Recording String Theory

Jun 01, 2018 | HANSON

Out of the frying pan and into the fire. After the biggest HANSON Day ever and the largest Hop Jam yet, we all went to sleep until Memorial Day weekend, but we are back at it going full force in the studio working on String Theory. What Is HANSON String Theory? One thing is for sure it is going to be an amazing album. Today we recorded drums on five of the more than twenty songs that will make up the whole project. It is a big undertaking, but we also have a great team helping to make it a reality.  So far each stage of this project has brought unexpected challenges, but that is to be expected when you are laying out your musical manifesto. More String Theory tour dates are in the works and so is the recording of it, stay tuned for more on both sometime next month. 

Speaking of in the studio. The new Members EP, Animal Instincts, is starting to ship next week and to celebrate this coming Friday June 8th at 6PM CT we will be sharing a members only stream from the making of AI.  We hope you can tune in but in the mean time you can watch  new video from recording Animal Instincts uploaded to the media section today.

Isaac, Taylor and Zac


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Sarah Llewelyn / merewether, nsw, AU

Glad you had a little time to recover from such a great Hanson day week and hopjam! When you say more string theory dates next month, does that mean June or july? Trying to figure when his was written with the time difference to aus and all! Hoping for June :)

Posted Jun 1, 2018   11:04:29 PM

awww love the info thank you

Posted Jun 1, 2018   06:14:25 PM


Gloria Reyna-Rivera / Columbia, Sc, US

I was beginning to wonder when the ep was going to ship. Thanks for the update guys! 

Posted Jun 1, 2018   06:21:55 PM

Does this means new recordings of the older music??? Like, a new version of Johnny??? 

Posted Jun 1, 2018   06:22:15 PM



Posted Jun 1, 2018   08:32:29 PM

Yay! I'm so glad I got to be part of the largest Hanson Day yet, it was a blast! I'm still thinking of memories from the weekend. I can't wait to hear What's to come.

Posted Jun 1, 2018   10:13:49 PM

I can't wait to watch video's of the making of Animal Instinct. The songs are amazing on this years EP.

Posted Jun 1, 2018   10:49:47 PM


Kelly Grilliot / Versailles, OH, US

Glad to hear you've been able to rest a little... Much deserved

Posted Jun 2, 2018   12:08:15 AM


Interesting!  So, if you're recording drum tracks I guess that means this will be a studio album as opposed to a live album.  There has been some speculation on the forums.  Good luck with your 'musical manifesto'.  We're hoping to catch a performance somewhere near us.

I'm glad you all got some rest following the big weekend.  I almost felt like I needed a vacation to recover from our vacation.  You guys kept us pretty busy, but it was a lot of fun!

Posted Jun 2, 2018   01:28:25 AM


Louise Byrne / Dublin, Dublin, IE

So excited to get the EP! Love watching the Making Of videos :)

Posted Jun 2, 2018   08:21:24 AM

i cant wait yes im soo proud of this you all to.

Posted Jun 2, 2018   04:27:07 PM


Teresa Moor / Portsmouth, Hampshire, GB

You guys are the best. So glad you could take a break. Super excited about everything! 

Posted Jun 2, 2018   09:49:07 PM

oh u guys are recording all these songs for string theory?! im super do u even know where to start with something like that?wow...awesome

Posted Jun 3, 2018   05:28:34 AM


christine Easom / Newcastle , Staffordshire, GB

you are the best. Teresa247 is right.

Posted Jun 3, 2018   02:34:06 PM


@eek_a_mouse  I thought the same thing, this newsletter implicitly confirm it's a studio I guess they'll record again both their vocal and instrumental parts

Looking forward to the stream of the  making of the EP

Posted Jun 4, 2018   12:59:57 PM

I hope String Theory concert will take place in Australia by March 2019!

Posted Jun 4, 2018   09:51:22 PM

Wow !!! 20 + songs. that is more songs than what I expected.  A.I is amazing !!!! 

Posted Jun 7, 2018   09:16:51 PM


Karyme França / Rio de janeiro, Rio de janeiro, BR

Hope you succeed in this quest too! (As you did in The Witcher, I suppose)  

So excited for what's coming! 

Posted Jun 7, 2018   09:44:12 PM


Amber Friend / Poinciana, Florida, US

Super excited for String Theory and getting hype for the live stream!! 

Love watching you guys at work!

Posted Jun 8, 2018   08:59:56 AM

Got my shipping notice today! Excited to get it in the mail. 

Posted Jun 8, 2018   06:31:29 PM


Can’t wait

Posted Jul 5, 2018   08:05:58 PM

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