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Jun 14, 2019 | HANSON

Every year alongside the celebration of HANSON Day and the anniversary of our band we share our plans for the coming year, and increasingly the future of our music, but this year is special because it marks a big change. 

The success of String Theory, along with the corresponding world tour brought us face to face with two hard realities. 1) Despite how daunting it may seem, everything is possible. 2) We need to look even further out ahead if we are going to continue to tackle big projects, and live up to the spirit of the I Was Born Challenge, so for the first time ever, we want to share not just what we are planning for 2019, but what we hope to do in 2020, and even… 2021 

We want to share not just what we are working on now, but what we are working towards so that all HANSON Fans can share excitement and join in the anticipation of what comes next, the way members currently look forward to new music every year. 

2019 is a year for making, and we hope to make a lot. In addition to laying the ground work for projects that will be coming out between now and our 30-year anniversary in 2022, we are planning to record not just one, but two album length projects this year.

  • The first project we are calling “Against the World” planned for release in 2020
  • The second project we are calling “Black Mesa” planned for release in 2021

We are looking forward to sharing more as we begin writing and recording, and with any luck playing some of this music live on stage for the first time this fall.


-Isaac Taylor and Zac

Forum Comments

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Thanks for sharing. So exciting ❤️

Posted Jun 14, 2019   11:22:41 AM


Black Mesa.....Like the video game? Does this mean that the 2nd album is a remake of something?

Posted Jun 14, 2019   11:32:49 AM

Black Mesa........very interesting I look forwarding to learning more about you alls project! 

Posted Jun 14, 2019   11:44:52 AM


Twyla Smith / Tulsa, Ok, US


Oooooh. I bet Black Mesa has something to do with other Oklahoma artists. 

Posted Jun 14, 2019   11:45:32 AM


Can’t wait for new music & everything! :) Black Mesa sounds interesting can’t wait to hear more about that. 

Posted Jun 14, 2019   11:53:04 AM


Lisa Dobbs / LaVergne, Tennessee, US

9 9

That's exciting new, I can't wait for the next chapter.

Posted Jun 14, 2019   12:44:45 PM


Conchetta Lewis / Houston, TX, US

Very excited!!!! 

Posted Jun 14, 2019   01:04:04 PM

i am incredibly excited about these projects. INCREDIBLY. 

hanson, let's get it! 

Posted Jun 14, 2019   01:41:17 PM


michelle tribble / Excelsior Springs, MO, US

killin it! Looking forward to all of this. And loved reliving this night through this video. Take me back .

Posted Jun 14, 2019   02:12:41 PM


Candice Lynch / auburn, ga, US

You guys are killing it!! I can not wait for 2020 :) I will be here every step of the way, it does not matter how long it takes! Keep kicking *** and taking names!!! 

Posted Jun 14, 2019   02:15:20 PM

yes yeh i cant wait hanson t

Posted Jun 14, 2019   02:19:31 PM


Jennifer McWilliams / Oakville, Ontario, CA

Thank you for sharing this on Youtube. I am very excited for what's to come! 

Posted Jun 14, 2019   02:29:38 PM


Kristina Cummings / Hummelstown, PA, US

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I am so excited for this!!! See you all soon! :-) <3

Posted Jun 14, 2019   02:56:13 PM

this is all great news thanks for sharing i am so excited

Posted Jun 14, 2019   03:12:10 PM



"Black Mesa" sounds surprisingly specific, especially for an album that won't see the light of day until 2021.  Does this mean some songs may have already been written for it? I see that the title (intentional or not) is the same as a video game remake.  All very mysterious. 

"Album length projects" make me happy (for the record).  ;)

Thanks for posting the video.  It was fun watching it again.  I'm really looking forward to everything -- the whole enchilada...

Posted Jun 14, 2019   04:19:59 PM

We are looking forward to sharing more as we begin writing and recording, and with any luck playing some of this music live on stage for the first time this fall.

Yesssssss! These are the goods I am here for THANKYOUVERYMUCH.

Posted Jun 14, 2019   04:53:04 PM

It would be cool if they were releasing a new Black Mesa game and Hanson was creating the soundtrack for it. However, I have a feeling it is more to do with Oklahoma.

Posted Jun 14, 2019   05:13:25 PM


Jaquaida Kinney / Tampa, Florida, US


Thank you

Posted Jun 14, 2019   05:16:12 PM


Judy Ferrante / Conklin, NY, US


Wow!  Can you say "super busy"?   Thank you for the update.  

Really looking forward to hearing music from In Real Life and - maybe  - more acoustic numbers in upcoming Hanson shows.  

Posted Jun 14, 2019   08:33:31 PM


Selene Ainsworth / Adelaide, SA, AU

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Wow. This sounds amazing! 

Posted Jun 14, 2019   09:25:00 PM

I'm soooooo looking forward to the new music :D

Posted Jun 15, 2019   07:43:07 AM


Ashley Wool / Newcomb, NY, US

we severely need official "Blame Taylor" merch

Posted Jun 15, 2019   10:53:21 AM


Michelle Fair-Williams / Newcastle Upon Tyne, na, GB

3 3 1

Can not wait for all the fun of 2020!

Posted Jun 15, 2019   03:32:18 PM


Megan Kyle / China Grove, NC, US


So excited. Love the album titles as well. I hope you guys plan to do more string theory shows because I'm dying to see that show. 

Posted Jun 15, 2019   05:24:31 PM


Christine Crawford / Braybrook, VIC, AU


So a quick google tells me that Black Mesa is a fan-made video game. I'm feeling a theme. If you need a fan to help make your album, my hand couldn't be any higher.

Posted Jun 16, 2019   03:08:09 AM

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