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24th July 2017, New York NY - Today pop-rock trio HANSON officially announce the September 8th release, with presale starting today, for their 25th Anniversary Middle Of Everywhere - The Greatest Hits album. The album is the first comprehensive collection, incorporating songs from the band’s 6 major studio albums, as well as the new single “I Was Born”, released in conjunction with their 25th Anniversary World Tour which has seen sold out concerts throughout Europe, Australia, Latin America, the US and Canada.
“This album and the extensive world tour are really exciting for us, because it’s the first time we’ve assembled a true career-spanning collection in one product, or one concert,” said guitarist Isaac Hanson. “The addition of I Was Born to this album is our way of still looking to the future, even as we celebrate where we have been for the last two decades,” added keyboardist and middle brother, Taylor Hanson.
The band initially formed in 1992 performing locally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and releasing 3 independent albums before being signed in 1996 by Mercury Records. Their breakout album Middle Of Nowhere, lead by the iconic debut single “Mmmbop” which was #1 in 27 countries simultaneously, sparked the band’s meteoric rise to international fame, and was followed by multiple Grammy nominations, and a two decade long career of chart topping singles, including “Where’s The Love”, “I Will Come To You”, “Weird”, “This Time Around”, “If Only”, “Save Me”, “Penny And Me”, “Give A Little”, “Thinking ‘Bout Somethin’” and “Get The Girl Back”. In 2003 the band founded their own independent record label 3CG Records, which has released 4 of their 6 studio albums to date and lead to numerous world tours, playing to their dedicated fanbase. Since the groups founding they have accomplished a rare combination of commercial success and critical respect, with outlets such as the Village Voice calling HANSON “the finest straight up rock band in America”. The band has sold over 16 million albums.
Starting at ages 11, 9 and 6, brothers Isaac, Taylor and Zac were first inspired to make music while listening to 1950’s and early 60’s soul music and Rock ‘n’ Roll, citing influences from Aretha Franklin, Otis Redding, The Beatles and Elvis, to Little Richard and Chuck Berry. These influences formed the bedrock of their musical inspiration, helping to forge their signature sound, which incorporates soulful melodies and song craft.
In 2007 the band began their “Take The Walk” campaign, which helps to combat extreme poverty and HIV/AIDS, serving thousands of individuals in need throughout Sub-Saharan Africa. In 2013, the group founded Hanson Brothers Beer Company, winning a gold medal in the World Beer Championships for their signature Pale Ale “Mmmhops”. In 2014 they founded The Hop Jam Beer and Music Festival in their hometown of Tulsa, OK, bringing together more than 40,000 people annually, for one of the country’s leading Craft Beer and Music Festivals.
To find out more information on HANSON’s tour and music release go to www.hanson.net.


1 I Was Born
2 Mmmbop
3 Where's The Love
4 I Will Come To You
5 Weird
6 A Minute Without You
7 This Time Around
8 If Only
9 Save Me
10 A Song To Sing
11 Penny And Me
12 Lost Without Each Other
13 Underneath
14 Strong Enough To Break
15 Broken Angel
16 Great Divide
17 Been There Before
18 Georgia
19 Go
20 Watch Over Me
21 Thinking 'Bout Somethin'
22 Give A Little
23 Juliet
24 Get The Girl Back
25 Fired Up
26 Already Home

Forum Comments


Edith Liera / Nampa, ID, US

SO excited! Placed my order and now I'm going to be anxiously waiting until it arrives :) 

Posted Jul 24, 2017   04:10:02 AM

1 6 7 10 2

That is an amazing trackisting! Exciting!!

