HANSON: Independence Day!

Jul 03, 2024 | Hanson

Happy Independence Day to all of you! In addition to the traditional celebration of the birth of the United States, we like to craft into July 4th our own celebration of independence. For the past 20 years we have been forging our path as a band on our own tiny independent label, and though it has not been perfect, it has played a huge role in forming us into the band we are today. Our coming fall tour is in part a way for us to celebrate these past two decades, in the best way we know how, with music at the forefront.
We hope you have an epically long weekend filled with food, friends, fireworks, gratitude, and thanksgiving for all that is good and worthy of this celebration of independence and perseverance! Look for a brand new HTP Podcast this week, as well as our Summer Explorer scavenger hunt starting next week for all Hanson.net members.
Isaac, Taylor and Zac


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Heather Bolton / Portland, Oregon, US

Have an amazing 4th everyone! Love that the newsletter has Andrew and D too, brought a big smile to my face.

Posted Jul 3, 2024   08:34:51 PM


Melissa Roach / Ogden, UT, US


Happy Independence Day to Hanson and all of you other Hanson fans out there! I hope you all have a safe and great one! 💥🎆🎇🇺🇸

Posted Jul 3, 2024   08:36:34 PM


Bronwyn Lee Huntbach / Melbourne, Victoria, AU

Wishing everyone in America a Happy 4th July 

Posted Jul 3, 2024   08:49:50 PM


Have a safe and happy 4th everyone! 

Posted Jul 3, 2024   08:52:21 PM


Kelsey Wetmore / Greensburg, PA, US

9 1

My birthday is on Friday!

The 5th of July. Turning 34! 😆 

Would be awesome to see who won Hanson tour tickets from Bandsintown!! 

Happy Birthday America!! 🎂 ✨️🎉

Posted Jul 3, 2024   09:19:49 PM


Rosa Torres / Norman, OK, US

We're all so thankful for your fearless resolve to step into the unknown and taking that big leap of faith. Nothing beats being able to construct and forge your own way forward, on your own terms and being the "captain" behind that endeavor. 

Cheers to everyone having a great weekend and staying safe! 

Posted Jul 3, 2024   09:27:05 PM


Carrie Keener / Mandan, North Dakota, US

One of many things I love about Hanson is that they had belief in themselves, and their music, to do things on their own. I'm so glad as Hanson fans, we've been able to enjoy so many decades of beautiful music. Happy Independence Day to everyone! 

Posted Jul 3, 2024   09:56:52 PM


Kaitlin Walbright / Reynoldsburg, OH, US

07.06.03 forever and ever amen

Posted Jul 3, 2024   11:54:25 PM


Nathalia Felix / Orlando, FL, US

2 1

Happy 4th guys!!! 🎇

Posted Jul 4, 2024   12:34:52 AM

Happy 4th of July to you all!  🎉🥳🎉

I’ll be celebrating in the UK as it’s my birthday today! 🎉🥳🎂🎉

Posted Jul 4, 2024   05:16:37 AM


Christina Robles / New Philadelphia, PA, US


Happy 4th of July everyone 

Posted Jul 4, 2024   05:56:25 AM


Jenifer Ann / Perth, Western Australia, AU

Happy July 4th everyone ❤️🤍💙

Posted Jul 4, 2024   08:52:07 AM


Kimberly Wilson / Austin, Texas, US

Have a happy, safe, and relaxing 4th of July everyone.

Posted Jul 4, 2024   08:52:48 AM


Erika Kurto / São Paulo, SP, BR

I love fireworks 🤩 Happy 4th for you guys!

Posted Jul 4, 2024   09:11:13 AM


Andrea Hardy / Rindge, NH, US

Happy 4th ❤️🤍💙🎉

Posted Jul 4, 2024   10:19:11 AM


Dianna Wescott / Grove, OK, US

Happy 4th of July! Be safe and have fun! 🎆❤️🤍💙

Posted Jul 4, 2024   12:08:04 PM


Happy 4th!! :)

Posted Jul 4, 2024   12:50:17 PM


Juliana Berteges Schmitt / Dallas, Texas, US


Happy 4th of July y'all!!! 

Posted Jul 4, 2024   01:35:05 PM


Ashley Pesek / Tacoma, Washington, US

Happy 4 of July guys hope you and u family have the best day with u family and friends. Looking forward to the HTP podcast and the summer sacanvger hunt.❤️💚💙

Posted Jul 4, 2024   01:38:36 PM


Natalie Struck / Saskatoon, SK, CA

Ooooh I got a birthday pin for being here on MY BIRTHDAY! I didn't even know that was a thing haha. Thank you guys for all you do in keeping your music in our ears. Happy 4th to you! Cheers!

Posted Jul 4, 2024   06:21:23 PM

If people get a chance, I hope you can watch the video of Frederick Douglass’s descendants reading his speech “What to a Slave is the Fourth of

Posted Jul 4, 2024   09:34:36 PM


Posted Jul 4, 2024   09:34:57 PM

Happy independence to Hanson and 3CG Records! 🎉🎇

Posted Jul 5, 2024   01:08:02 AM


Fanny Poppy / Paris, Ile de france, FR

Happy 4th of July from Paris, Enjoy your loved ones. 

Posted Jul 5, 2024   02:16:03 AM

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