The History Of Naming EPs

Jul 03, 2020 | ZacHanson

In 2003 as we emerged from the major label system, and tried to put together a new team to release music for the first time on 3CG Records we were so happy to be releasing music, what we called each collection was not a big concern. We cared most about sharing new music after years of working with a label that seemed only too happy to sit on their hands and wait out our contract. What was born would soon become a new normal, the Members EP. We would release music every year to members no matter what.

In 2003 we started with the 2.0 EP. This name signified a new start, a rebirth of sorts for and in many ways the band. It felt good to be sharing so we followed the naming philosophy, mixing in live tracks and DVD's along the way until we reached 3.0 and another new album The Walk. After years of naming EPs like software generations we were having trouble keeping the system straight, so in 2008 we said let’s just call each EP by the year of release. It made more sense, and was a lot easier to remember, so we continued in this way with 2008, 2009, and 2010.

The problem with names, is they are prophetic. If each album is just a number in a list you are tempted to look at the music within the same way. That goes for the band, but maybe even more for the fan.

In 2011 Taylor suggested a revolutionary concept, we should name each EP. Simply naming each collection might have been enough to change the perception, but in this case we also asked ourselves if we should look at the way we make each EP in a different light. We decided the title would also have a theme, that might inspire the music that would be created. Facing The Blank Page, No Sleep For Banditos, Inside The Box, Music Made For Humans…

Starting this year, we are naming all the EPs, and you can see that first reflected in the Media Player. We feel like this change adds something that has been missing in that first decade of, and we hope you agree.


  • Watch Me Bleed 2003 (2.0)
  • Never Let Go 2005 (2.2)
  • Watershed 2007 (3.0)
  • Leave The Light On 2008
  • Fools Gold 2009
  • Time and Trouble 2010


Forum Comments


Brittany Freeman / Harrisonburg, LA, US


I noticed the names in the Media Player on launch day and thought they were very clever! Now if only I could get my hands on a physical copy of Watch Me Bleed...

Posted Jul 3, 2020   06:48:25 PM

I love that they’re getting names now ❤️ Watershed EP has been on repeat on my media player 

Posted Jul 3, 2020   06:51:53 PM


Kelli Cloud / Tazewell , Tennessee, US

2 1

I love the names and it was a good idea! Now ready for CBIB to be in my hands! 😁

Posted Jul 3, 2020   06:52:08 PM


Absolutely love the idea and the fact that you guys made all EPs available to all members, too. Thank you! 

Posted Jul 3, 2020   07:04:35 PM


Gina Martino / New Milford, NJ, US

cute! i approve of giving them so new life :)

Posted Jul 3, 2020   07:04:43 PM


Dewi Sastaviana / Kota Jakarta Selatan, DKI Jakarta, ID

Zac, sorry out of topic but I'm desperate. In I Am Dumb video, did you say to Abe: you're awesome Abe, or you're awesome Babe? Please answer this is kind of important 😁

Posted Jul 3, 2020   07:07:23 PM


Christine Crawford / South Melbourne, VIC, AU


I love that a few weeks ago this idea seemed to be born in the podcast and now here it is. 2005’s 2.2 has always been so special to me (mainly for Need You Now) and I love that it now has a name. 

Posted Jul 3, 2020   07:19:03 PM


Roberta Aparecida dos Santos / Santo André, São Paulo, BR

I like that names selected for the EPs. I think that it's easier to identify them.

Posted Jul 3, 2020   07:28:45 PM


Tina Sweeney / Orlando, FL, US

Love the names, especially Time and Trouble

Posted Jul 3, 2020   07:35:39 PM


Julie Marion / Stilwell, Ok, US

Love it

Posted Jul 3, 2020   07:39:31 PM

I really liked that! It’s easier to associate the songs with each EP now instead of remembering the years. ☺️

Posted Jul 3, 2020   07:40:10 PM


Coleen Hill / St. Petersburg, FLORIDA, US


I noticed this on the first day but love hearing your explanation!  Taylor for the win with deciding to give them equally special and unique names each year :-)

Posted Jul 3, 2020   07:40:55 PM

I noticed that and love that they went back and named them!

