop/ rock show though 

Posted Mar 23, 2023   05:17:41 AM

Very into this! Excited to have you guys back in the UK for a bit this year 🙌

Posted Mar 23, 2023   05:35:23 AM


Amanda Rigby / Nottinghamshire &, Derbyshire, GB


Wow, wasn't expecting this. 😊

Posted Mar 23, 2023   05:35:59 AM


Natalie Martin / High Peak, Derbyshire, GB


Is it bad show to leave after Hanson's set....

Not a Busted fan but obviously I'll be there

Posted Mar 23, 2023   05:42:10 AM

Just found out the answer to my tour forum question - this is such amazing news!!!!!!! So excited!!

Posted Mar 23, 2023   05:48:54 AM


Gemma Adams / Kent, Uk, GB


Could not contain my excitement when I saw this video his morning. Cannot wait! Love busted and obviously Hanson! Count me in x 

Posted Mar 23, 2023   06:50:04 AM

I can't tell you HOW EXCITED I am! Slightly disappointed no Cardiff date as that's closet to me, but I will certainly travel to see you guys again!! 

Not a huge fan of Busted but will be LOVING every single moment of the set you play. 

Thank you for coming back to the UK. 

I mean, if you wanted to play some smaller more intimate shows whilst you're here, I am sure we wouldn't be mad about it. 🤫🥰🥰

Posted Mar 23, 2023   06:53:21 AM

2 1 1 2 1

Awesome news! I'm just looking at your schedule and can i suggest Rock City, Nottingham for the 13th September for a Hanson show please, they're free that night I've checked!

Posted Mar 23, 2023   07:51:13 AM


samantha wilding / Portsmouth, Hampshire, GB

Shame it is not the whole tour, I'm beginning to think Hanson have an aversion to the south coast of England...maybe they might want to prove me wrong on that one day *hint* *hint* Victorious festival 

Posted Mar 23, 2023   08:01:41 AM

Another reason being pregnant sucks haha, due to give birth on the 24 August, I have FOMO already!

Posted Mar 23, 2023   08:36:27 AM

Never heard of Busted (even though I consider myself a 90ties Teen). Listening to it now, I don't really like it so far and I don't like big arenas, but figuring out if I can make a trip to one show anyway :-) Better that wait until whenever for another Hanson only show...

Will you play a full set? Can we expect also EP and new Songs?

Posted Mar 23, 2023   08:38:20 AM


6 5

Yes I second a show for us Hanson fans at Rock City on the 13th of September. Sounds like a plan 🤟❤️🎼

Posted Mar 23, 2023   08:57:51 AM


6 5

I’m guessing around a three quarters of an hour set with just the hits  ❤️🎼

Posted Mar 23, 2023   08:58:53 AM

I think you should play a Hanson only show at Rock City while your here 😉... Good idea????🤔

Posted Mar 23, 2023   09:03:40 AM


So excited for this! 😀

Posted Mar 23, 2023   09:10:17 AM

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