HANSON: Breakfast For Everyone!

Jul 16, 2020 | HANSON

Continental Breakfast In Bed features seven brand new songs that run the gamut of heartfelt and hope filled. CBIB is wrapped in organic textures and long reverbs and brings together one of our most intimate collections of HANSON music to date. Starting today it’s all yours! Hanson.net members who have joined/renewed for 2020 can download the EP right now, just open your orders page and start listening. Today we are also sharing a special episode of the HANSON Time Podcast, the CBIB Listening Party! Listen through the whole EP with us as we share thoughts and inspiration about the music that we have made these past few months of 2020. We hope you enjoy and we look forward to sharing more soon. Thank you for listening

Isaac, Taylor and Zac


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christine Easom / Newcastle , Staffordshire, GB

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I am happy to have this music to listen to and reflect on. There is a lot that is difficult about life right now and I for one am glad to have some new music to enjoy. I never quite hear the intricacies in music and on first listen couldn't tell a reverb from an ad-lib but I am enjoying the moments that sound like something that already makes sense to me. Thank you. 

Posted Jul 16, 2020   05:00:14 PM

6 2

Happy CBIB day everyone! So grateful for new music and loving it! 

Posted Jul 16, 2020   05:04:30 PM

I feel like...this is the best EP. 

Posted Jul 16, 2020   05:06:58 PM


Morgen Cavanah / Owasso, OK, US


All I Know is legit making me weep today. Wow

Posted Jul 16, 2020   05:08:33 PM


Kelli Cloud / Tazewell , Tennessee, US

6 3

Yay!!! A better day now!! Thanks guys

Posted Jul 16, 2020   05:10:01 PM


Jennifer Vaughan / New Braunfels, Texas, US


Posted Jul 16, 2020   05:11:27 PM

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This a fantastic collection of music!!! Well done!!! Love EVERY song on this EP!!!!!!

Posted Jul 16, 2020   05:15:49 PM

😭 All I Know


Posted Jul 16, 2020   05:18:36 PM


Raquel Gimenez / Barcelona, Barcelona, ES

11 1

Oh my... Is past midnight and I almost woke up my daughter when I got the newsletter. 

In love with "Good Days" & "All I know". 

Thank you 💜

Posted Jul 16, 2020   05:18:37 PM

Will there be linear notes/, lyrics available? 

Posted Jul 16, 2020   05:31:05 PM


Jaquaida Kinney / Tampa, Florida, US

3 3 2

Soo good 

Posted Jul 16, 2020   05:47:33 PM


Natalia Read-Harber / Brooklyn, NY, US

13 2

Very much needed this today, thank you! <3

Posted Jul 16, 2020   05:49:50 PM


Natalia Read-Harber / Brooklyn, NY, US

13 2

Very much needed this today, thank you! <3

Posted Jul 16, 2020   05:49:50 PM


Rachel Ryan / Hampstead , N.C., US

1 4

What an amazing surprise to come online and see! THANK YOU for all your hard work to give us something to enjoy! I am in love with CBIB! 

Posted Jul 16, 2020   05:49:59 PM

Does anyone know if the physical membership kits will take too long to ship? 

I'm old-fashioned, I really like to wait and play the physical copy for the first time while taking a look at the booklet, etc

I've been able to hold my curiosity for the past EPs but since we're amidst this crazy pandemic, I don't know if the physical copies will be delayed.

PS: I LOVE the artwork! I was hoping they were going to use the red "Continental" logo they used on the soundbits banner though.

Posted Jul 16, 2020   05:54:07 PM


2 11

Anyone else really hungry for waffles?! :)

Posted Jul 16, 2020   05:54:13 PM


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My heart is with "All I Know", "Everyday" and "Miss You Like Crazy" but honestly, they are all so beautiful. The three of you are like an endless fountain of inspiration and talent. You never cease to amaze me. 

Posted Jul 16, 2020   05:55:39 PM


Lisa Dobbs / LaVergne, Tennessee, US

9 9

Do we still get the cd in the mail?

Posted Jul 16, 2020   05:57:33 PM


Amanda Waller / GREENVILLE, Kentucky, US

there's no download button? 

Posted Jul 16, 2020   05:57:41 PM

@songbirdhippiechick refresh the page, if it doesn't work, leave the Orders page and go back to the order. That happened to me too.

Posted Jul 16, 2020   06:01:48 PM


3 1 3

Love this EP so many great songs love them all. Loved hearing about all the songs too! All I Know is really powerful ❤️ 

Posted Jul 16, 2020   06:04:47 PM


Kim Gilliland / Edmonton, Alberta, CA

9 3 2 2

Hello there! There isn't a 'download' beside my 2020 membership renewal order from January. Please help 👍😊

Posted Jul 16, 2020   06:10:40 PM

@canadianduck55 refresh the page, if it doesn't work, leave the Orders page and go back to the order. That happened to me too.

Posted Jul 16, 2020   06:13:05 PM

I don’t have the link to download either even though I’ve renewed my membership; refreshed the page and returned to it a few times, no luck! Boo! 

Posted Jul 16, 2020   06:14:53 PM


Erika McCreadie / Savannah , Georgia, US

8 6

“Good Days” feels so dreamy ✨

Posted Jul 16, 2020   06:23:26 PM

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