Posted Jul 3, 2020   07:48:33 PM


Megan Kyle / CONCORD, NC, US

3 1

I love that they have names now. 

Posted Jul 3, 2020   07:53:28 PM

Honestly, for your band’s sake, I like the idea of a name of the EP and it having some kind of a cohesive woven theme within the music. To me, I feel it would be able to give inspiration if you were running dry on it, or it would give you the opportunity to pull something you’ve written down in a notebook and find a way to bring it to life. Also, while I appreciate the silliness and fun that can go into it, I feel these EP songs are really good opportunities to lay out, to perhaps pull as a foundation of a song for a future LP song; even if the song ended up sounding a little different on an LP than it did in an EP, listeners could hear the evolution of the song. EP’s are fun, but that music doesn’t replace an LP. They’re extra music for those within the fanbase; music for people saying “Hey... I really like your studio albums and I’d like to hear more of your artistry!” The advantage you and your band get from this is the feedback, “Hey! I really loved this!” and then you could perhaps decide to do something more with that piece of art. For example, Joyful Noice. You made that for an EP, but dannnng boy, that was also PERFECT for String Theory! In the grand scheme of things, naming those nameless EP’s wouldn’t “make or break” anything, but I think for those who support and listen, and for the band, it’s really nice to have your music catalog more organized. I honestly think the names given to the EP’s were the ones I would of chosen too. As someone who appreciates what you guys do cohesively as Hanson, I’m really happy these EP’s were given a little extra love by you guys recently. It shows you value your work just as much as so many people do. I love seeing good things like this. 

Posted Jul 3, 2020   07:59:43 PM

I hate to double post, but after I submitted my stupidly long ramble, I came across the picture that username Tonksweeney has. I don’t know her, but: 

I have to say is that she has the cutest, most precious avatar. I love seeing other people receive good experiences in life. 

Posted Jul 3, 2020   08:11:07 PM


Judy Ferrante / Conklin, NY, US


Thank you for naming the early eps!   I understand why you all did the 2.0 etc thing but it was tough for me to keep them straight. :-)

Posted Jul 3, 2020   08:55:34 PM

I noticed this in the media player and I love that you guys have gone back and given the numeric EPs names of their own. Now I just have to remember them all!!  

Posted Jul 3, 2020   08:57:56 PM

My first thought was "where is 2006"? Then I remembered it had three live songs only -- still, maybe even that deserves a title... like "Live Rendition" maybe?

The inspiration behind the titles for 2009 and 2010 would be interesting. My guess is that 2009 were songs from Fool's Banquet?

But "Time And Trouble"?

Posted Jul 3, 2020   09:47:03 PM


Ivy McCarty / Louisville, Kentucky, US

1 3

2004 and 2006 are feeling so left out 😥 They know they're not "real" EPs, but they have hearts and feelings just like the other EPs. They want names too!


Posted Jul 4, 2020   12:19:33 AM

Hahah @Ivy! Hopefully they ll have new names as well and not feel left out!

Seriously though I really like that you named all previous eps and that you shared them! I am discovering and rediscovering them! Its a great catalog!!

Posted Jul 4, 2020   12:49:46 AM

It's a very nice idea. It adds an identity to each EP. :)

Posted Jul 4, 2020   07:05:05 AM


Sophia Göllner / München, Bayern, DE

Thanks for sharing! Love that the EP´s have individual names and themes! :)

Posted Jul 4, 2020   07:08:39 AM


Miranda McGovern-Gray / Plano, IL, US

20 1

I noticed the names in the media player and really loved them. Great idea!

Posted Jul 4, 2020   07:57:08 AM


Yannick Huys / Brugge, west-Vlaanderen, BE

Thank you for making all the music available. I am very grateful!

Posted Jul 4, 2020   08:55:12 AM

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