After Hours at The Meadow Event Park Concert Series

Mar 29, 2021 | HANSON

We are pleased to announce that HANSON will be appearing at After Hours at The Meadow Event Park Concert Series on June 26, 2021. Doors 5pm; Show 6pm.

If you previously had tickets to the Innsbrook After Hours show, your tickets have been transferred to this show.

For details, CLICK HERE.


After Hours Concerts will be implementing safety protocols in accordance with state rules and regulations and industry best practices for all of our upcoming shows. We anticipate these rules will be evolving over time leading up to and throughout the concert season. The safety and comfort of our guests, staff, and artists is of paramount importance to us and we plan to be in full compliance with the state and local requirements on the day of the show. Our seating arrangements and COVID safety policies will evolve as needed and deemed necessary by the county.

Gold Circle
Gold Circle seats will be sold from the middle outward. Patrons looking to purchase Gold Circle seats will need to purchase tickets for their entire party in the same transaction. On the day-of-show, After Hours Concerts staff may physically space out seats based on the ticket orders, subject to any distancing rules applicable at that time. Single tickets will not be available for purchase in the Gold Circle.

General Admission
General Admission seating at After Hours Concerts is located behind the Gold Circle seating. A limited number of bubbles will be reserved for General Admission Season Pass holders at the front of the section, available on a first come first served basis. General Admission tickets will be available for purchase online and day of show if available and will be set up in bubbles and high top tables good for 4 to 6 people behind the General Admission Season Pass holders section. General Admission ticket holders will be asked upon arrival how many people are in their party and be assigned a bubble or a table, on a first come first served basis. All bubbles and tables will be socially distanced from one another and guests will be asked to remain with their groups at these areas during the show except when going to concessions, restrooms, artist merchandise, etc. After Hours Concerts will continue to ask guests to socially distance themselves from other guests, and will ask that guests remain masked when outside of their bubble or table area.

As state guidelines change, we may adjust our policies and procedures for social distancing in the general admission area.


Forum Comments

Can’t wait! Only an hour from me 🥰🥰🥰

Posted Mar 29, 2021   11:27:05 AM

i hope i can go oh my gosh yes my dad grew up in va   thank  god for hanson tay i hope ill  be out of hee nursing home by then

Posted Mar 29, 2021   11:49:00 AM

Very curious how they're going to transfer a ticket. Like if someone had a front row seat, do they get a front row table?

Posted Mar 29, 2021   11:56:44 AM

The seating chart is exactly the same so I guess they are just going to spread things out 

Posted Mar 29, 2021   11:59:05 AM

"Very curious how they're going to transfer a ticket. Like if someone had a front row seat, do they get a front row table?"

If you have specific questions about your previous tickets and how they'll transfer, you can contact the After Hours Concert Series. Here's the link to their COVID page, but it has info on the transfers and the email to use for questions -

Posted Mar 29, 2021   12:09:55 PM


Julie Marion / Stilwell, Ok, US


Posted Mar 29, 2021   12:16:20 PM


amanda grossmick / Pitman, NJ, US

I just purchased tickets and didn’t see the option for the gold circle as described above? Is there a way to upgrade once you’ve purchased? The seating chart only showed reserved and GA and balcony.

Posted Mar 29, 2021   12:17:18 PM

I've been told that anything that is not GA is considered Gold Circle.

Posted Mar 29, 2021   12:30:30 PM


Jenine Tepsa / Penticton, BC, CA

Do you know if Canadians like me will be allowed by then?

Posted Mar 29, 2021   12:45:46 PM


Gold Circle is considered $99.99 to 59.99, I was trying for the 99.99 seats but none were available for 2 people, so I settled for the 59.99 ones

Posted Mar 29, 2021   12:48:11 PM

A limited number of bubbles

bubbles? are all seats inside bubbles to fit your party inside?

Posted Mar 29, 2021   12:48:58 PM

7 7 7

so this says that gold circle cannot purchase single seats but basically everyone i know has a single seat for platinum? 

Posted Mar 29, 2021   12:56:51 PM

We've asked them to update the ticketing page with more detail, but when you arrive at the venue, you'll need to be with your group so you can sit together at one table.

