New Music In 2016

Jul 07, 2016 | HANSON

New HANSON Music In 2016

If you are wanting to get your hands on some new HANSON music there are two EPs just for you.  In 2016 HANSON will be releasing Loud and Play


Loud is a new EP from HANSON with five songs that focuses on great riffs and intense sounds with songs like Ooh La La La and Siren Call. Released in May of 2016 during HANSON Day weekend. Loud is exclusively available to members but comes free with the purchase of a 2016 membership. Get Your Copy Of Loud


Play is set to release on October 10th on The Play EP was conceived as a companion to Loud, built off of its creative energy but adding even more size and tempo to the sound with songs like "Do You Believe In Love" and "Feeling Alive". Play includes five new songs on a Digital Only EP.  Get Your Copy Of Play  


Loud and Play were conceived as two sides of one album both in a literal and figurative sense.  For HANSON fans that want the full experience they should checkout the Loud Play Vinyl Package.  The Special edition Vinyl includes all 10 songs from Loud and Play along with an 8x10 photo taken by Taylor during recording sessions and a Painting Giclee from Zac’s Instrumental Gallery, each individually signed by Taylor and Zac respectively. Purchase Loud Play Vinyl Package.

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Zac Hanson / Tulsa, Oklahoma, US

We are uploading the Audio clips right now it might take a bit before they finish processing and are available in each of the products.

Posted Jul 7, 2016   09:25:46 PM


isabela safira dos santos carmo / Ananindeua-PA, Pará, BR


Posted Jul 7, 2016   09:33:08 PM


Posted Jul 7, 2016   11:49:01 PM


Claire van Oirschot / Whakatane, Bay of Plenty, NZ



Posted Jul 8, 2016   05:15:42 AM


Jill Gray / Noble, ok, US

5 1


Posted Jul 8, 2016   07:14:45 AM

Can't wait to hear clips from Play. :) 

Posted Jul 8, 2016   07:40:16 AM


Yes!! Thank you.

Posted Jul 8, 2016   08:40:12 AM


can't wait to hear them all, thanks :-)

Posted Jul 8, 2016   10:53:22 AM

 P pluswe thanks for the random us shows to awwe yes

Posted Jul 8, 2016   12:06:43 PM


Zac Hanson / Tulsa, Oklahoma, US

So it looks like we are still having a little problem with the Audio upload for the Store.  We are having the tech dudes (Robots) look into it.  We will have it fixed ASAP.  Hanson time.... euuugh :) 

Posted Jul 8, 2016   01:47:36 PM


Kristin Moore / On The Road, OK, US

Oh Hanson Time ;) But, understand tech issues. 

Posted Jul 8, 2016   02:05:22 PM

Really looking forward on hearing the clips and buying Play in September.  c:

Posted Jul 12, 2016   12:37:55 PM

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