Jill Gray / Noble, ok, US


Hi I am Jill I have been a big Hanson fan since 97 my first Hanson concert was at the mall of America and it was also my first ever concert ever and that night after the Hanson concert I took down all my jtt posters and never look back from then on out my wall was cover in Hanson I join the Hanson fan club got my frist Hanson moe cd yeah people made fun of me for my love of mmmbop but I never let them bug me I use to buy waffles with Hanson picture on just cause it had them on it my sec Hanson concert was at the Oklahoma state fair I took my 5 year old too it and there he got his first bag of Hanson picks and he has been playing guitar ever since my son evening cut his hair like Ike lmao it was too cute my 3rd Hanson concert was at the dimond ball room in Okc where my husband got me a Isaac Hanson pick after he tossed it out to the crowd thought it was the best Hanson thing I every got but then hop jam happen and then I meet them all yep that tops all my Hanson dreams :) crazy maybe but hey when you love there music that\'s makes it so much better I can\'t wait too get to go too my first every Hanson days    

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