H.net Explorer Week 4 Hint!

Jul 28, 2020 | HANSON

Thank you so much to all the members who have played along with us these past three weeks. We have one more Hint for you, and one more Pin to collect. We hope it has been a blast, and we look forward to playing again in the future. All throughout July we have invited Hanson.net member to join us in a online scavenger hunt we call it H.net Explorer, and this is our final week of the game.


 5,475 days, if a year has 365, is how long our human metronome would have been alive. This day we recorded an album unheard, now you get a taste but shhhhh mums the word


  1. Every Tuesday in July we will post a new hint right here in the Hanson.net Blog.
  2. If you can follow the bread crumbs, and take the right actions you will be awarded a brand new shiny Pin for your display case.
  3. Each Pin will only be available for one week, Tuesday through Monday.
  4. Pins are only awarded to Hanson.net members.
  5. Members are encouraged to work together to find the answer each week. 
  6. Some weeks will have one step, others more.
  7. Some Pins will be awarded in batches manually Once a day, or as quickly as possible based on member activity.

NOTE: All refrences to time in any hints are based off of Tulsa Time, or US, CT Zone

This week may not be the hardest hint, but it has a sweet suprise at the end as a little extra thank you for all the many members who have shared in the game this month! Thanks for playing! Good Luck!

Forum Comments


Rachel Gallegos / Moreno Valley, California , US

Some people already figure it out lol

Posted Jul 28, 2020   03:44:41 AM


Ivy McCarty / Louisville, Kentucky, US

2 1 3 3 3 3

😭😭😭 I got the pin for this week and before the clue went up. It was too fast! I am going to miss the scavenger hunt, but hopefully it is ending for something new to start. 

Posted Jul 27, 2020   10:45:51 PM


Zac Hanson / Tulsa, Oklahoma, US

Yap they did... it was not supose to be hard...  just fun.

Posted Jul 27, 2020   10:46:15 PM

just got it. not hard, but definitely a beautiful surprise. appreciate that. 

Posted Jul 27, 2020   10:47:44 PM


Delainie Heinzen / Milwaukee, WI, US

1 5

awww man. does it have to end so soon??? so much fun. we should keep doing it all through august!

Posted Jul 27, 2020   10:49:06 PM


Candice Bagan / Sherwood Park, Alberta, CA

I need some help what do I do

Posted Jul 27, 2020   10:51:51 PM


Ryann Austin / Sacramento, Ca, US

1 3

I need help me with this.. what I’m do?

Posted Jul 27, 2020   10:53:07 PM


Rachel Gallegos / Moreno Valley, California , US

It was a lot of fun going to miss these for me late Monday night get togethers to solve clues

Posted Jul 27, 2020   10:54:08 PM


Lauren Hagan / Pocahontas, Illinois, US

Hope there's something fun in store for August! Love having a little something to look forward to each week. 

Posted Jul 27, 2020   10:54:22 PM


Lauren Sass / Owings Mills, MD, US

Mmmaths + 🥁🥳= 😁

Posted Jul 27, 2020   10:54:35 PM


Arielle Marcum / Enterprise, Oregon, US

I went to July 2019 but found nothing relating to an album on that dah...am I on the right track with going to the archive?

Posted Jul 27, 2020   10:56:06 PM


Candice Bagan / Sherwood Park, Alberta, CA

Totally lost can someone please help me

Posted Jul 27, 2020   10:57:03 PM


Lauren Sass / Owings Mills, MD, US

Arielle- right place at the wrong time. 

Posted Jul 27, 2020   10:58:43 PM

1 1 1

I need help.  What do you have to do?

Posted Jul 27, 2020   11:01:06 PM


Candice Bagan / Sherwood Park, Alberta, CA

Is there anyone be able to help me out I don’t know what I’m putting look for

Posted Jul 27, 2020   11:02:38 PM


Arielle Marcum / Enterprise, Oregon, US

Also I subtracted those two numbers and got 5110..is this a clue?

Posted Jul 27, 2020   11:02:47 PM


Ivy McCarty / Louisville, Kentucky, US

2 1 3 3 3 3

5475 ÷ 365 = 15

Find what Zac was doing on his 15th bday.

Posted Jul 27, 2020   11:04:05 PM


Kristin Moore / Tulsa, OK, US

Well that was fun 😋

Posted Jul 27, 2020   11:05:32 PM


Rachel Gallegos / Moreno Valley, California , US

Can I say as someone who just had their birthday I love the look of this pin. 

Posted Jul 27, 2020   11:06:26 PM


Vanessa Evans / Cincinnati, Ohio, US

This has just been so much fun. I am going to miss doing this every week!! Thanks for being so amazing guys!!!  

Posted Jul 27, 2020   11:07:34 PM


Lisa Williams-Harris / Toronto, Ontario, CA


haha I have no idea what it is yet...

Posted Jul 27, 2020   11:08:34 PM


Kylie Haymaker / Falls Church, Virginia, US


Holy moly this sound sounds so good. And it's so weird to know that 2000 is 20 years ago.

Posted Jul 27, 2020   11:08:45 PM


Belinda Ray / Eaglehawk, Victoria, AU

this is extra special... it was my first Hanson concert ... I HAVE THE FEELS!!

Posted Jul 27, 2020   11:10:54 PM


Jaquaida Kinney / Tampa, Florida, US

I don’t even know how old zac is 🤷🏽‍♀️

Posted Jul 27, 2020   11:11:54 PM


Heather Bynum / Snead, Alabama, US


I am sad it’s over. 

this has been so much fun! 

Posted Jul 27, 2020   11:12:02 PM

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