Kelsey Wetmore / Greensburg, PA, US

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Hi there! I am Kelsey and I have loved Hanson since 2010 (and also in 1997 with their hit song MMMBOP) with their release of Shout It Out!

It has been a long ride since then with 4 concerts under my belt.

ANTHEM tour, MOE tour, and the String Theory tour.

Live Stream tour 2020-2021: Live and Electric twice! Perennial once! Christmas Ball once! Listeners Choice once!

Back to the Island 2021 Livestream attendee! My first virtual Hanson Day happened during May 2021!

2022 Hanson Time Podcast Reporter for Write You A Song Episode!

My first local show and 4th Hanson concert happened on July 26th, 2022!!

I love this band for many reasons, but their music and visual art are without a doubt #1!

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