HANSON: Summer Sun

Jun 10, 2021 | HANSON

With “Don’t Ever Change” released in the world, ready and waiting to start every summer playlist, we are officially shutting the studio down for summer vacation!
This time of year when the weather is hot and HANSON Day is behind us, we like to take some time for R&R and shift the focus from work to the things that keep us inspired year after year. Put the kids in the car/van/truck and drive to mom's chosen destination for some mandatory fun! If you are not so lucky to step away from your adulting this week  in search of life’s simple pleasures, take some joy imagining nearly every summer stereotype coming to life as we each buckle in, in search of warm water and family adventure.
No matter how you summer, we hope you will let us serenade and entertain you at one of our up coming concerts, either in person or online, but, until then don’t forget the sunblock.

Isaac, Taylor and Zac

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Kaylei Smith / Murfreesboro, Tennessee, US


Hope you guys enjoy your time off and with your families!  Hope you all have some great fun or trips planned too. My husband and I just got back from beautiful Grand Teton Mountains National Park and Yellowstone for our 10th anniversary. We got engaged at the Hidden Falls there in Jenny Lake 11 years ago. If you’ve never been you have to make some time to go one day. it is absolutely amazing there! Wish I was back on vacation already ?

Posted Jun 10, 2021   11:00:52 PM


Tabby Braden / Mexico, MO, US


So ready for July!! 😁

Posted Jun 10, 2021   06:09:17 PM


Amber Northweather / Belton, Missouri, US

Have a good summer y'all! Be safe! Overall have fun! ❤❤

Posted Jun 10, 2021   06:12:48 PM


Trinity Johnson / Cincinnati , Ohio, US


This weekly pic is perfection 🔥🤘🖤

Posted Jun 10, 2021   06:13:26 PM

Hope you guys have a wonderful summer! See you in September!

Posted Jun 10, 2021   06:13:41 PM


Sarah Gagnon / Amherst, Nova Scotia, CA


Posted Jun 10, 2021   07:41:18 PM

Be safe, have fun and make lots of memories!

Posted Jun 10, 2021   08:11:44 PM


Bronwyn Lee Huntbach / Melbourne , Victoria, AU

Enjoy your summer and time with your families Hanson and 3CG staff you all deserve a break 

Posted Jun 10, 2021   08:29:57 PM


Jenine Tepsa / Penticton, BC, CA

Have fun I can understand if we don't get if we don't get the monthly Podcasts

Posted Jun 10, 2021   10:05:45 PM


Kyra Groshans / Derby, KS, US

Have fun! Enjoy your much deserved time off! 

Posted Jun 10, 2021   10:52:07 PM


Jodee Wheeler / Salem, OR, US


Well deserved! Have fun and ENJOY!!

Posted Jun 10, 2021   10:53:54 PM

Enjoy your time off and time with your families! ☀️

Posted Jun 11, 2021   12:46:49 AM


Enjoy your vacation guys! 

Posted Jun 11, 2021   06:50:21 AM


Jennifer Newell / Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, CA



Posted Jun 11, 2021   07:04:26 AM


andrea slack / janesville, wi, US

Enjoy your much needed vacation. Have fun and be safe.. I'll see you guys in August at the iowa state fair.

Posted Jun 11, 2021   07:53:15 AM


Jaquaida Kinney / Tampa, Florida, US

I did all my vacations In April and May when everyone was scarred to go out of their houses. 🤣 now everyone wants to go on vacation. How funny is that. 

Posted Jun 11, 2021   08:44:24 AM


christine Easom / Newcastle , Staffordshire, GB

Happy Summer Holidays.

Posted Jun 11, 2021   09:02:17 AM


Kim Lloyd / Bowling Green, OH, US

8 1 1

Oh yeah, I'm in Myrtle Beach for the week and forgot the sunblock the first day. BAD IDEA.. my shoulders hate me still..

Posted Jun 11, 2021   11:37:50 AM


Kristen Nicolia / Erie, PA, US

It’s nice to take a break from adulting. Enjoy the summer! We all need to! ☀️ 🏖 🏀 

Posted Jun 11, 2021   07:01:26 PM


Barbara Timpani / Dover, New Jersey, US

1 3


Posted Jun 11, 2021   07:50:19 PM


Nath Piombo / Santiago, Metropolitana, CL


Sorry ! But here the Winter is coming 🤭🌧️🌧️🌧️

Posted Jun 11, 2021   09:07:33 PM

Enjoy your time off for the summer!

Posted Jun 13, 2021   10:11:32 AM


Melissa Eberle / Borden, Indiana, US


Hope you and your families have a safe and fun summer vacation! See you in August!

Posted Jun 15, 2021   10:53:32 AM

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