Oct 12, 2023 | HANSON

Today the hours are starting to line up with the sunlight as we get acclimated to the time change on the other side of the water back in the USA. Still resonating in our jet lagged bodies is the warm reflection on a great run of concerts across the UK. For an entire month we were honored to share the stage with new friends Busted as they celebrated 20 years of being a band. Having been spoiled with so few times in our career where we were not headlining the night, we had plenty of questions about how this particular outing would play out but each night we were buoyed by the great response from fans old and new and in no small part encouraged by the welcome reception from the band expressing their earnest appreciation for our participation in the tour. We will say it again for sure, but as we are fresh on the heals of this run we most definitely are sending out a heartfelt thanks to James, Matt and Charlie for making us feel welcome and bringing a lot of joy to many fans throughout this great tour both together and apart. 
We have more videos and snapshots to reflect on the final week coming up soon, but we are happy to spoil the ending for those that did not get to join us in person. It was a great run and one that has us excited for the next time we get to return to the island across the pond. 
Thanks for listening.

Isaac, Taylor and Zac


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Grace Grutter / Rockford, MI, US


It looked like an epic tour! So happy for you all! See you in the UP soon ❤️

Posted Oct 12, 2023   05:24:54 PM


Roseanna Clarkin / Clydebank, Scotland, GB


Loved every minute of it.  Sad it's over.  Thank you ❤️

Posted Oct 12, 2023   05:34:17 PM


Natalie Valente / London, England, GB


All the shows I’ve been on this tour in London were amazing! So many good moments, great songs, meeting old and new friends, m&g…you’re truly the best! Thanks for coming to the UK! Thanks for being so nice, kind and generous to us fans! And come back soon! We already miss you! 🇬🇧❤️💚💙

Posted Oct 12, 2023   05:36:52 PM


Yulia Bogomolova / Wadhurst, East Sussex, GB

2 4

I got emotional reading this newsetter. Thank you for everything you give to us, you are so precious. We are missing you here.

Posted Oct 12, 2023   05:48:24 PM


Sarah Evans / Brixton, London, GB



Posted Oct 12, 2023   05:49:26 PM



Thank you for everything, especially for coming back to Dublin. That night was a night I’ll never forget for so many reasons, I appreciate you guys so much ❤️

Posted Oct 12, 2023   06:14:30 PM


Sarah Lampard / Hull, East Riding Of Yorkshire, GB


Thank you so much for coming and putting so much effort into meeting so many fans! It was brilliant getting to watch you in Bridlington and Nottingham, and finally getting to meet you after 26 years, and getting photos with you twice! 

I’ve met some lovely people on this tour too, which was a massive bonus!

I can’t wait until you return! Hopefully soon!

Posted Oct 12, 2023   06:32:48 PM

thank u guy

Posted Oct 12, 2023   07:49:00 PM


3 1

Thanks for sharing! Looks like you might’ve had a bit o’ fun across the pond. 😉

Posted Oct 12, 2023   10:06:28 PM

1 1 1

It was exciting to visit Ireland to see you in Dublin and Belfast. Thank you guys for the nice emotions. It's all unforgettable

Posted Oct 13, 2023   01:15:09 AM


Paola Rizzato / Glasgow, Scotland, GB

12 7 6

Thank you for coming! I must confess that I was sceptical at first - of course, I knew Busted (they were HUGE in the UK 20 years ago) but they were never my thing (although, I did like Charlie's solo nu-metal project, Fightstar). I thought it would all be a bit like the MOE tour with a short setlist of greatest hits, and then a long slog throuh Busted's set.

As it turned out, you switched up the setlist a bit every night and not only that - you looked totally in your element in big arenas, running around the catwalk. Busted were really good live and I ended up enjoying their sets a lot. I will certainly follow them from now on - their later, more mature work and their latest single are really different from their earlier songs (there is only so much I can take about teenage boys fantasies about their school teacher). 

I was only going to do 4 shows, but I ended up adding two more at the end, because frankly it was worth it. Now I wish I had done even more but - boy, arena tours are expensive (I hope the next tour will be back to medium size venues).

This tour deserves a full blog post, which I will try to write, but the spoiler is - you guys looked revitalised. I wonder if not having the responsibility of carrying a whole tour was what you needed - you were able to travel to the UK, play music without the usual pressure of selling venues, organising everything and making everybody happy. 

Thank you for coming and come back soon!

