HANSON: Pink Moonlight's Out!

Jun 27, 2024 | Hanson

The big news this week is Pink Moonlight Hazy IPA is officially out in the world! We are inviting people to come try the beer tomorrow night at Bishop Quigley's in Tulsa, but even if you can’t join us there, you can now find it is for sale in Oklahoma and Illinois, though in limited quantities. If you like what you taste, or just live somewhere it’s not yet available, we plan to bring Pink Moonlight as well as Mmmhops to every stop on the upcoming Underneath Experience Tour, so look for it at show this fall. Big thanks to all the fans you came out to see us at Summerfest; what a great time, and what perfect summer weather.  More soon!
Isaac, Taylor and Zac


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Raisa Rochael / Rio de Janeiro, Rj, BR

I wish I was in Tulsaaa :(

Posted Jun 27, 2024   04:15:17 PM


Silvia Andretta / Curitiba, Paraná, BR


Posted Jun 27, 2024   04:16:35 PM


Brittany McGinnes / Springfield, MO, US

Today hasn’t been great at work. Almost worth calling in tomorrow to make the trip to Tulsa and share another Pink Moonlight with you guys 🩷🩵

Posted Jun 27, 2024   04:18:40 PM


Marina Benevides Savoia / Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo, BR

I love the original Pink Moonlight 💗  so I'm looking forward to trying it

Posted Jun 27, 2024   04:26:30 PM


Looking forward to having a Pink Moonlight & to finally try Mmmhops in October!! 🍻

Posted Jun 27, 2024   04:32:46 PM


Ashley Pesek / Tacoma, Washington, US

I'd love to be in Tulsa to share some good tunes and beer with you guys so when you guys say the world that does mean everywhere at some point right? Great photo of you both looking so handsome and happy ❤️💚❤️💚

Posted Jun 27, 2024   04:41:06 PM


Carrie Keener / Mandan, North Dakota, US

Can't wait to try it on tour. See you guys in October! 

Posted Jun 27, 2024   04:59:02 PM

Lo linda que te queda esa remera Tay!!! <3

Nice t-shirt Tay! Love it! <3

Posted Jun 27, 2024   05:03:25 PM

Lovely picture,lovely big smiles 😃 💙💙

Posted Jun 27, 2024   05:22:20 PM


Missy Buckman / Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin, US

Best beer in the nation 

Posted Jun 27, 2024   05:35:26 PM


Dianna Wescott / Grove, OK, US

I have a Promotional event and special band playing that I have to take care of otherwise I'd totally be there!

Posted Jun 27, 2024   06:18:23 PM

love u guys tay hot sxy ghyu wow cannot wait yehh pink moonlight beer yeh toronto to yeh yes

Posted Jun 27, 2024   07:10:57 PM


Christina Robles / New Philadelphia, PA, US


One more day hope we all enjoy new beer pink moonlight beer whoo hoo I wait to try it 

Posted Jun 27, 2024   09:01:44 PM

That's an interesting shade of pink

Posted Jun 27, 2024   09:27:22 PM


cheers! are you bringing some tasting samples to the Slot festival? asking for a friend.. literally :D any chance you could bring also Gypsy's iced latte? :D

Posted Jun 28, 2024   08:14:14 AM


Lindos <3

Posted Jun 28, 2024   11:54:16 AM

Wishing I was in Tulsa sooooo much right now! But excited to try some of this and (FINALLY) MMMHops in October! ☺️🍻💖 SO happy that the beers are being brought to all the tour stops

Posted Jun 28, 2024   12:25:30 PM


Janaína Pessoa / Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, BR


Posted Jun 28, 2024   02:53:28 PM

Petu, thanks for asking, haha! I can see that vision in my mind now, the guys entering the stage with a few four-packs of cold Pink Moonlight 😋 A girl can dream...

Posted Jun 29, 2024   03:20:12 AM


Emily Branch / CHESTERFIELD, Virginia, US

1 1

I'm so excited to try them both in October! I love craft beer and Hanson!

Posted Jul 1, 2024   06:36:07 AM


Thanks again for coming to Summerfest! We loved having you here in Milwaukee, under the Strawberry Moon. We just might have to take a trip to Illinois later this month to find some Pink Moonlight. (It’s not like we don’t have any other reason for going there.) 😉

P.S. We still have some empty cans from the first version. 

Posted Jul 1, 2024   09:50:44 AM

I hope these babies will still be available in December for the Christmas shows! Can’t wait to sample. 🪩🎄🍻

Posted Jul 2, 2024   09:45:21 AM


Nichole Talarczyk / Plano, Texas, US

i hope this spills into texas soon!

Posted Jul 3, 2024   09:44:10 AM


Kristen Mentasti / Odenton, MD, US


So proud of these guys. Since 1997–🫶🫶🫶

Posted Jul 3, 2024   07:12:44 PM

This is awesome!

Posted Jul 8, 2024   08:01:05 PM

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