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Jan 11, 2024 | HANSON

Well there is not a lot to say other than WOW, what a great week we had In Jamaica! From all the people we talked to it was universally a great, much needed escape, maybe one of the best BTTI’s ever, but we truly hope that was true for any and everyone who attended. Like all years, we tried to bring back the best parts from years past, and add a little bit of never before seen to the mix. We always make a great effort not to repeat any songs (other than Back To The Island) which means more than 100 different songs were played, as well as a lot of games! Huge thank you to everyone who attended, and also to our crew and the Island Gigs staff for the countless hours of work to make everything run smoothly. This week in Oklahoma we will see temperatures around negative three… it’s enough to make us already long for the island sun…. brrrrrrrrrr.
Look for a new BTTI themed Episode of HTP in the media player this Friday!
Isaac, Taylor and Zac


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Kelsey Wetmore / Greensburg, PA, US

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Welcome home!

One day! <3

Posted Jan 11, 2024   04:06:21 PM


Brianna Holmes / Mohave Valley, AZ, US

It was our first year attending BTTI and we had an absolute blast. We stayed at the Bahia. Met some amazing people and made new friends. We will definitely be back! Thank you for all you do for us fans. It was fun kicking off 2024 with with Everyone.

Posted Jan 11, 2024   04:12:40 PM


Lisa Conner / BROKEN ARROW, OK, US


This was my very first back to the Island, and it was everything I expected it to be and more. I laughed, I cried, I saw all my friends, and had an amazing time. I will definitely be back in 2025! It was so worth me conquering my fear of flying to get on those airplanes to come to the island. Love you guys, let's all try not to freeze to death in Oklahoma this weekend LOL


Posted Jan 11, 2024   04:15:53 PM


Brittany Freeman / Harrisonburg, LA, US


Thanks for another great week. I'm already anticipating next year :)

Posted Jan 11, 2024   04:20:58 PM


Yulia Bogomolova / Wadhurst, East Sussex, GB

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It was too good to be true. The setlists were brilliant, I was gasping at the first notes so often, looking at my friends - can you hear what they are about to play?

Thank you for these unforgettable memories.

And thank you, Zac, for leaving your hair intact. (Forever and ever) Amen. 

Posted Jan 11, 2024   04:21:38 PM


Kaitlin Walbright / Reynoldsburg, OH, US

Year 9 here

This was honestly the best. I love and adore every single one for various reasons, but there was something about this one. and i think i can pinpoint it too: you guys were more at ease because your (clearly) best band friends were there. it was so cute and beautiful to see. 

Thank you for every second of every island, but double for this one. 

Posted Jan 11, 2024   04:25:49 PM

It gets better every year. Thank you guys, love you so much! ✨💖

Posted Jan 11, 2024   04:31:37 PM


6 5

Even whilst injured I had the best time ever. Friendship, community, joy, laughter, music, crying, stick dancing. Thank you guys. Can’t wait for 2025 ❤️🎼🏝️

Posted Jan 11, 2024   04:35:59 PM


Giovanna Santo / São Caetano do Sul SP, SP, BR

I followed brazilian fan lives from afar. Definitely on my bucketlist!

Posted Jan 11, 2024   04:53:27 PM


NILENE RAMOS / florence, florence, IT

Can’t wait for next year!! Btti addicted 

Posted Jan 11, 2024   05:06:12 PM


Amanda Shambaugh / Ashland, OH, US

Seriously had THE BEST time ever! The best concerts ever, the best of friends, everything! 

Posted Jan 11, 2024   05:09:20 PM

 It has quickly become my favorite trip of the year. I look forward to it all year long! Can’t wait until 2025 to do it again. 

