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Mar 16, 2020 | HANSON

With so much going on this week all over the globe, we know many members who travel to events like HANSON Day may not be able to, come MAY. Rather than wait and hope for the best we are taking this opportunity to re-imagine how we celebrate our anniversary. Music is being made and plans are taking shape so no matter where you are we you can share the celebration. We will be announcing details right here on April 6th.
-Isaac Taylor and Zac

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Holly Frees / Nashville, TN, US

Sad, but not surprising. Looking forward to hearing what will take its place. *Cough livestream cough*

Posted Mar 16, 2020   04:26:36 PM


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That was a very wise decision, guys and I'm sure everyone understands.

Keep yourselves and your families safe, better days will come for sure. :) 

Posted Mar 16, 2020   04:29:58 PM


michelle tribble / Excelsior Springs, MO, US

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So sad, but understand! 

Posted Mar 16, 2020   04:33:07 PM

I can imagine it wasn't the easiest decision to make and it's sad, but I think it was the right call. These times are crazy.
Instead of stressing about Hday happening or not we will all look forward to April 6th and Hday 2021 and let me tell you, it feels so good to have something to look forward to now. So thank you :) Better days are definitely coming!

Posted Mar 16, 2020   04:39:55 PM

If anyone can turn this into a plus, it's you guys! Looking forward to seeing your latest ideas!

Posted Mar 16, 2020   04:41:25 PM


Crystal Formica / Springfield, Ohio, US

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I have cystic fibrosis & was having so much anxiety about making the personal decision to cancel my trip if things didn’t calm down. As much as my heart hurts that my first hanson day experience will have to wait, I am beyond grateful that they are making this decision for all of us. It has be terribly hard. Love you guys!! & see you next year!

Posted Mar 16, 2020   04:45:37 PM


Gemma Adams / Kent, Uk, GB

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Posted Mar 16, 2020   04:49:15 PM

Sad to hear it, but understand!!

Posted Mar 16, 2020   05:10:44 PM


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It's sad but it's was a wise call. Now, I was planning on going on 2021. I suppose now there are no tickets left and I can't go either? What if people that bought tickets for this year can't go on 2021? Would that open places for the sold out events or not?

Posted Mar 16, 2020   05:11:47 PM


"Would that open places for the sold out events or not?"

yes, it will.

Posted Mar 16, 2020   05:15:27 PM


Ivy McCarty / Louisville, Kentucky, US

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I am sure this was a tough call to make, but I am not surprised. I know you guys will get everything worked out. Thanks for thinking of us, your fans, during this time... and thanks for being awesome! :)  PS - does this mean Hday 2021 will be twice as much fun? ;)

Posted Mar 16, 2020   05:18:21 PM


Lisa Dobbs / LaVergne, Tennessee, US

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I'm sad, but I truly understand. 

Posted Mar 16, 2020   06:03:09 PM


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"Would that open places for the sold out events or not?"

yes, it will.

Good to know.  I ended up with only one karaoke ticket.  My husband told me he would sit it out if need be, but maybe he won't have to...

Posted Mar 16, 2020   06:20:10 PM


Kelli Cloud / Tazewell , Tennessee, US

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Sad yet totally understandable cause we just dont know what will be come May but we can have something to look forward to next year. Glad tickets are good for next year  too and cant wait for Hanson Day 2021 as it will still be my first. 

Posted Mar 16, 2020   06:33:36 PM


Holly Snider / Conway, South Carolina, US

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*side-eyes other Holly for coughing* The news in the last couple of days had me feeling like this was inevitable, so disappointing as it is, I'm glad we all know and aren't waiting for an answer that we probably knew was coming anyway. It's better to be safe. Looking forward to whatever gets shared on the 6th!

Posted Mar 16, 2020   08:21:23 PM


Judy Ferrante / Conklin, NY, US

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Bummer for all the fans who were planning to attend, but wise decision considering what is going on in the world.  I can't wait for April 6th!

Be safe :-)

Posted Mar 16, 2020   09:24:19 PM

Adding to what people already said, but this will be for the best. I look forward to hearing the follow up.

Posted Mar 16, 2020   10:06:16 PM

I'm glad I reread it a few times because I thought it was only postponed a week. 

My initial thought was does this mean we don't get an EP this year, but it seems there's no reason why that won't happen. But, if everyone in the fanclub gets to experience the new music at the same time, that's a plus. First time that will have happened since 2014. I just kind of hope it won't a Yahoo stream whereby the whole world can hear new member music, but I'll calm down until 6 April. 

Posted Mar 17, 2020   12:00:35 AM

Dear Hanson, you can come to South Africa now -- I can organise that there are less than 100 people -- at least, that's the guideline set here by our president -- no gatherings of more than 100 people

Posted Mar 17, 2020   05:48:04 AM


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I know this had to have been a difficult announcement to make, even if we all knew it was coming. I'm looking forward to April 6th when we find out what you guys have up your sleeves.  You always somehow make the best of the worst -- lemonade out of lemons, and all that.  It will be epic, no doubt about it.

I'm leaving my money safe with you guys for Hanson Day 2021.  (Who wants to go through that ticket buying frenzy again if they don't have to?)  :)  ...And I'm hoping beyond hope that each and every one of us (band members, fans, families, everyone) gets through this with, if nothing else, a renewed sense of community... Stay safe!  <3<3<3

Posted Mar 17, 2020   08:29:32 AM

you took a very wise choice!

Posted Mar 17, 2020   08:31:33 AM

I was planning to attend HDay 2021 long before the corona crisis. Now I'm a little sad and afraid since this year's tickets will be honored for 2021 and they're almost sold out that I won't be able to attend any ticketed events next year. Are you maybe going to add additional tickets/events for 2021 so that even more people will be able to join HDay? And will the RSVP-date changed to a later date, like maybe May 1st 2021? This would be really nice, otherwise the reschedule of HDay 2020 to 2021 would mean no HDay 2021 for other fans. :/

Posted Mar 17, 2020   01:39:48 PM


Kate Lorenzon / Warminster, PA, US

Now THIS may seem like a silly question... but reservations we booked for the Fairfield through— will those be carried over to 2021 if we still plan on attending? Or will that be a separate issue that we need to handle through the hotel? 

Posted Mar 17, 2020   04:20:31 PM


Kate Lorenzon / Warminster, PA, US

Nevermind— I see now.  Stay healthy all! 

Posted Mar 17, 2020   08:08:31 PM

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As much as I was looking forward to going this May I think you made the best choice to wait till next year. The uncertainty of what will happen in the next few months stressful to everyone.  I look forward to what will be announced on April 6th.

Posted Mar 18, 2020   02:20:20 AM

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