Posted Jul 23, 2017   11:10:44 PM

I'm so excited to buy the Cd and book and a cassette, how retro! I recently bought MON on cassette for my collection too :-)

Posted Jul 23, 2017   11:16:44 PM

Don't forget to get the retro style bucket hat :)

Posted Jul 23, 2017   11:20:38 PM

Happy that we finally get to actually see the list of songs! I wonder if they are re- recorded or the same songs from the past CD's. I'm guessing they are not re- recorded. But I'll still buy it. :) 

Posted Jul 23, 2017   11:20:41 PM

I answered this elsewhere - these are remastered from the originals

Posted Jul 23, 2017   11:22:21 PM


Carolina Sandoval / Quillota , Valparaíso , CL

Oohhh it's amazing the list of song the new album!!!! 

Posted Jul 23, 2017   11:27:05 PM


Edith Liera / Nampa, ID, US

The bucket hat is so cute! It reminds me of baby Zac ( there's a photo of him at like 13 wearing one)!  

Posted Jul 23, 2017   11:31:41 PM

Thanks Leigh1, Just saw your reply about it in the help section. 

Posted Jul 23, 2017   11:32:18 PM


Vita Ayala / Munster, IN, US


Preordered...maybe with money that should have gone to groceries. Oops. 

Posted Jul 23, 2017   11:34:44 PM

Are the songs sung love, or they just the songs taken from the albums?!?!

Posted Jul 24, 2017   12:04:24 AM


Posted Jul 24, 2017   12:04:48 AM


Cassettes!  Wow,...covering *almost* all the bases this time!!!  ...No vinyl, or is that coming later?

Posted Jul 24, 2017   12:11:54 AM

2 2 2

Exciting but is there really only one international shipping option for the photo book? US$70?! Nearly double the price of the book itself, that really is outrageous ...

Posted Jul 24, 2017   12:13:46 AM

2 2 2

Exciting but is there really only one international shipping option for the photo book? US$70?! Nearly double the price of the book itself, that really is outrageous ...

Posted Jul 24, 2017   12:13:48 AM


Keri Mase / Rogers, AR, US


Oh man, if only I had a cassette player! Or a cd player for that matter lol. My laptop and my car are my only cd players heehee. But I will definitely be ordering the physical copy anyway.

Posted Jul 24, 2017   12:22:20 AM

This is so exciting!

Posted Jul 24, 2017   12:51:58 AM

"international shipping..."

If you have an issue with really high shipping for international, contact CS. We're still setting everything up and will be double checking that in the am.

Posted Jul 24, 2017   01:00:42 AM


I love greatest hits album! I wait received it!

Posted Jul 24, 2017   01:10:44 AM

So it's basically the songs making up the setlists on tour, which is what I thought possible initially. Well, except for Underneath. A little sad Runaway Run isn't on there... but Broken Angel makes me happy.

Posted Jul 24, 2017   01:54:02 AM

I love "the minute without you" reference. And I used to wear a bucket hat all the time when I was a teenager. 

Posted Jul 24, 2017   02:05:23 AM

Exciting news, and love that bundle! Will be looking for any possible update to the shipping today. 

Posted Jul 24, 2017   02:13:46 AM


Lana Halstead / Sydney, NSW, AU

Aaaahhh!  New stuff in the store - we are all so excited!  I'm loving the track list too.  Well done on making those tough decisions, especially after we didn't help very well by having such varying opinions in the survey.  I was curious last year when we were asked to choose not only our top 25 album songs but also our top 15 member's songs.  I was hopeful that the second CD was going to be the best of the member's songs, but...it wasn't to be.

I have a question too please Leigh...

Will there be a 2016-17 Pictures Book released, or is this MOE Greatest Hits Photo book instead of the Pictures Book this year?

Posted Jul 24, 2017   03:15:39 AM


Lana Halstead / Sydney, NSW, AU

Also Leigh, if we buy the bundle, will we be able to apply points as there is a book in bundle?  Currently this option is not available.

Thank you.

Posted Jul 24, 2017   03:20:28 AM


Emma Willis / Ōtautahi/Christchurch, Canterbury, NZ


As someone who still has a cassette player in their car I am pretty excited about the cassette. Haha. 

Posted Jul 24, 2017   05:10:02 AM

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