Jun 21, 2019 | HANSON

Watch The Compromise Music Video!

Watch the first video in the new Real to Reel series with  more  coming  next week! You can also watch the first music video in a five part series today. We hope you  like, Compremise, more coming next week!



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See!! Told you guys!! They always come through... in Hanson Time ;)

Love this so much guys, this is so beautiful and real. Thank you!! Xoxo 

P.S. I went from wheelchair bound to walking in three week, so I will DEFINITELY be seeing you in Jamaica! So excited! Thanks for being my inspiration through all the tough times. So sorry I was there in tulsa to be part of the doc...hope the guys got good footage. And I’d still love to be involved if they still want me to speak about my story! 



Kaitlin Walbright
Columbus, OH, US

this music video is a straight mood and i cried

so....thanks. thats what i wanted to do tonight



*wasnt there

Please tell Mark thanks for trying to include me!


oh my gosh so happy And proud  of you guys hanson wow the best videos ever.



Mariana Antunes
São Paulo, SP, BR

I'm in love with these videos!

'Compromise' wasn't a favorite. Maybe that change now....lol



Love the Real to Reel! Thanks for giving us the chance to see the process of how the music for the EP get's made!

Can't wait to see the one for Better Days!



Judy Ferrante
Conklin, NY, US

Isaac, Taylor & Zac - thank you for both the Compromise music video and the Real to Reel commentary.    I am looking forward to hearing songs from this ep live.  

The music video is great, but I really enjoy hearing the back story behind the music.   I am not a musician, so I find the process of writing words & lyrics, creating a song, fascinating - you just never know what will get a song "off the ground" so to speak.   

 It is so interesting to watch how different you all are, around the microphone, singing to/with each other.  

Thanks again and can't wait to see what you have for us next week!



This speaks straight to my soul. <3



Thank you for sharing! I really like the BTS and interview video, and can't wait to see that for the rest of the songs on the EP.



Lisa Dobbs
LaVergne, Tennessee, US

I absolutely love the video, thank you so much!



Jennifer Walker
Newnan, Georgia, US

As much as I liked the previous videos such as making of...., I really enjoyed that Compromise got an actual video and it wasn't a mass production, the simplicity is amazing to showcase the song.  <3 

I'm not ecstatic to see the other 4.



Marjan Agicic
Chicago, IL, US

Bad *** boys!



I love the song, and the video for this song! I love seeing Hanson walking in places that I've walked in Tulsa in the video and the conversation in the Reel to Reel about how this song came together so easily. 

It's always amazing to see them harmonize in one take in front of one microphone. Beautiful! 



I love it, thank you for always giving us more than any other band gives their fans! Here I was at 7am on a gloomy Saturday morning in the UK about to leave to start work which I won’t finish until 11pm tonight, already feeling tired from my last 4 days working the same hours, thought I’d have a quick 10 minutes on here before I leave and what a nice surprise! I love the in real life ep and I love how you always include us x 



I absolutely love this song; it is definitely one of my favorites on the EP. The harmonies bring me back to your roots and give me Madeline acoustic vibes. The videos are great! Thank you for sharing with us :) I can't wait for more next week!



Patrícia Segovia Ferigatto
Maringá, Paraná, BR

The music video Compromise is perfect. Congratulations, guys and everyone involved. 



Paola Rizzato
Heysham, Lancashire, GB

I'm so glad that you made a video of that song. It's a great song and I'm glad that now we can share it with the whole world. I think it's time to share those songs... music should not be kept locked in a vault and as much as the fanclub model includes those EPs as something exclusive, it seems like a real shame to keep some of your best work inaccessible to the public. I'm going to share that video on my social media because it really really needs to be out there. 

Amazing work!



I cannot get the video to play.its my silly phone.will try on the computer 



Just beautiful! Amazing work - thank you! Heard it for the first time and can't stop to play it again and again :-)



Absolutely love Compromise, it delivers what you guys do best, amazing lyrics, melody and killer harmonies. Love the video, thank you guys 



I really connected to Compromise from the first time I heard it during HDay. I really love the video and Real to Reel. I so enjoy the behind the scenes content, especially when you tell us the inspiration and story behind a song. I’m really looking forward to seeing the rest of the videos! Thank you!!!



This is amazing. I'm not due to renew until December so hadn't heard the full version, only snippets. I love it and I hope the others are shared in the same way. Some of my favourite songs are form the EPs! The world needs to hear these amazing songs!



Trinity Johnson
Cincinnati , Ohio, US

I think I appreciate this song much more after the video.



I can't get over just how gorgeous this song is. All 5 songs on the EP are absolutely amazing and even though "Worth The Wait" speaks to me for various reasons, I have to admit this one is probably the best. I keep listening to it and watching the video and I can't seem to get enough of it. 

Kinda doing Zac's favorite thing here and reloading like crazy - hope you don't mind some extra views ^_^

Thank you for this masterpiece guys, keep up the good work! 



Brittany Dulak
Green Bay, Wisconsin, US

Thank you, for sharing! I can’t get enough of learning about the process for making each song and album! 

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