Innsbrook After Hours

Apr 20, 2020 | HANSON

We're pleased to announce that HANSON will be appearing in Glenn Allen, VA on July 22nd as part of the Innsbrook After Hours oncert Series. Fan Club pre-sale will be April 22nd. General sale will begin April 24th.

Event website: Innsbrook After Hours

Forum Comments

Optimistic! This doesn't seem to be promo for the new album though, or is it? Judging by the ad and wording there...

Posted Apr 20, 2020   06:45:24 AM

They used the image (on that website) that is the general image they use for their 'random' shows, so I wouldn't think this has anything to do with the new album.  Hopefully we find out information about ATW soon!

Posted Apr 20, 2020   07:24:30 AM


Katie Wanta / Orange, CT, US

I just think it is one of the usual "one off" shows, nothing to do with new music.  One of the reasons why I am not going to try to go. It's also 8 hours away and too far to plan for a "maybe"

Posted Apr 20, 2020   07:56:07 AM

Woohoo! I'm excited! Finally they're coming back to Richmond

Posted Apr 20, 2020   08:20:18 AM


Jessica Armstrong / Henrico, Virginia, US

So excited to have them back in Richmond!

Posted Apr 20, 2020   08:32:39 AM


Tina Sweeney / Orlando, FL, US

Great! Now let's get some Eat to the Beat dates scheduled! ;)

Posted Apr 20, 2020   09:01:01 AM


Carrie Nairn / Hagerstown , Maryland , US

 I love Would to go but it’s a risk , lawn seating can be good or bad . I’ve seen them in Wilmington dc twice . Once we had a great venue , but god first we had lawn in a thunderstorm. So it could go , either way and it could be canceled depending what the social distance rules are 

Posted Apr 20, 2020   10:02:58 AM


Judy Ferrante / Conklin, NY, US

3 9

While exciting to see a show scheduled, realistically - I don't know if "crowd" events will be happening this summer.    

Too far for me - fingers crossed for those planning to attend!

Posted Apr 20, 2020   09:31:44 PM

Strange to see a show scheduled amongst the COVID situation... I do really hope it can be confirmed for everyone's planning to do!

Posted Apr 21, 2020   04:01:48 AM


Kristina Brodal Syversen / Brumunddal, NA, NO

11 11

I get there was probably a contract involved with all of this, and that is why they are announcing a show in the middle of a pandemic - but judging from twitter and Facebook, this was just a very bad publicity decision. I don't think I've seen this many pissed off fans ever! :/ I wouldn't be going anyways, as I am not in the States. But this show will not happen, as there is no way the current situation will allow for larger groups of people to meet or even if that state allows it, it doesn't mean it should happen. The safety of everyone involved should go first! 

Posted Apr 21, 2020   08:12:12 AM


Rachel Wagner / Charlotte, NC, US


Is the presale going to start at 10:00 am EST? I can’t find anything that says what time it starts.

Posted Apr 21, 2020   03:20:49 PM


Kelli Cloud / Tazewell , Tennessee, US

2 1

I really wanna go but just not sure with all this Corona still going on or if it will be calm enough by then. Tough decisions right now sadly

Posted Apr 21, 2020   04:14:19 PM


Posted Apr 21, 2020   04:15:09 PM


Carrie Nairn / Hagerstown , Maryland , US



rwagner Rachel Wagner
Charlotte, NC, US

Is the presale going to start at 10:00 am EST? I can’t find anything that says what time it starts.

Agree theres nothing on the site about Disabled accessible seating either    on the Innsbrook site .

Posted Apr 21, 2020   06:18:36 PM

Trying to get ready for the pre-sale. I'm optimistic that things will be better. Anyone have any advice for the pre-sale at 10

Posted Apr 21, 2020   06:39:31 PM


Rachel Wagner / Charlotte, NC, US


Carrie, there are ADA seats throughout. There are different tiered seats and you can select ADA in the sections. Platinum is $99, preferred is $59 and reserved is $39. ADA seats are the same for their section. I saw for another show that there were like 8 ADA seats on each side of the platinum.

Posted Apr 21, 2020   08:27:56 PM


Carrie Nairn / Hagerstown , Maryland , US

Thanks R Wagner will they be available at presale ? 

Posted Apr 21, 2020   09:57:06 PM

Am I the only one having an issue with the pre-sale??

Posted Apr 22, 2020   09:07:17 AM

working now

Posted Apr 22, 2020   09:13:47 AM

What is the promo code for the presale??

Posted Apr 22, 2020   10:33:28 AM


Brittany Bader / Fredericksburg, Virginia, US


Happy to see that you are coming back to Virginia! :)

Posted Apr 22, 2020   11:58:32 AM


Brittany Bader / Fredericksburg, Virginia, US


Maybe check out Fredericksburg and battlefields while you are here if you have time!

Posted Apr 22, 2020   11:59:24 AM

I hope for you all this event can happen. Here they cancelled everything until autum, today in a trusting newspaper even until autum 2021!! Crazy, but I guess it could be possible...

Posted Apr 22, 2020   03:25:47 PM

Super excited!

Posted Apr 22, 2020   04:05:49 PM


Carrie Nairn / Hagerstown , Maryland , US

Excited ,but still prepared if its, cancelled 

Posted Apr 22, 2020   09:27:56 PM

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