Posted Jan 11, 2024   05:17:25 PM

First BTTI and it was incredible. Thanks for playing our requests Taylor (Every Word I Say) and Isaac for fulfilling Lauren's bucket list with Smile. My favorite part aside from the concerts was Family Feud. I laughed so hard, Ike and Tay are hilarious hosts.  It would be fun to get all three hosting, maybe one year! I missed Zaccidental gamer so hopefully next time I can catch it. Love you guys, you're the best!! 

Posted Jan 11, 2024   06:35:39 PM


Megan Kyle / China Grove, NC, US

This was my 3rd year and seriously the best one, hands down! I never want to leave the island.  I may not be in the negatives here in NC but it's cold enough for me to say "f this, take me back to Jamaica" while getting out of my car at work Wednesday morning, getting hit with a blast of cold wind 🤣 BTTI is seriously one of the best vacations ever and I look forward to doing it again in 2025 with friends ✌️💜🎶

The dance party was off the chain this year.. but seriously,  can we maybe do it the second to last day next year because that traveling day was brutal after a night of partying and no sleep 😂🎉🏝🇯🇲

Posted Jan 11, 2024   08:43:44 PM


Barbara Timpani / Dover, New Jersey, US

I had an incredible week spending quality time with the best friends one could ever dream of having, to making new ones ... all the staff at Jewel Paradise Cove and Island Gigs have become friends over the past three years.  Adventuring to Trelawny and meeting my Jamaican Orthodox Church family, beautiful Hanson moments, and laughs with AMMM, my heart is full!  Until next time ... Shout out to my husband, Dominic for understanding my love for Hanson adventures and all they entail.  He's the best xx!

Posted Jan 11, 2024   08:59:21 PM


Lana Couto / Brasília, DF, BR

That was amazing days of the sun and a such beautiful musics in the show. Your are lovely guys and I’m very proud to be your fan . Happy winter ❄️ 

Posted Jan 11, 2024   09:52:00 PM


Nathalia Felix / Orlando, FL, US

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I wasn't there, but I felt like it was the best ever! =D

Posted Jan 12, 2024   02:01:49 AM


amanda grossmick / Pitman, NJ, US

I was only supposed to go once last year, here I am looking forward to a 3rd one in 2025! It’s seriously the best time ever, this little fandom is elite and I love being a part of it!! 

Posted Jan 12, 2024   07:34:11 AM

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The best holiday for a Hanson fan, I had only ever dreamed of all these shows. You guys did great, special thanks to Taylor for fullfilling Maegan's and my musical requests, Semi Hollow and We Belong Together. It was so cool to meet so many friends from the States who I will stay in touch with. Especially Maegan with whom we get along so well and we immediately trusted each other, me from Italy and her from Virginia to be able to book the room.

Posted Jan 12, 2024   07:42:10 AM


Paola Rizzato / Glasgow, Scotland, GB

12 7

Thank you for some excellent shows, with great setlists and great energy. I'm looking forward to whatever new project is in the works this year!

Posted Jan 12, 2024   07:50:40 AM


Alexandra Boocock / Wakefield, West Yorkshire, GB

What an amazing way to kick off 2024!! This was my first (but hopefully not my last) year and I can honestly say that even with 7 flights and countless hours sleeping on airport floors, it was still worth every second! Chatting to the brothers was lovely and AMMM have a new fan in my husband and I.

Thank you Isaac, Taylor, Zac and the whole team!

Posted Jan 12, 2024   08:34:28 AM

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What an amazing time! I can’t wait til the next one!!

Posted Jan 12, 2024   10:38:45 AM


Kasia Frasik / Kraków, malopolska, PL


Really enjoyed the setlists! During the last concert I felt like you have played all songs we asked for during the Busted tour - like the Rollercoaster Love that I requested! Thank you - really enjoyed all the shows!

Posted Jan 15, 2024   10:36:04 AM


Rejane Vial / Rio de Janeiro, RJ, BR

6 3

The best way to start a new year: beach + music + friends. I had the best of times. Thank you, guys!

Posted Jan 15, 2024   03:20:39 PM

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