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Sep 01, 2020 | HANSON

During this crazy year we are all wishing we could share the joy of live music, so we wracked our brains and have found the best way we know how to overcome and bring us all together for live events in 2020.

For four months starting in October, we will be hosting a streaming concert series with a different musical theme each month, broadcasting live from Cain’s Ballroom in Tulsa OK, where many of you have joined us during our annual HANSON Day celebrations. Not only will we be streaming, we are also offering a very limited number of in-person tickets, just to members.

We are so excited to have a whole series of events which give us a chance to turn it up loud and share the joy of live music, and for all the members out there we are also planning even more streaming right here on as a part of each monthly streaming series.

You can get all the details about streaming and in person tickets here, and on September 8th we will be sharing our first musical theme, and putting the October concerts on sale. We are thrilled to return to the stage and share music throughout the fall, and we hope you will join us each night! 

-Isaac, Taylor and Zac

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Tris Ryan / Glen Waverley, VIC, AU


Posted Sep 1, 2020   06:52:26 PM


Tina Sweeney / Orlando, Florida, US


Posted Sep 1, 2020   06:52:35 PM


Tina Sweeney / Orlando, Florida, US


Posted Sep 1, 2020   06:52:50 PM


Tris Ryan / Glen Waverley, VIC, AU

The link is broken boys 🤣

Posted Sep 1, 2020   06:52:52 PM


Posted Sep 1, 2020   06:53:13 PM


Candice Bagan / Sherwood Park, Alberta, CA


That is amazing I wish I could come down but as again I can watch it online thank you so much Isaac Taylor and Zac

Posted Sep 1, 2020   06:53:51 PM


Tina Sweeney / Orlando, Florida, US

Does anyone from FL wanna road trip????

Posted Sep 1, 2020   06:53:54 PM


Rachel Wagner / Charlotte, NC, US

3 2

Are all the tickets going on sale the same day or will it be staggered? **About to make plans to fly to Tulsa even though my husband will kill me for it**

Posted Sep 1, 2020   06:54:51 PM


Dionne McSweeney / Cork, Cork, IE

Yay!! 🕺🕺

Posted Sep 1, 2020   06:55:44 PM


Jennifer Metz / Dubuque, ia, US


Ooooh!!! That makes me want to nab up a ticket!  But as life likes to give some of lemons.....the guy upstairs has given me lots of lemons with this pandemic.  Thanks for the cheering up through your music 

Posted Sep 1, 2020   06:56:09 PM

This is incredibly awesome. Thank you for always being kind, thoughtful, and amazing. I will always appreciate everything you do for us.

Posted Sep 1, 2020   06:56:34 PM


christine Easom / Newcastle , Staffordshire, GB

Will be there via the screen. It is good to see you and your music back ! 

Posted Sep 1, 2020   06:56:46 PM


Melissa Metzler / Calcium, New York, US

Broke link is broke... also much hype for the concerts. :3

Posted Sep 1, 2020   06:57:15 PM


Stephanie Hayes / Buffalo, NY, US

I wish I could come to Tulsa but thank you for making it streaming too!!! 💜

Posted Sep 1, 2020   06:57:36 PM

Do we buy tickets to stream it or is it just for in person tickets? I’m so excited to stream!

Posted Sep 1, 2020   06:57:53 PM


Tris Ryan / Glen Waverley, VIC, AU

Here's the link to the info about tickets etc (Can I have a job? 🤣

Posted Sep 1, 2020   07:00:13 PM


This is awesome! I will gladly pay for a table and invite two or three (depending on if my hubby goes) other fans to sit with me/us. I don't know any fans here Jenks/Tulsa personally but yeah, If I'm lucky enough to get a table I'd want to invite fans. My kids are fans but not into concerts as much. Thanks guys for doing this as safely as possible! Good luck to everyone going for in person tickets and if I don't get lucky, I'll see everyone online ❤ Can you see who else is watching the livestream?? 

Posted Sep 1, 2020   07:01:26 PM

Yay!!!! 😁😁😁🎉

Posted Sep 1, 2020   07:01:49 PM


Jen LWhite / N. Canton, Ohio, US

The link isnt working

Posted Sep 1, 2020   07:01:59 PM


3 2 1 2

I literally got chills, so excited it hurts! Freaking Christmas came early and we so desperately need it!!

Posted Sep 1, 2020   07:03:10 PM


Milly Myrr / Fairmont, WV, US

This sounds great you guys. This makes me feel so happy that I can stay safe and still see you guys!!

I can’t wait!!

Posted Sep 1, 2020   07:03:21 PM


Judy Ferrante / Conklin, NY, US

YES!!!  Can't wait to see ALL THESE LIVESTREAMS!!  ( Unfortunately, can't make it to Cain's). 

So excited! 🎶👍♥️😁

Posted Sep 1, 2020   07:03:58 PM

cant wait yes  do u pay for it.

Posted Sep 1, 2020   07:04:03 PM

I feel like I have to go to Tulsa! I have vouchers from southwest for the 12 hr flight delay which made me miss’s a sign...

Posted Sep 1, 2020   07:05:09 PM


Emma Trofholz / Columbus, NE, US

Live Stream is the only way I can see you perform, even though in person would be THE BEST! I just don't have the extra moola for travel at the moment! I'm totally there for the Live Stream! I'll be buying a ticket for each month! Thank you, Hanson! Love you guys!

Posted Sep 1, 2020   07:05:59 PM

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