Taste of Syracuse

Mar 19, 2024 | Admin

HANSON is pleased to announce they wil be playing on June 8th in Syracuse, NY as part of Taste of Syracuse. This show joins the addition of the Boulevardia show on June 14th. For all show details, see the Calendar!

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here come the random pop up of the shows lol

Posted Mar 20, 2024   09:04:52 AM


Laura Thorp / Owings Mills, Maryland, US

With two festival announcements in two days, I can’t wait to see what else will be announced soon! 😎😂🙌

Posted Mar 20, 2024   09:06:02 AM


Aubrey Baker / Binghamton, NY, US

This is so close to me, my two favorite things food and Hanson

Posted Mar 20, 2024   09:27:07 AM


Lisa Conner / BROKEN ARROW, OK, US


Please don't be just festivals this summer 🤞🤞

I'm too old for those 🤣🤣

Posted Mar 20, 2024   09:27:52 AM

i live in buffaloohmy gud yehhhhh thank u ihpe my sister taking me its nitrigt if se wnt gand tour toyehhhh.

Posted Mar 20, 2024   09:35:31 AM

a free show? nice!!!

Posted Mar 20, 2024   10:07:55 AM


Chelsea Bowman / Georgetown, KY, US

Looks like we’re going to Syracuse this summer! 

Posted Mar 20, 2024   10:15:44 AM

hi chelsea im  going toibette goyehhhhh my sister  beter go toyeh

Posted Mar 20, 2024   10:20:00 AM


Raisa Rochael / Rio de Janeiro, Rj, BR


Posted Mar 20, 2024   10:23:19 AM


22 2

Wow, I don't think I've ever gone to a free Hanson show before.

Posted Mar 20, 2024   10:41:32 AM

So excited!!! I live so close!

Posted Mar 20, 2024   11:30:57 AM


Hilary Rooney / TROY, NY, US

This is reasonably close to me. I might go! 😊

Posted Mar 20, 2024   12:47:56 PM


Jen Richards Maurice / Niagara Falls, Ontario, CA

So excited!!!

Posted Mar 20, 2024   12:50:17 PM

imthrille togo  excite to thank u  guys

Posted Mar 20, 2024   12:54:21 PM


Ashley Pesek / Tacoma, Washington, US

Wonder what else they will pop on us how exciting. Roses4 Tay you better be going to this show. You gotta go see Taylor ❤️💚💙

Posted Mar 20, 2024   01:04:09 PM


Kaitlin Walbright / Reynoldsburg, OH, US

welp. interesting start to summer. lets GO

Posted Mar 20, 2024   01:24:09 PM


Missy Buckman / Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin, US

Sweet. This is awesome for colleen B . Our favorite Taylor Hanson lover :)

Posted Mar 20, 2024   01:37:29 PM

thank u missy well how u not love taylor ud be missing on   him  hes amazing to ike tay zac yeh

Posted Mar 20, 2024   01:57:59 PM


Jennifer Reboudo / Uniontown, OH, US


Wow, I don't think I've ever gone to a free Hanson show before.

Free Hanson shows are the best kind of shows 😊

Posted Mar 20, 2024   02:52:50 PM

I was thinking they were being invited festivals.  

Posted Mar 20, 2024   04:56:11 PM


Lisa Williams-Harris / Toronto, Ontario, CA

Yes!!! I’ll be there!! 😄🎶🎶🎶

Posted Mar 20, 2024   05:00:22 PM

Thanks for playing a show that is only a couple of miles from my house, gentlemen! Looking forward to it.

Posted Mar 20, 2024   05:11:20 PM

Ahhhh the one time I’m out of town! Hope to see you guys more in the north east!!!

Posted Mar 20, 2024   05:41:29 PM

Guess we are taking a road trip to Syracuse. What else is there to do in Syracuse? Any recommendations 

Posted Mar 20, 2024   06:15:32 PM


Lisa Williams-Harris / Toronto, Ontario, CA

What else is there to do in Syracuse? Any recommendations

Other things to do - Here are some nearby attractions for Syracuse, NY:

Community Folk Art Center 

Syracuse Stage 

Jazz Central Theatre 

Onondaga Historical Museum 

Everson Museum of Art 

Onondaga County War Memorial 

The Oncenter 

Erie Canal Museum 

ArtRage Gallery 

Syracuse University 

Landmark Theatre 

Thordon Park 

Clinton Square

Clark reservation state park

Museum of Design and Technology

Long branch Park

E.M Mills Rose Botanical Gardens

Central New York Regional Market

iSmash Syracuse

Little Ray’s Nature Centre

Posted Mar 20, 2024   09:52:35 PM

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