Posted Oct 13, 2023   01:41:11 AM


Natalie Martin / High Peak, Derbyshire, GB


Come back soon 

Posted Oct 13, 2023   02:01:00 AM


Ashley Pesek / Tacoma, Washington, US

Every night looked very magical wish I could have been two a concert or 10 out there. Fans and friends looked like they where all having a great time rocking out and singing along to Hanson and busted. so happy for you guys and sharing that experience with them I hope u can tour with other bands from all around the world & bring so much joy to lots of other people with u musical talents. Loved how u guys played I will come to you at the end of the podcast again you made me cry. I’m telling you that song just hits me in a way like u would not believe it means so much it always has sence I was 12 and I recored my self singing it on vhs. Hope u guys get some good sleep & rest up before eat to the beat at Epcot.❤️💚💙

Posted Oct 13, 2023   03:20:47 AM


Sinead Caslin Cregg / Elphin, Co. Roscommon, IE

2 2 1

Thank you for this tour! And thanks for returning to Ireland. I Loved seeing you in Dublin and Belfast and it was a dream come true getting to meet you and be reporter. Come back soon!! We miss you already  🤣 ❤️ 

Posted Oct 13, 2023   03:22:59 AM

What a tour guys.  I can't wait to see you back here on a headline tour <3

Posted Oct 13, 2023   03:45:32 AM


Christina Griffin / London, London, GB

14 10 2 1

this tour was everything to me. thank you for saying yes. 

Posted Oct 13, 2023   05:54:09 AM


Carrie-Ann Stead / Renfrewshire, Scotland , GB


Thankyou for coming all this way,especially up to Scotland!Was an Absolute dream come true to meet you all and an added bonus seeing Mac!!

Posted Oct 13, 2023   07:39:02 AM

see you guys on November 4 🫶🫶

Posted Oct 13, 2023   05:15:48 PM


christine Easom / Newcastle, Staffordshire, GB

So happy for you. Almost everything that was good about this tour was about you, to see your joy, your experiences, your generosity, in so many ways. It was wonderful to share your fun expeditions around the UK and Ireland. To see you having fun in places so well known to us, places we visit and love, brought extra joy. Watching and hearing you in those enormous spaces was really something else. The lights across and filling space like a small universe, and listening to songs that have been a life journey for so many, and watching you all in that moment was beautiful. Im glad that it was possible for you to do this, to make so many new fans here in the UK. I spoke to many Busted fans, and without exception, those I spoke to, loved your performances. There was huge love for you. ❤️💚💙 

I want to say a special thanks to Demetrius and Andrew. Their performances are always gracious and generous. Andrew always throws out a smile of recognition and adds that special sauce on the right side of the stage, and Demetrius is such a star in every way. Thank you gents.

From buying tickets for this tour, to Meeting and Greeting, meeting up with friends, meeting known Hanson fans for a first time, and being with people who love good music, this tour, like all tours, was full of gems. Thank you Lynette, Kerri, Nic, especially. 🍹🍹🍹

I can't say that Arenas would be my prefered place to see Hanson, but I want you to do the best for you and whatever it is and wherever it is, somewhere, under the Super Trouper, I'll be there. 

Posted Oct 14, 2023   02:16:18 AM

Dear Hanson I am going to be praying for you guys to come home safe we miss you too much to say hope you had a good time in London can't wait to see you guys home soon love dainanorman

Posted Oct 14, 2023   12:52:27 PM


Luchie Guerrero / Harlow, Essex, GB


Feeling emotional as the tour ended. But I know you will be back soon! And please be back soon!!! I promised to bring my son with me next time.

Posted Oct 15, 2023   02:04:03 PM


Nevena Lamoureux / Abense de bas, 64130, FR

Thank you, guys, for this amazing tour! It was so great to follow you and all your funny videos and posts. You seemed to enjoy very much. I hope that you'll come back next year! Be safe!

Posted Oct 18, 2023   06:07:20 AM


Nevena Lamoureux / Abense de bas, 64130, FR

Thank you, guys, for this amazing tour! It was so great to follow you and all your funny videos and posts. You seemed to enjoy very much. I hope that you'll come back next year! Be safe!

Posted Oct 18, 2023   06:07:21 AM


Leanne Taylor / HULL, East Riding of Yorkshire, GB


I'm so pleased I got to see you play for the first time, and I can't believe it took me so long!! 

In my head you have always been the band that saved my 12 year old self and gave me an escape through your songs, so I left you in my past for a lot of years with the memories. Only in the past year have I reconnected with your music and realised how much I have missed out on, but I'm so glad I did because you have given me so much joy in listening to everything you have achieved.

I will most definitely be seeing you guys again and hopefully be lucky enough to say thank you in person ❤️

Also, the Chips & Dip song is forever in my head! 

Posted Oct 18, 2023   10:53:16 AM


Phoebe Mills / Harrogate, North Yorkshire, GB

We had such a great time! Having to adult again is haaarrrd!  thanks for the good times, still can’t believe we got You can’t stop us! Didn’t even get that on the Anthem Uk tour, what a treat!!! And In the City took us to a whole other place in Liverpool, can’t thank you guys enough! See you next time. 💕

Posted Oct 19, 2023   01:14:22 PM

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