Dophine Frazier / Swanzey, NH, US

My 9 year old son Ryan called out, "Come here mom and look at these kids!" That was the first time I heard Mmmbop and and saw the video on MTV. I loved it from that very moment! I thought a couple of the kids were girls but I saw them soon after on the Rosie O'Donnell Show and I learned that they were 3 brothers. I soon turned into a huge fan. I won tickets to see them at the KISS 108 Christmas Party at the Avalon in Boston. One of my daycare parents asked me if I won tickets yet. She said keep trying because I kept her up all night. She dreamed that I won. I won them that night! I brought my 2 sons Shaun 9 and Ryan 10 to the Albertane concert. Weird is my favorite song but I love all their songs. Taylor is my favorite but I love all 3. Taylor reminds me of my son Ryan because they are both are mistaken for girls because of the long blonde hair, slight builds and pretty faces. Ryan is reserved, blushes easily and has a big heart like Taylor. Ryan passed away on June 7, 2008 from a swimming accident. Taylor is now even more special to me now. I love you Hanson and I'll always be a big fan! 

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