Marjan Agicic / Chicago, IL, US

Hello. Ive been a Hanson fan since 97. I heard MMMBop on the radio with my mom and sister, and then watched the Arthur Ash show on TV, that was it, from that day on I was in. I\'m 38 now, and my bday is March 14th (same as Einstein ;), being the same age as Hanson was inspirational and really struck a chord in me. I feel like we all grew up together. Hanson is the reason I bought my first guitar in 97 and I am a musician now, I also engineer and produce other bands in Chicago, IL. I played in a cover band for ten years (Boom Shakalaka), now I am finally focusing on all the songs I\'ve been writing for the last 18 years. My band is called The Terms.

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