HANSON: Feels Good To Be Live

Nov 05, 2020 | HANSON

This last month seems to have come and gone in a flash and today we will be starting our second streaming concert series with a concert at 7PM CT! We have spent the better part of the last week rehearsing and putting together the set list. Though hotly contested, it has been a much needed exercise in choosing your favorite dessert. Goldminer, Young And Dumb, Something Loud, there are so many songs we love but have rarely played, and this weekend these lesser known songs will be taking center stage. Every month we have a new streaming concert series, and every series has a new musical theme. November’s theme is "Perennial Live, the music of Hanson.net”.
Looking back just a few weeks at our October concerts, it’s so clear they were a much needed antidote to the melancholy of 2020. Taking the stage again today to share music is such a treat for us, and getting to do it with an in person audience (however small) is very special. We are heading into this weekend feeling like 2020 is turning the corner. We hope a little live music makes you feel the same way, too.
In other news, make sure to join us on Hanson.net for a Members Only Nightcap stream on Sunday November 8th at 7PM CT. We will be hanging out, taking questions, solving the world's problems and talking music live from 3CG… it’s gonna be fun!

Isaac, Taylor and Zac


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Michelle Munier / Hubert, NC, US

Loved last months stream and so looking for to tonight’s and the coming months! 🙌🏼

Posted Nov 5, 2020   06:05:39 PM


Liliana Rodríguez Castro / Puerto Morelos, Quinta Roo, MX

See you guys from Mexico 🇲🇽 tonight 💜✨

Posted Nov 5, 2020   06:16:31 PM


LeeAnn Valcarcel / Fayetteville, NC, US

2 1 1

Woo hoo! Need a bright spot today. And this is definitely it! Can't wait to hear this stuff LIVE!!!! 

Posted Nov 5, 2020   06:19:51 PM


Kelsey Wetmore / Greensburg, PA, US

Tonight's will be my only showd for this month's streams, but I'm excited for it! :)

Posted Nov 5, 2020   06:20:15 PM


Kandice Blades / WACO, TX, US

Loved it last month, and I am exciting for everything this month! ❤️😍 

Thank you!

Posted Nov 5, 2020   06:26:20 PM


Deanna Raymond / Dayton, Nevada, US



Posted Nov 5, 2020   06:35:38 PM


Deanna Raymond / Dayton, Nevada, US


🤩 I can't WAIT for you to solve the world's problems! I'll be there, on the edge of my seat, taking notes... 🤔 

Posted Nov 5, 2020   06:37:23 PM

I'm so excited! This year has been crap, and your music has helped me through it all! Less than 20 minutes to watching a concert in my PJs!

Posted Nov 5, 2020   06:44:23 PM


lorena rodriguez / Buceo, Montevideo, UY

Thank You for this streamings! Ready to enjoy it from home 🇺🇾💕

Posted Nov 5, 2020   06:50:35 PM

So ready to go to bed 😅

Posted Nov 5, 2020   06:58:40 PM

Thank you 💖💖💖🎵🎶

Posted Nov 5, 2020   07:28:01 PM


Kelli Cloud / Tazewell , Tennessee, US

Thank you and so ready for all these!! Love these shows! 

Posted Nov 5, 2020   08:29:24 PM

Thank you! I actually broke down crying part way through. For a few minutes I was a child again, enjoying your music. It's been a part of my life for more than 23 years!

Posted Nov 5, 2020   08:36:51 PM


Anna Jackson / Spencer, WI, US

Thanks Hanson for another great concert stream, to help break-up this whole pandemic life we're living in and also from all the stress from the current Presidential election. 

Posted Nov 5, 2020   08:47:04 PM

Loved the show tonight! My 5 year old son was doing somersaults and spin moves all around the living room!  Seeing you all on the Cain’s stage brought back so many great memories! We really needed the distraction and inspiration! 🌻🤗

Posted Nov 5, 2020   08:47:08 PM


Aly Turner / Vancouver, WA, US


What a great show tonight! It will feel so good when we can gather again and enjoy the music together. But I would ether have a live stream then no music at all. Thank you guys for putting this together. Music always is always the answer <3

Posted Nov 5, 2020   08:51:57 PM


christine Easom / Newcastle , Staffordshire, GB

That was a lot of fun. Thank you. 

Posted Nov 5, 2020   08:53:08 PM


Judy Ferrante / Conklin, NY, US


Fabulous  Perennial  livestream tonight!  Thank you❤🧡💛  see you all tomorrow  for #2!

Posted Nov 5, 2020   08:54:38 PM


Kathleen Leitch / Caloundra West, QLD, AU

LOVED IT!!! Will have to replay it later when my kids are home from school to party with me....hahaha gotta love these concerts in 2020!

Posted Nov 5, 2020   09:01:15 PM


Jaquaida Kinney / Tampa, Florida, US

5 1

Good show

Posted Nov 5, 2020   09:13:20 PM


Sarah Daniel / Madison , WI, US

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Thank you so much it was so fun I’m hoping to see u next month live with friends 

Posted Nov 5, 2020   09:15:39 PM

I really enjoyed this show with all the members songs. Looking forward to tomorrow for more.

Posted Nov 5, 2020   10:56:36 PM


Trinity Johnson / Cincinnati , Ohio, US


Feels so good to be here and with two shows to go 😻

Posted Nov 6, 2020   01:28:14 AM

1 1 1 1

Last months shows were great. 

And I enjoyed lasts night even more too even though I am feeling it this morning as it was at 1am here. Worth it though. 

Can't wait again for tonight to watch with my daughters who are 7 and 3. x

Posted Nov 6, 2020   01:49:29 AM

Absolutely fabulous! Thank you so much for the concert last night. It was so refreshing and I'm now playing young and dumb on repeat. Concert reminded of so many songs that I don't usually listen. Loved it loved it loved. THANK YOU!

Posted Nov 6, 2020   08:23:08 AM

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