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Sep 17, 2020 | HANSON

What a week! More HTP, CBIB music videos, Nightcap streams officially announced and HNet Explorer is coming back in October!

Most of our work this week is focused on preparing for the coming streaming concert series for "Live and Electric Revisited”. It feels exciting to know we will be performing in front of a live audience after 8 months off. We know it's going to be 2021 before we can tour in a town near you, but it feel really good to know we can still share music together. In person tickets each month are very limited, but hope we can share the next best thing and you will invite us into your living room for a night of live music every month!

In case you missed it, yesterday we shared our fourth music videos for our 2020 Members EP Continental Breakfast In Bed, and this one was a long time in the making. Though the video for "Everyday” was simple enough to make, the song and so much of what makes the video special were created 14 years ago during Isaac’s wedding. The song is a love song of the lasting kind and the message is one every heart longs to hear.

If you're a Hanson.net member, make sure to checkout the Calendar section, as this week we announced four Members Only Nightcap streams, one following every Streaming Concert Series: October, November, December, and January. The streams will be live on Hanson.net, and all you need to do to watch is be an HNet member. As we get closer, we will invite the community to share their questions, and maybe even join the stream, but more on that later… Earlier this summer, we had an amazing month long scavenger hunt we called HNet Explorer. Every week we shared a hint and the members who followed the clues to the end had bragging rights all week, and a shiny new Pin to add to their collection. Well, we’re ready to play HNet Explorer again in October and we hope you will join us! RSVP in the calendar sections so we can know you plan to play and get ready for some digital treats!

Isaac Taylor and Zac


Forum Comments


Kaitlin Walbright / Columbus, OH, US


super excited for more clues i cant figure out and have to have my friends help me with lolololol

Posted Sep 17, 2020   03:53:46 PM

3 3

Lots to look forward to! Can’t wait! X 🥰🎤🎹🎸🥁🎼🥰

Posted Sep 17, 2020   03:54:27 PM


Laura Thorp / Owings Mills, Maryland, US

3 3 1

Ooh! Can't wait to see more of the scavenger hunt....hopefully more throwbacks 😎

Posted Sep 17, 2020   04:01:24 PM


Trinity Johnson / Cincinnati , Ohio, US


OMG there is going to be a pin with a pumpkin on it!? ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

Posted Sep 17, 2020   04:06:09 PM


Dionne McSweeney / Cork, Cork, IE

1 1

Love the video for everyday!! And can not wait for more exploring, the last one was so much fun. 

Posted Sep 17, 2020   04:10:12 PM

digital treats in these digital streets! 

happy to hear explorer is making a return. good good good. 

Posted Sep 17, 2020   04:28:26 PM


Kelli Cloud / Tazewell , Tennessee, US

3 2

Loves this video and thanks for making me cry today lol. Excited for everything thats coming! 

Posted Sep 17, 2020   04:28:29 PM


1 2

Oh I'm playing alright! It's fun and relaxing. Curious to see what you guys have come up with this time. 

Posted Sep 17, 2020   04:49:37 PM


Ivy McCarty / Louisville, Kentucky, US

3 3 1

At this time I would like to official thank the Hanson team for feeding my addiction. 😜

Posted Sep 17, 2020   04:59:52 PM


Candice Bagan / Sherwood Park, Alberta, CA


There’s are doing such an amazing job putting a lot of activities for us and making it enjoyable for people who can’t make it down there or people normally go down there you guys are doing such an amazing job I have to say thank you for your hard work

Posted Sep 17, 2020   05:27:51 PM


Jennifer Vaughan / New Braunfels, Texas, US

Woohooo! I’m SO excited for more HNet Explorer! So much to look forward to these next few months! 👏🎉😃

Posted Sep 17, 2020   06:10:14 PM


Holly Frees / Nashville, TN, US

So many fun things in October! This is why the 'bers are always the best months of the year. 🧡

Posted Sep 17, 2020   06:17:15 PM


Judy Ferrante / Conklin, NY, US

3 3

Scavenger hunt - Yay!    So much fun - thanks for bringing it back :-)

Thank for the wonderful video for Everyday - heartwarming and - yes - it brought on happy tears as it reminded me of my own wedding day!

Posted Sep 17, 2020   07:54:28 PM

Yay - so effectively I'll see two streams :) -- but planning, depending on the theme, on getting the entire set of streams in January

Posted Sep 17, 2020   09:03:16 PM


Katie Stevens / Minnetonka , Minnesota , US


I am excited nightcap!

Posted Sep 17, 2020   10:46:53 PM



So much to look forward too! Thank you guys ☺️

Posted Sep 18, 2020   01:54:06 AM

wow ! that sounds to me like a surprise party to be happening every month here! there is so much happening right now and it feels great! so glad HNet Explorer is back! i'm ready for some more fan! 👍👍

Posted Sep 18, 2020   07:07:56 AM


Megan Kyle / CONCORD, NC, US

3 2

So excited for more scavenger hunt clues

Loved the video for Everyday. Made me tear  up. Such a beautiful song. 

Posted Sep 18, 2020   08:38:25 AM


Carrie Nairn / Hagerstown , Maryland , US


Looking forward to everything 

Posted Sep 18, 2020   10:23:45 AM



Looking forward to the explorer 

Posted Sep 18, 2020   11:36:39 AM

"Everyday" is such a beautiful song. Isaac you have such a timeless, classic voice, truly beautiful :) Thank you for sharing it with your fans :)

Posted Sep 18, 2020   02:07:01 PM

"Everyday" is such a beautiful song. Isaac you have such a timeless, classic voice, truly beautiful :) Thank you for sharing it with your fans :)

Posted Sep 18, 2020   02:07:01 PM


Anna Younce / Escondido, California, US

Thanks y'all for taking such good care of us ❤️

Posted Sep 18, 2020   02:52:52 PM


Sue Butler / Machynlleth, Powys, GB

3 1

There is so much to look forward to! HTPs, more scavenger hunts, Streaming Concerts. Thanks to everyone for the hard work you are putting in. Hanson.net, is my go to for a shot of enjoyment, music and calm in this strange world we live ☺️

Thank you Isaac and Nikki for sharing with us your beautiful wedding song, the joyful video speaks volumes. 

Posted Sep 18, 2020   03:15:34 PM

i cant wait yes hanson you make us all happye.

Posted Sep 18, 2020   03:40:37 PM

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