Posted Mar 29, 2021   01:03:09 PM


Erin Carmiel / Englewood, NJ, US

3 3 3 3 1 1 1

But what happens if you don’t have a group because you and your friends bought single tickets each separately so not sitting together? Yes it’s silly we did this but some had tickets from the originally scheduled date. 

Posted Mar 29, 2021   01:19:58 PM

I am absolutely elated!!!!!! Just saw this in my email, you got this preggers girl to run up 15 stairs to run and tell my hubby the GREAT news!!! Thank you, so glad I never refunded my ticket, I knew ya'll would make here, now that I'm a Virginian now and all :) :) Can't wait to see ya!!!!! 

Posted Mar 29, 2021   01:24:00 PM


Sara Artabazon / Amelia, VA, US


So stoked! Still have my tix from last year. Only a short trip. Only good thing about living in Virginia this year.

Posted Mar 29, 2021   01:58:24 PM


Kelli Cloud / Tazewell , Tennessee, US

I hadn't bought tickets yet but now I think I will!! Can't wait!

Posted Mar 29, 2021   02:08:27 PM


Brittany Bader / Fredericksburg, Virginia, US

Wow! My hometown. I am very grateful and excited!!

Posted Mar 29, 2021   02:41:37 PM


Kim Gilliland / Edmonton, Alberta, CA

10 3 2 2

@jenineroxy Fellow Canadian here... staffers or fellow fans won't know about border closures/quarentines upon return to Canada etc between US and Canada for June, that is our government. With the way things are going with cases on the rise and variants I am sure the restrictions won't be lifted in time for this show.  Just my guess. :( 

Posted Mar 29, 2021   03:10:00 PM

People with single tickets: you need to contact the venue directly (via email). They need to figure out which of the hundreds of single tickets to cancel vs. keep.

If you purchased 1 ticket, and then in a separate transaction, purchased another 1 ticket, they will see that both single tickets are under your name and so are collectively "together." They will not cancel these tickets.

If you purchased 1 ticket, and then in a separate transaction, your friend/relative purchased 1 ticket, they will NOT be able to tell that the two of you know each other and want to sit together. You will need to contact them to let them know. They intend to contact you, but the guy kind of sounded like he wasn't 100% sure how or when, and if it was me, I'd rather contact them than have them try/fail to contact me and void my seat.

If you purchased 2 or more tickets in an order, they will obviously know you are sitting together, so they will group together your chairs, then leave space before the next groups.

Fans are not in actual physical bubbles--it's just what they are calling the collection of seats.

Though there are physical tables, you are not purchasing tables, so don't be thrown off by not seeing a "table" option.

The Gold Circle includes Platinum, Preferred, and Reserved.

Hope that helps!

Posted Mar 29, 2021   03:17:31 PM

11 hours away. Wish I knew someone crazy enough to drive that far with me. Lol. 

Posted Mar 29, 2021   04:55:31 PM


Jennifer Steinkamp / Rehoboth, MA, US

8.5 hour road trip!!! Can’t wait!

Posted Mar 30, 2021   09:20:26 AM

1 20

For the GA tickets am I reading correctly that you can purchase those separately & they will group you together when you arrive? It’s only the Gold Circle that needs to be on the same transaction.

I was thinking about purchasing a GA ticket for myself, but is there a min that needs to be per “group” ... ? Not sure how that will work out yet. 


Posted Mar 30, 2021   10:01:21 AM


Amanda Tolbert / Glenside, PA, US

6 1 1 1 1 1

I cannot believe I just purchased actual Hanson concert tickets!!! eeeeeeekkkkk First concert since 2019!!! Will be worth the 2 hour drive for sure. 

Posted Mar 30, 2021   11:21:22 AM


Tara Haugen / Mechanicsville, VA, US

I have no idea how the logistics will work, but I'm sure it will get all sorted out and part of me doesn't really care LOL!  Thank you so much for still doing this show!!!!  I saw my email and was stunned that it was actually going to happen a year later.....SO INCREDIBLY HAPPY!!!! 

Posted Mar 30, 2021   12:19:46 PM

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