Amber Friend / Poinciana, Florida, US

Zac Girl since ’97, Walt Disney World AP, Vintage Enthusiast, Cosplayer. Always excited to meet and connect with fellow fans!

Fan since:  1997

First Album3CG

Favorite Album:  The Walk

Favorite EP:  Three way tie between In Color, Loud, and Music Made for Humans

FavoriteSong:  The Walk ~ Crazy Beautiful and Soldier  among others are close seconds. There are so many that I love but I always come  back to this one. It's just that constant reminder not to let fear stop you  from going forward. A new job, a new relationship or maybe the ending of one.  The unknown isn't always a bad thing and it can be worth the risk if you're  willing to take it.

First Show:   09/21/1998~ Orlando, FL ~ Our  seats were kind of high up and I'll always be grateful to the older girls in  the row ahead of my mother and I who were kind enough to let me borrow their  binoculars for a moment so I could see the band (especially Zac!)

Best Memory:   Epcot Eat to the Beat 2018 ~ I not only  got to meet Hanson for the first time the morning of my 30th birthday, but  also met @LeanoraSmith  with whom I quickly connected as we talked and became  best friends!

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