Back To The Island Presale Starts Today!

Feb 08, 2021 | HANSON

Presale for all previous Back To The Island attendees starts today. For details, check the BTTI2022 page.

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Belinda Ray / Eaglehawk, Victoria, AU

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Can't wait - here's hoping the world is a safer place and we can all get back together on the beach!!

Posted Feb 8, 2021   11:40:07 AM

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God I hope there are tickets still available after everyone buys theirs today! 😭

Posted Feb 8, 2021   11:42:34 AM

If anyone needs a roommate, don't hesitate to write me :-) first time...

Posted Feb 8, 2021   12:08:15 PM


andrea slack / janesville, wi, US

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Trying to talk the hubby into going... I told him it would be our second honeymoon... Are going on 21 years of marriage and 5 kids we really need one.. This would be my first time going if I do.. Looks like a blast.

Posted Feb 8, 2021   12:48:10 PM


Sarah Daniel / Madison , WI, US


Can’t wait 

Posted Feb 8, 2021   12:55:35 PM

oh mygod yes

Posted Feb 8, 2021   01:17:35 PM


Amalie Hart / Broadbeach Waters, QLD, AU

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We’re all booked! Hopefully the World sorts itself out so we can all finally celebrate together!

Posted Feb 8, 2021   01:41:52 PM


Kelli Cloud / Tazewell , Tennessee, US

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So excited! It's my first time going! My roommate already had tickets and I've paid so I'm ready for my first BTTI in Jamaica 🌅🍍🛫🏖

Posted Feb 8, 2021   03:35:00 PM


Kaitlin Walbright / Columbus, OH, US

who all was lucky enough to get a room?

Posted Feb 8, 2021   04:22:35 PM

my dad i hope he is maybe saved mo god willingoney i hope s

Posted Feb 8, 2021   05:18:09 PM

My first time too... looking forward to meeting you all there.

Posted Feb 9, 2021   03:00:05 PM

Is this gonna be sold out before us newbies could even purchase? :(

Posted Feb 9, 2021   11:12:22 PM

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"Is this gonna be sold out before us newbies could even purchase?"

It is possible that it will sell out in the presale, but remember that many of those that booked last year were/are newbies, too. It has happened before. If we sell out in presale, IG will start a waitlist. In addition, there is a facebook group for BTTI and sometimes members will either need a roommate or have to sell their room reservation last minute. We have changes all the way up until December so even if you don't get a room now, you could get one later.

Posted Feb 10, 2021   06:35:31 AM


melissa saucier / West Warwick, RI, US

hoping to go to BTTI next year it will be my first time :) and hubby is on board to go as well a much needed vacation :) started saving already 

Posted Feb 12, 2021   03:45:37 PM

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