Hanson in 2022: A Year in Review

Jan 02, 2023 | HANSON

2022 was a year to remember for so many reasons, but most importantly it was a year of coming back together with YOU. Following the past two years the whole world felt ready to celebrate once again and that is precisely what we were able to do with music fans all over the planet.

From Helsinki to Auckland we were reminded of the power of music and community in bringing us back together and keeping us connected to one another. It is impossible to put into a few words the power of the over 100 concerts in twenty countries, and this is precisely why we have assembled a look back with selections from throughout the tour and the entire year. It feels almost miraculous that we able to return to so many places (and visit some for the first time), and with each exciting new concert and a moment to share with you we were further inspired for what great things could come to pass in the coming years.

2023 has officially begun, but before we begin making new memories, we hope you enjoy a short look back at some of the memorable moments that got us here!

Happy New Year and Thank YOU for joining us on this musical ride.

-Isaac, Taylor and Zac

Forum Comments

What an amazing video! I only got to join in in person at one show this year but loved following along online, you brought so much joy 💕 Can’t wait to see what you have in store for 2023! ❤️💚💙

Posted Jan 2, 2023   03:38:05 PM


Rosa Torres / Norman, OK, US

Wow, all the nostalgia and feels watching this recap! What an amazing year 2022 was and with such an incredible way to celebrate a milestone anniversary (RGB). ❤️💚💙

I can't say thank you enough. We are beyond blessed to ride along with the BEST band in the world! Cheers to making 2023 as memorable as 2022! 🍻🥳✨

Posted Jan 2, 2023   03:56:47 PM


christine Easom / Newcastle, Staffordshire, GB

What a year. Thank you. What more to say ?!

Posted Jan 2, 2023   04:13:42 PM


Lisa Conner / BROKEN ARROW, OK, US


We had an amazing time this summer! Now looking forward to seeing videos from Jamaica, and seeing you in Tulsa for hanson day ❤️💚💙

Posted Jan 2, 2023   04:28:40 PM


Jennifer Newell / Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, CA

What an amazing year!! Can’t wait for new adventures for this year! :) 

Posted Jan 2, 2023   04:57:37 PM


Melanie Falcon / Louisville, Kentucky, US

That was so amazing! Thank You for the wonderful memories!❤️💚💙😂

Posted Jan 2, 2023   05:08:18 PM

Wonderful video, it was an incredible tour guys...I can't wait for 2023 news♡

Posted Jan 2, 2023   05:09:07 PM


Ryan Schwartz / Rego Park, NY, US

We see the RGB tour footage... we need the DVD/Blu-Ray ;) 

Posted Jan 2, 2023   05:15:57 PM


Awesome video would’ve loved to see more from Disney world but you’ve got a few Disney streamers on YouTube to get that concert footage lol. Thank you to Hanson, their families, staff behind the scenes and everyone involved can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2023!

Posted Jan 2, 2023   05:25:22 PM


Ashley Pesek / Tacoma, Washington, US

Incredible video loved every minute of it. So many great moments and memories you guys are so amazing I cracked up so much when you talked about 💩. Really looking forward to what u guys bring in 23 & BTTI & Hanson day. Last year was the best year spending it with fans and rocking out to u 3. Thank u so much for all that you do for us. ❤️💚💙

Posted Jan 2, 2023   05:26:30 PM


Natalie Martin / High Peak, Derbyshire, GB


Thank you, and Happy New Year!

Posted Jan 2, 2023   05:37:10 PM


Yulia Bogomolova / Wadhurst, East Sussex, GB

4 2

Bittersweet memories. 

Thank you, guys. 

Posted Jan 2, 2023   05:41:14 PM

thank u guys somuch oh my god u guys rock tay my heroto ike tayzac tothank u somuch  i camt wait yeh

Posted Jan 2, 2023   05:52:08 PM


Candice Bagan / Sherwood Park, Alberta, CA

I hope you guys can do something online for Hanson’s day for people who can’t go 

Posted Jan 2, 2023   06:37:30 PM

So happy for you for having such a wonderful time on the road. After the crazy, strange times and the great loss the world had to experienced,  I'm grateful that you guys are still here.

Posted Jan 2, 2023   06:49:53 PM

@candice DITTO!

Posted Jan 2, 2023   06:50:25 PM


Cheryl Jones / Annapolis, MD, US

Thank you for the memories! What a great year! Cheers to 2023! 

Posted Jan 2, 2023   07:40:43 PM


Gina Martino / New Milford, NJ, US

this was really cute! giving some TTMN vibes for sure 😂☺️

Posted Jan 2, 2023   07:45:50 PM


Karen Henson / O'Fallon, MO, US


Thank you for the awesome memories of 2022. Looking forward to Hanson Day 2023 ❤️💚💙

Posted Jan 2, 2023   07:52:32 PM


Maylynn Kish / Taylor, Pennsylvania, US


What a great year. Can’t wait for this year.

Posted Jan 2, 2023   07:53:06 PM

Thank you for the great memories! 

Posted Jan 2, 2023   07:56:08 PM


Grace Grutter / Rockford, MI, US


What an EPIC year. Feeling so grateful to be a part of it from my first Hanson Day to being fan club reporter in Grand Rapids (at 8 days post partum 🤪) Can’t wait for Hanson Day in May ❤️ See y’all then.

Posted Jan 2, 2023   08:00:10 PM


Grace Grutter / Rockford, MI, US


Also, random thought but HDay should totally add in a Reggie Willie 5k this year! How fun would that be?! 💙

Posted Jan 2, 2023   08:04:50 PM


Carolina hessel / Porto Alegre, Rio grande do sul, BR


what a perfect hanson year! thank you guys for this! you make the world a beautiful place ❤️

Posted Jan 2, 2023   08:09:43 PM

Hdays and tour were a great time! Thanks for some being the scenes!

Posted Jan 2, 2023   08:29:47 PM

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