HANSON: In May We Can Share

Apr 08, 2021 | HANSON

It has been a crazy full week on so many fronts, as we put the final touches on both the new album, Against The World, and the 2021 Members Only EP, Crossroads. And it feels good to finally be finished. If you look around the studio, you would get the sense no one has been sleeping much these last few days between recording, audio mixing and infants… but we are leaning into the madness, as we so often do, we just love biting off more than we know how to chew. That’s why we are filming half a dozen music videos before the weekend. We know it is a little bit of a tease to say but not show what we are doing, but you only have to wait until May before you can see. 
Speaking of May and HANSON Day, we hope you are planning to join us for a great week of streaming events and concerts. There is something to enjoy every night of the week. All the events are streaming and yes, they are exclusively available to Hanson.net members. Other than the This Time Around Acoustic concert… they are all free! All you have to do is put it on your calendar and tune in.

  • 5 new songs from the 2021 Members EP Check
  • Making of documentary Check
  • 2021 original art gallery Check
  • HANSON Day concert Check
  • HANSON Time Podcast Check
  • This Time Around Acoustic Concert Check
  • Nightcap Check

We like to start our year with the band's anniversary in May, and we're looking forward to kicking it off right with all of you!
Isaac, Taylor and Zac


Forum Comments


Stephanie Hayes / Buffalo, NY, US

3 1

Can't wait!

Posted Apr 8, 2021   08:33:25 PM


Kaitlin Walbright / Reynoldsburg, OH, US

But where are you finding mountains in oklahoma?!

Posted Apr 8, 2021   03:44:16 PM


20 2

I'm so excited to hear Against the World...and the music video that I assume corresponds with its first single.

Posted Apr 8, 2021   03:44:26 PM


Candice Bagan / Sherwood Park, Alberta, CA

Just can’t wait 

Posted Apr 8, 2021   03:45:04 PM

oh my god yes you have made a album  i cant wait yess tour i hope to.

Posted Apr 8, 2021   03:47:19 PM


Michelle Munier / Hubert, NC, US

Cannot freakin wait guys!  Such a long time coming but all good things come to those who wait (are Fansons really that patient? 😂), cannot wait to hear all the new music & see the videos, streaming concerts (which hopefully can convert to actual ones!), and just that entire week in general!

Posted Apr 8, 2021   03:48:20 PM

1 1

Is it May yet? 😅 I just can't wait to hear all the new music.

Posted Apr 8, 2021   03:56:13 PM


Liliana Rodríguez Castro / Puerto Morelos, Quinta Roo, MX

Can't wait. I'm so excited 💜

Posted Apr 8, 2021   04:04:47 PM


Ashley Martinez / Colorado Springs, CO, US

I can’t wait for May😆😆😆

Posted Apr 8, 2021   04:10:17 PM

I can't wait for all of it!

Posted Apr 8, 2021   04:10:39 PM

Ooh yes! I just can’t wait!!!! 

Posted Apr 8, 2021   04:10:42 PM


Gemma Adams / Kent, Uk, GB

Can it be May now? Please.... 🙏 X

Posted Apr 8, 2021   04:11:47 PM

6 music videos and 5 EP songs....so also a video for the ATW single?!

Can't wait to see them all!

Posted Apr 8, 2021   04:13:45 PM


Aly Turner / Vancouver, WA, US

4 1

Omg how exciting! Can't wait! 

Posted Apr 8, 2021   04:19:24 PM


Minna Lindqvist / Turku, -, FI


All this news is making me giddy, it had been so strangely quiet for some weeks now! The video clip you posted with Zac and Isaac just really put a smile on my face as well - I can tell you're in the "do, go, be" mode over there!

Stephitz123, I noticed that too, six videos must mean one is for the new single! I have a feeling that's what they were referring to in the clip they posted. 

Posted Apr 8, 2021   04:33:16 PM


Carmelita Mariano / Sacramento, CA, US

I am beyond stoked for my first Hanson day! My college graduation gift to myself is  getting to enjoy Hanson the right way. I don't know how I went so long without experiencing all these great things. Hanson brings so much joy to my heart. Proud member over here! I get teary eyed just thinking of all of the hard times they got me through over the years.

Posted Apr 8, 2021   05:09:46 PM


Megan Kyle / China Grove, NC, US

In SOOOOOO EXCITED for the new music!!! Can it be May already though 😁

Posted Apr 8, 2021   05:17:06 PM


Amber Northweather / Belton, Missouri, US

I'm so excited! I Cant wait for New music! 

Posted Apr 8, 2021   05:20:11 PM


Camila de Vargas / Cachoeirinha, Rio Grande do Sul, BR

Can't wait! 😱❤😍

Posted Apr 8, 2021   05:22:58 PM


Looks like we got the better part of the bargain. That sounds like a lot of busy days and sleepless nights in order to get all those boxes checked and double-checked. I think the anticipation around here is growing as fast as those two new little bundles of joy! :)

Posted Apr 8, 2021   05:23:01 PM


Erin Johnston / Ellicott City, Maryland, US


So many things to look forward. Can't wait!

Posted Apr 8, 2021   05:36:44 PM


amanda grossmick / Pitman, NJ, US

I can not wait to hear everything you’ve been working on! I’m so excited!!

Posted Apr 8, 2021   06:19:35 PM


Nic Giraldo / Central Falls, RI, US


So excited! Can’t wait ☺️

Posted Apr 8, 2021   06:26:49 PM


Marina Benevides Savoia / Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo, BR

I have no words... 

Posted Apr 8, 2021   06:56:21 PM


Tatiana Goya Uehara Rodrigues / Rio de Janeiro, RJ, BR

Can't wait 😘😘😘

Posted Apr 8, 2021   07:08:33 PM

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