Jun 06, 2019 | HANSON

HANSON: Planning for the future

After years of work, recording a double album, and completing a world tour, we are not ready to see String Theory come to an end. Yes, we are ready to work on what’s next, but String Theory has been a life changing project, one we will never forget, and one we hope we can continue to play for years to come.

During the State of The Band talk at HANSON Day this year, we shared how String Theory has changed the way we are looking at our music, and what projects we want to tackle next.
If every idea was possible what project would you do next?

We want to look out further than we ever have before and both commit to making big creative ideas a reality, and share with you how that future is going to look and sound. If we are going to sing about reaching for the sky, we better do it, and we better bring you all along for the ride. More soon. This weekend we have the privilege of playing String Theory with the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra. We hope to see you all  there! 

Isaac Taylor and Zac

P.S. In the spirit of looking to the future, we are opening the RSVP for HANSON Day weekend today! Join us in Tulsa May 14th-15th-16th 2020. All Hanson.net members are invited to attend. Simply Login, go to the Calendar section and click the RSVP button to let us know you are coming. Look for the full event schedule to be announced later in the year.



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Tara Brock
Clinton, MS, US

Thanks for putting RSVP up so early! Will we get advanced notice for booking the Fairfield or will it be a surprise? 



Jocelyn Harris
Lake Jackson, TX-Texas, US

I'd love to see more live streams of you guys writing, recording, or just answering fan questions.  (As if we don't demand enough of your time already!  We're needy.)



Jocelyn Harris
Lake Jackson, TX-Texas, US

((Hopefully not questions about toothpaste or who is single.))



Lisa Dobbs
LaVergne, Tennessee, US

I'm super excited, I can't wait for 2020!



Laura Thorp
Owings Mills, Maryland, US

I just RSVP'ed...hope I can actually make it for the first time next year!!! (but if not, I am prepared....I'm seriously not used to Hanson having a plan this far in advance....lol) :)



I’m still obsessed with String Theory, so I’d love to see it again in the future. I’m so excited for everything that is to come!



I've just RSVP'd too, it will be the first time for me too. I'm hoping lots of tips of where to stay and what to do, will pop up nearer the time!  I have to work out travel too - Wales is not an easy place to get to Tulsa from, but I may come via Northfield, Minnesota where my brother in law and family lives - depends on the cost!!  But I will get there, that's for sure!



Candice Lynch
auburn, ga, US

Hotel is booked, RSVP'D is done! This will be my first Hanson Day <3 I am so excited I can not stand myself lol



Wish I could go back to Tulsa again next year but i’ll definitely get back there another year & I’m so excited for everything that’s to come! :) 


I would love to see a contest where you record a fan's song and include it on one of your albums. My dream is for you to sing one of my songs.



Rachel Baker
Auckland, Auckland, NZ

Can't wait to see what's next! I would love to come to another String Theory. 

I was sad thinking I might never get to experience that again. So I'm excited that you're not done with it! :) 



I've just RSVP'd  its my first time coming to Hanson day and Tulsa  im so excited 



Keri Mase
Springdale, AR, US

Wow at opening RSVP so early. I can't plan vacations this far in advance lol. I RSVP'd anyway, but I won't know if I can attend until probably April of next year lol.

Please bring String Theory to NW Arkansas. We have a wonderful symphony (SoNA - whom I messaged and they said they'd love to work with you HINT HINT) and a wonderful performing arts center (Walton Arts Center). Or bring your world tour here and do a full on rock show at the Walmart AMP or George's Majestic Lounge =0)



String Theory was absolutely amazing, I saw it in Boston in November & I’m still not over it !!!!!!! I can’t wait to see what you guys have up your sleeve for your next venture  ! I wish I was going to get to see you guys tomorrow in Springfield !! 



Paola Rizzato
Heysham, Lancashire, GB

I'm looking forward to an album! I'm for keeping it simple so new music wins, always.

I also hope that you'll start sharing on the site again, is there going to be a 'Making Of' In Real Life soon?



Colleen Ganzelli
Bowie, Maryland, US

I am looking forward to new music as always!!



RSVP this early is awesome! 


Ashley Wool
New York, NY, US

Once again, incredible show in Buffalo. String Theory is glorious and I'll be very happy to see it return whenever you feel like it.

"If every idea was possible, what would you do next?"

How about that Broadway show? :D




Can't wait for the new projects but I won't forget String Theory either, so it would be amazing if you'd come back to Europe for some more shows.

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