New Music Video Next Week!

Jun 14, 2019 | HANSON

The past ten years have seen a massive transformation in the way we look at our music, and by extension the way we look at the annual EP’s. What once seemed like something extra for hardcore fans now feels more and more essential to the HANSON catalog, and no project made that clearer than when we sat down to pick songs for String Theory. Joyful Noise,  Siren Call, No Rest for The Weary, The Sound of Light (just to name a few) were essential in telling the story of String Theory, and all of them were originally released on EP's.

With the 2019 members EP, “In Real Life,” we are excited to share more than ever before about why we continue to make the EP’s the way we do, giving them themes and writing and recording under so much pressure. Starting next Friday the 21st, we will begin posting a series of videos highlighting each song on the "In Real Life” EP with our first being “Compromise” posted both on YouTube and  In addition we will also be sharing the first in a five piece narrative video created for the EP.  Part fly on the wall and part music video, but all in the  pursuit of sharing what’s real, even when the music can be surreal.   

If you enjoy the videos, then we have good news, there’s a lot more coming. Over the next month, there will be a new interview in our series and a new music video for  every Friday. We hope everyone is enjoying this new music and we can’t wait to share what else we are working on.

Isaac, Taylor And Zac


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That photo is quite an eye-opener, if a tad frightening.  I didn’t even recognize Leo DiCaprio, and I *have* seen The Revenant. (I thought maybe it was Sean Bean.)

Looking forward to all of the new ‘making of’ videos and the other videos coming up.  I’m sure they’ll be abundantly entertaining. Thanks for sharing!  :)

Posted Jun 15, 2019   12:00:38 AM


charlotte bell / Wigan, Lancashire, GB

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want to say i absolutely love the EP, got it yesterday and im memerised by the third dong

Posted Jun 15, 2019   01:26:50 AM


Amalie Hart / Broadbeach Waters, QLD, AU

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Eeeeeppp! Excited that EVERY Friday we get something new!!! *Happy dance*

Posted Jun 15, 2019   05:57:34 AM


Judy Ferrante / Conklin, NY, US

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Thank you for the update regarding videos - really looking forward to the "In Real Life" narrative videos.  Personally, I really enjoy those clips of you all creating your music - so interesting!

About that picture above ---- little spooky (and I love Patrick Swayze)  --- lol!!

Posted Jun 15, 2019   12:42:30 PM


Jaquaida Kinney / Tampa, Florida, US

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thanks so much

Posted Jun 15, 2019   02:37:04 PM


christine Easom / Newcastle , Staffordshire, GB

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Looking forward to these.

Love Leo

Posted Jun 15, 2019   02:52:03 PM


christine Easom / Newcastle , Staffordshire, GB

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No idea about the underlines.

Posted Jun 15, 2019   02:53:00 PM


Natalia Vargas / Santiago, Metropolitana, CL

we can not wait...

Posted Jun 15, 2019   03:17:58 PM


Posted Jun 15, 2019   06:17:50 PM


Jackie Boos / Roanoke, Texas, US

The Stephen Baldwin is spot on! I don't know about Leo, though. I'd say more of a Chris Pine in Wrinkle in Time.

Posted Jun 15, 2019   09:19:19 PM


Jackie Boos / Roanoke, Texas, US

Also excited about the videos. Just had to throw my two cents in about the casting comment.

Posted Jun 15, 2019   09:20:26 PM

They were great!

Posted Jun 16, 2019   10:24:34 PM

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I'm so glad we will be seeing some video's for the songs on In Real Life EP. But I also find the masks on Zac and Taylor kind of creepy. 

Posted Jun 17, 2019   01:09:08 AM


Mariana Antunes / São Paulo, SP, BR

Yes!! Video!! Please!!

I need videos! LOL


Posted Jun 17, 2019   05:58:43 AM

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What has been seen cannot be unseen hahahaha


The EP is awesome and I'm looking forward to seeing these making of videos! 

Posted Jun 17, 2019   08:13:02 AM


Candice Lynch / auburn, ga, US

I literally can not with this picture lol I am trying so hard to forget and I can't :) I am looking forward to the video's and making everyone in my house watch them with me!

Posted Jun 17, 2019   12:18:10 PM


Jocelyn Harris / Lake Jackson, TX-Texas, US

Dirty Dancing In The Wind
On The Road House
Strong Enough To Point Break

...ok I'll go back to work now.

Posted Jun 18, 2019   09:02:13 AM

even though the picture is a little creepy, I'm happy about new videos being posted! this place needs engagement :)

@jozzlin I love those:

Dirty Dancing In The Wind

On The Road House

Strong Enough To Point Break




Posted Jun 19, 2019   03:26:44 AM

Where on is this going to be posted? I was assuming the Backstage Pass page, but that's down.

Posted Jun 21, 2019   05:22:27 PM


Kaitlin Walbright / Columbus, OH, US

so.....where it at?

leigh? trevor? bueller?

Posted Jun 21, 2019   06:11:50 PM


I'm trying to hunt it down too.  I haven't had any luck.  =(

Posted Jun 21, 2019   06:13:52 PM


Lisa Dobbs / LaVergne, Tennessee, US

9 9

When do we get to see the video?

Posted Jun 21, 2019   07:13:55 PM

I guess Taylor broke something again.  <3

Posted Jun 21, 2019   08:28:39 PM

It's on their youtube channel right now.

Posted Jun 21, 2019   08:58:00 PM


Kaitlin Walbright / Columbus, OH, US

also media - videos. theres two new videos

Posted Jun 21, 2019   09:21:55 PM

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