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Following a sold out 25th Anniversary World Tour and Greatest Hits release, Grammy nominated multi-platinum pop-rock trio HANSON is beginning the next 25 years with a musical project unmatched in their history. HANSON’s String Theory Symphonic Tour will land in Australia in February-March 2019, with stops including the UK, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Australia, with a night at the iconic Sydney Opera House. See full tour dates below.
String Theory brings together an exciting collaboration of song craftsmanship and symphonic majesty, framing the established trio’s music through a special collaboration with Academy Award winning arranger David Campbell, spawning both a world tour featuring the band playing live with Symphony Orchestras, and a studio album, to be released on November 9.
“String Theory is fully polished and professional… HANSON’s music is as polished and catchy as it ever was, and last night’s audience was thrilled” The Columbus Dispatch
HANSON’s most ambitious musical project to date, String Theory features songs spanning the band’s entire career from ‘MmmBop’ to ‘Where’s The Love’, ‘This Time Around’ and more, plus brand new or never-released-to-the-public songs like ‘Reaching For The Sky’ and ‘Siren Call’, which premiered last week.
“Siren Call” casts a fittingly dramatic mood with Zac Hanson providing lead vocals over a swell of strings and the thump of his drums. While the song has a distinctly orchestral feel, HANSON inject the song with a pop energy that comes out best in the brothers’ pristine harmonies.”Rolling Stone
During the past quarter-century, Isaac, Taylor and Zac Hanson have made a significant mark in music, beginning with their meteoric rise off the back of 1997 global smash ‘MmmBop’. Their debut album Middle Of Nowhere spawned a string of Top 40 singles, followed by countless radio hits, five more studio albums, multiple Grammy nominations and record sales exceeding 16 million.

The group founded their own independent 3CG Records 15 years ago, positioning them among the most successful independent bands to date, and since then they have diversified their brand with the founding of the Hanson Brothers Beer Company and The Hop Jam Beer and Music Festival based in their hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma.
String Theory is the next frontier for HANSON, telling a story of aspiration and fortitude against the odds. The music resonates with authenticity, coming from a group whose signature is never to chase trends, but instead to stay focused on their melodic artistry, establishing themselves as one of the few artists of their generation able to continually reinvent and reimagine their music, which has helped them to maintain an active global fan base over 25 years after their founding.
Following extensive North American dates, HANSON will deliver their unique String Theory tour to some of Europe & Australia’s finest venues in early-2019, a treat for fans around the world.
WATCH | HANSON - String Theory – Reaching For The Sky here.

Mon 11 Feb 19 Birmingham UK Symphony Hall Live with Orchestra
Tue 12 Feb 19 Manchester UK Bridgewater Hall Live with Orchestra
Thu 14 Feb 19 Nottingham UK Rock City **Non-Symphony Show
Fri 15 Feb 19 London UK Royal Festival Hall Live with Orchestra
Sun 17 Feb 19 Glasgow UK Royal Concert Hall Live with Orchestra
Tue 19 Feb 19 Utrecht NL TivoliVredenburg
Live with Orchestra
Wed 20 Feb 19 Brussels BE Cirque Royal Live with Orchestra
Wed 27 Feb 19 Melbourne AUS Palais Theatre Live with Orchestra
Mon 4 Mar 19 Sydney AUS Opera House Live with Orchestra
Wed 6 Mar 19 Canberra AUS Canberra Theatre Live with Orchestra
Fri 8 Mar 19 Gold Coast AUS The Start Live with Orchestra
Sat 9 Mar 19 Brisbane AUS QPAC Live with Orchestra


Thu 2 Aug 18 Pittsburgh PA Heinz Hall Pittsburg Symphony Orchestra
Sat 4 Aug 18 Vienna VA Filene Center at Wolftrap  National Symphony Orchestra
Sat 8 Sep 18 Denver CO  Boettcher Concert Hall Colorado Symphony Orchestra
Sat 13 Oct 18 Los Angeles CA Greek Theatre Live with Orchestra
Sun 14 Oct 18 Phoenix AZ Comerica Theatre Live with Orchestra
Sat 20 Oct 18 Atlanta GA Atlanta Symphony Hall Atlanta Symphony Orchestra
Sun 21 Oct 18 Nashville TN Schermerhorn Center Nashville Symphony Orchestra
Tue 23 Oct 18 Houston TX Jones Hall Houston Symphony
Thu 25 Oct 18 Miami FL The Fillmore Live with Orchestra
Fri 26 Oct 18 St Petersburg FL Mahaffey Theater Live with Orchestra
Fri 2 Nov 18 Louisville KY The Louisville Palace Live with Orchestra
Sun 4 Nov 18 Minneapolis MN State Theatre Live with Orchestra
Mon 5 Nov 18 Chicago IL Chicago Theatre Live with Orchestra
Wed 7 Nov 18 St Louis MO Stifel Theatre Live with Orchestra
Thu 8 Nov 18 Cleveland OH Masonic Temple Live with Orchestra
Sat 10 Nov 18 Boston MA Orpheum Theatre Live with Orchestra
Sun 11 Nov 18 Philadelphia PA The Tower Theatre Live with Orchestra
Tue 13 Nov 18 New York NY Beacon Theatre Live with Orchestra
Tue 20 Nov 18 Toronto ON Queen Elizabeth Theatre Live with Orchestra
Wed 21 Nov 18 Toronto ON Queen Elizabeth Theatre Live with Orchestra
Sat 5 Jan 19 Fort Worth TX Bass Performance Hall Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra
Fri 17 May 19 Tulsa OK Tulsa PAC Tulsa Symphony Orchestra
Fri 7 Jun 19 Buffalo NY Kleinhans Music Hall Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra

