Oct 11, 2018 | HANSON

They Embody Conflict

For the first time this year, Oklahoma weather feels like fall and that means it’s time to load up the road cases and board the tour bus.  On Saturday, we will play our first String Theory show of this fall tour at The Greek Theatre in LA. Though this is not the first time we have played String Theory, it will be a special show with David Campbell (String Theory Orchestra Arranger) as our conductor.

The String Theory docuseries continues with a new video featuring Tragic Symphony and Got A Hold On Me this week.  These two songs were important in the story arc because they embody the first conflict in the show's story.  They were arranged almost as one song, flowing seamlessly together even through the 30BPM time signature change.

On our first visit to Australia, we visited the Sydney Opera House, stood on the stage and marveled at how amazing it would be to perform there. Two decades later it’s happening! Last week, we announced a second show after the first SOLD OUT. We are so excited to take this tour all over this planet, but this will for sure be a show to remember.

If you are a Hanson.net member, here are a few reminders.
  1. Don’t forget to request a Meet & Greet at any of the shows you are attending.
  2. Remember to check-in at every show you attend to add a pin to your profile, and for a chance to win a one of a kind screen-printed poster (Winners will be announced in the weekly newsletter).
  3. Make sure your address is correct in your HNet profile, because that is where we will be mailing the poster if you win.
  4. We have more making of footage just uploaded to HNet so be sure to check that out.
We are less than a month from the release of the String Theory album and just a few days away from going full swing into the fall tour.  We're looking forward to seeing all of you at a show.

Isaac, Taylor and Zac


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I can't wait for St Louis and the album.



michelle tribble
Excelsior Springs, MO, US

Same on both erinlh! beyond excited! 



michelle tribble
Excelsior Springs, MO, US

Same on both erinlh! beyond excited! 



Patricia Dyken
Toulon, IL, US

See u again in St. Louis!!!!



Sarah Llewelyn
merewether, nsw, AU

It gives me chills just to think about how amazing the opera house is going to be! From watching you on TTMON on repeat as a 6yo, to now finally being able to perform in the venue you deserve. I can’t wait to bring my friends from America with me and we can share the special experience together! In the meantime tho, looking forward to coming back to the USnext week to join you on tour life- see you in Atlanta!



Valentina Deambrosio
Montevideo, Malvin, UY

I really love the ST doc series! Amazing.



I really enjoy hearing the conversations they have about the songs on String Theory in these interviews. And it's great to hear samples of the songs we will hear at the shows. Can't wait to see them in Minneapolis.



Dophine Frazier
Swanzey, NH, US

These two songs are gorgeous and I love how one transitions into the second! The String Theory songs grab my soul and sooth it. The lyrics suck me in to see what will happen next. It's very dramatic. How come Zac and his drum kit are surrounded by plexi glass walls?



Carrie Nairn
Hagerstown , Maryland , US

I love how  they merge as well . :) and I loved hearing Gotta hold on me again 



@pheeny I understood Zac and his drums are 'boxed' because their sound would've been so strong it would have covered the orchesta's.



Kim Gilliland
Edmonton, Alberta, CA

Question- will the winning posters be signed? *curious*



Dophine Frazier
Swanzey, NH, US

Oh ok @balbotta. That makes sense. Thanks! 



Jasmin Janson
Friedrichshafen, Friedrichshafen, DE

I have to wait until February.... That's too poo long. 

Can't wait to see you on concert 



lorena rodriguez
Buceo, Montevideo, UY

Can´t wait to have the new record with the documentary!

And hope to see them live at Tulsa next may! :) :) yay!!!!



I’m so grateful to be a member and see these before they’re put on a dvd. Ty guys for sharing this with us! It really is a privilege!



Rachel Baker
Auckland, Auckland, NZ

We are so excited to be able to share the experience with you at the Opera house. It's going to be amazing. Well done guys!

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