Laura van Kuijk / ZOETERMEER, Nederland, NL

Hi, I am Laura. I have been a fan of the band and their music since '97, but my appreciation of their passion and talent has grown immensely over the years.
I am very enthusiastic about the Take The Walk Campaign. I've hosted 4 walks in the Netherlands so far, and I am planning to host many more walks. :) I've walked with the band in Toronto 2015 (R&R) which was a really fun and inspirational experience!
I am a mother of three children and I love to sing, dance and goof around with them.
I feel like it is important to be an active member of the community that surrounds us. For me that means that I am a vollunteer in my own town and I walk other people's dogs when they can't do it themselves, I take elderly people out to the mall etc. And for this awesome community it means that I want to be supportive of everyone who needs it and is open to it. :) I believe that we are responsible to spread love in order to make the world a better place. :)

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