Mar 16, 2020 | HANSON

New Announcements April 6th!

With so much going on this week all over the globe, we know many members who travel to events like HANSON Day may not be able to, come MAY. Rather than wait and hope for the best we are taking this opportunity to re-imagine how we celebrate our anniversary. Music is being made and plans are taking shape so no matter where you are we you can share the celebration. We will be announcing details right here on April 6th.
-Isaac Taylor and Zac


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Hanson Day Livestream? (:



Missy Buckman
Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin, US

I admit I did cry but yes I know its health concerns especially like me I am high risk and I know other fans are high risk to. It's for our health and safety and yes cancellation do hurt but it is for the safety of us to and Hanson and their families as well. I cant wait for April 6.



A live stream would be nice, but where? The streaming page was taken down. Unless it's going to be a public thing like on Yahoo or something. I will need something lighthearted. Here in Soutn Africa from Friday morning we must stay in our houses for three weeks unless we are going to the shop. So that means wandering around 39 square meters with noone to talk to for three weeks. Well, I've got my cat but... thank goodness social distancing rules dn't apply to Facebook etc 



Katie Wanta
Orange, CT, US

I'm pretty sure if they can put together a new streaming page, they can easily add the link back.  Or just post a link to where the stream will be in the news.  Or they can post a link to a private YouTube stream (which may be a better solution based on the website not being so great at handling significant traffic)



Good choice



My sister and I had been planning to go to Hday 2020 for a long time but as the dates drew closer it became clear that we couldn't afford it because of a few life changes that had happened since then.
The idea that our dream of attending Hday 2020 could be a possibility in some way is so exciting!! Please include pins and special merch for it!

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