For more information visit www.Hanson.net

Forum Comments

I really wish one of these shows was closer to me!!!

Posted Sep 24, 2018   09:06:25 PM


I'm curious about the non-symphony show. Why this tour is not getting to certain places because it's expensive to play with an orchestra but in this list there's a ST show without it? 

Posted Sep 24, 2018   04:33:20 PM


Minna Lindqvist / Turku, -, FI


Yay, I think we'll be hitting Belgium and the Netherlands, a perfect timing for my winter break. Slightly disappointed at seeing no Nordic dates, but it is what it is. Surprised to see so many UK dates, too bad I can't make any of those most likely. 

Posted Sep 24, 2018   04:42:53 PM

Can't wait to see the London show (and hopefully Australia too if the stars align...)

Posted Sep 24, 2018   05:01:25 PM

thank you for coming to Australia again!
I believe this is also the first time over and it wont be winter!

Enjoy Australia & the beaches if you can. 

Posted Sep 24, 2018   05:36:14 PM

I hate living in Perth, Australia! 

Posted Sep 24, 2018   05:58:13 PM

Thanks so much for coming back to Australia! So great to see a Canberra date.

Posted Sep 24, 2018   06:09:41 PM


Gold Coast and Brisbane, I'm there! Just in time for my birthday! 

Posted Sep 24, 2018   06:20:12 PM


Since I'm getting questions about it, the Nottingham show is not a String Theory show. Consider it like one of the many special shows we've done this year.

Posted Sep 24, 2018   06:30:15 PM

My excitement level is off the charts with this announcement!!! See you on the 9th March in Brisbane guys! <3

Posted Sep 24, 2018   06:36:20 PM


Nath Piombo / Tulsa, Oklahoma, US


Congratulations Australia and United Kingdom

Posted Sep 24, 2018   07:25:29 PM


Thanks Leigh, wondering why on the Calendar it's on the ST list of shows though...

Posted Sep 24, 2018   07:37:40 PM

i really wish there was a Adelaide concert  why no dates for Adelaide

Posted Sep 24, 2018   07:58:29 PM


christine Easom / Newcastle , Staffordshire, GB

Some great venues here and the dates work.


Posted Sep 24, 2018   08:04:36 PM


Lana Halstead / Sydney, NSW, AU

It's a happy, happy day!  Thank you so much from coming back to Aus.  ;)  I'm so sorry if you're in Perth or Adelaide and you'll miss out.  Jump on a plane if you can.

I'm so excited for the Syd Opera House.  It's going to be amazing for us all!  Can't wait.

Posted Sep 24, 2018   09:31:31 PM

Thanks Leigh! That is what I thought. 

Posted Sep 24, 2018   10:44:07 PM


Emma Jacobson / Manly West, QLD, AU

3 3 2 2

I am so happy! Hanson @ The Sydney Opera House = dream come true!

Posted Sep 24, 2018   10:44:59 PM

So excited for all the Australia shows, see you in February!!

Posted Sep 24, 2018   10:52:15 PM

So excited for all the Australia shows, see you in February!!

Posted Sep 24, 2018   10:52:15 PM

Really stunned by the extent of the shows. The last tour had I think one stop in the UK. Anyhow... I really thought that Norway had been confirmed a few months ago by Taylor to a fan. Anyway... I'm sure people who are able to, will travel anyway

Posted Sep 24, 2018   11:32:22 PM

Cannot wait for the Melbourne show!! Thank you for coming down under again :)

Posted Sep 25, 2018   01:19:47 AM


Amanda Brown / CLYDE, Victoria, AU

Sooo excited for this!!!!

Posted Sep 25, 2018   03:00:16 AM


"Thanks Leigh, wondering why on the Calendar it's on the ST list of shows though..."

Because we don't have a place for special shows in 2019 yet. :)

Posted Sep 25, 2018   04:35:11 AM


Julia Krylova / Moscow, Moscow, RUSSIA, RU

So exited about Europen dates!! I'll travel from Russia to The Netherlands and Belgium!! CAN'T WAIT!!!

Posted Sep 25, 2018   04:47:58 AM

Soooo excited about Melbourne show! Opera House would be amazing though...maybe I need to see two shows!

Posted Sep 25, 2018   04:49:29 AM

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